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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory February 27th 2007

On Thursday I finally had to leave Melbourne after over a week and a half there, if I had a working visa I'm pretty sure I would have stayed there for ages, it's a really nice city with a really chilled atmosphere & everyone is really friendly, but not to be this time....maybe next time! I got picked up ridiculously early by the Oz experience bus for my 4 day trip from Melbourne to Sydney, at around about 6.30am, I don't know how I got up that early for work every day back home. I ended up on the same bus as the Birmingham sisters, Alice & Sophie that I shared a room with in Melbourne, it was nice to know some people already. After breakfast we headed to Wilsons Promontory National Park which is south-east ... read more
Kids Aussie School Trip
One of the beaches in the National Park
Squeaky Beach

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory February 23rd 2007

Friday 23rd February to Sunday 25th February 2007 Despite spending ten nights in the previous fornight sleeping in a tent I felt it necessary to complete my Australian camping adventures and visit Wilsons Prom. I managed to persuade Stu that this would be a fun trip and as the Victorian Parks notes state Wilson's Promontory or 'the Prom', as it is affectionately known, is the southern most tip of the Australian mainland. From sun-drenched summer beaches to secluded winter walks amongst rainforest, the Prom is a park for all people during all seasons. All seasons, perfect - and it's even summer so sun-drenched beaches here wecome! Or not... It seemed summer decided to disappear that weekend! Oh well!... read more
My feet!
Wilsons Prom
Wilsons Prom

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory February 13th 2007

On my way towards Melbourne I met up with Alke - a German speech therapist who has also passed the big “3 0” (woohoo - I’m not the only 30+ backpacker in Australia!) Anyway, we decided to head down to Wilson’s Promontory, the southernmost tip of Australia for a bit of hiking & exploring. What an amazing place!! I thought I’d seen the clearest sea possible but we found areas that were really breathtaking. After a long, hot trek along part of the coastline we headed back to the most gorgeous beach where we swapped our hiking boots for our swimmers and recovered in the crystal clear sea. No pics at present as my camera decided to have an off day - typical!! Hopefully Alke will email me her snaps and I'll add them soon...... read more
Wilson's Prom
Wilson's Prom
Wilson's Prom

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory October 28th 2006

Another great weekend trip that was worth recording. Wilson’s Prom is almost on Melbourne's doorstep and in just a short time we were able to enjoy a variety of spectacular scenery, from rolling green hills and unspoiled beaches to rich grazing land and lush rainforest. We left Melbourne after work and within 3.5 hours we were already having a glass of wine that followed to a very nice dinner(Darren you have really impressed us!)at our Cottage near the National Park with Shane & Anthony, Darren, Jim, Emma I and Emma II. On Saturday morning we went on a bushwalk, a steady climb up to Windy Saddle and then downhill through a beautiful ferny forest, to a boardwalk over Sealers Swamp to arrive at our final destination the breathtaking Sealers Cove. What a paradise! The 10.2km (3hrs) ... read more
View of Norman Bay
Offshore Islands
Sealers Cove

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