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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory January 30th 2009

We had planned on heading inland after Philip Island to try and find a free camp site in Moondarra Park, as staying at Philip Island was not cheap and Wilsons Promontory would also be relatively expensive. However, a woman at the caravan park in Philip Island had told us about a free camp ground at Bear Gully in Cape Liptrap Coastal Park not far from Wilsons Promontory. It was also expected to warm up a bit and the coast was definitely the place to be. However, when we got close to Bear Gully late on Saturday morning, a Ranger coming the other way informed us that all the camp sites had been taken due to the long weekend rush. Luckily, we rang a camp ground at Shallow Inlet just outside Wilsons Promontory, and they had a ... read more
Norman Beach & Mt Oberon
Squeaky Beach
Lime Kiln remnants, Walkerville

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory December 22nd 2008

Melbourne was great, a really good city to visit. A nice mix of people, culture, and cafes and bars. Walked around the town, visited the local markets and the beach, making full use of the free local transport. Found some great drinking spots, little bars and cafe's that were begging to be frequented. Took time to get my hair cut by one of the Tracy Brothers from Thunderbirds. Needless to say he did a good job even if he did comment on my greying locks. From there we grabbed our camper van and visited some great places along the coast. I have attached a few pic's. Highlights have to be the Great Ocean Road, little places like Princetown and Apollo Bay. Yarra Valley was superb, quaffing wine at Moet and Chandon was a real chore. Wilsons ... read more
Christmas Greetings
Dinner time - It's A Hard Life

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory October 23rd 2008

Moving east and the next stop was Wilsons Prom, through the Gippsland and small towns we soon found ourselves heading south and into the National Park. Paying our fee at the gate we made our way down the 30Km track to our camp site. Nestled between the banks of the Tidal river (name what you see theory) and Nelson’s beach the camp site was a thriving buzz of activity. We parked up and set out to discover the area and it wasn’t long till we found an ice cream. We took a scenic walk up through the bush and above the bay to see what we could find. The sun shone brightly across the valley as we climbed higher and higher to the breathtaking views. As we settled in for the night and the sun went ... read more
wilsons prom
beautiful day
enough walking now

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory October 14th 2008

Wilsons Prom with Ben and Mel :D I met up with Ben and Mel (Ben used to work at Durrants). Ben had this crazy idea about going camping. He wanted to show me Wilsons Prom and promised me that it would be an amazing experience. I packed my bag for two nights. Unfortunately Kirsty was not evry well so I left her behind and trotted off to the country. Ichatted to Ben and Mel in the car - which was a three hour jounery at the least. It was very surreal to see them both again - especially in such unfamiliar terriory. We stopped off in a place called Foster to have some food and to meet up with all the other people who were camping with us. There was only one pub in Foster ... read more
The meal out :)
Reunited with Sido
The campsite

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory April 22nd 2008

Day 346 (7.3.08) We couldn’t wait to finish work today as we were off to Wilson’s Promontory, a National Park in the most southerly tip of Australia, so we were chuffed when we got let out at 4.30pm. We’d been waiting for a long weekend so we could see as much as possible whilst we were there and Labour Day fell on the following Monday giving us a three day weekend (see - another public holiday!). We were being joined by Rob and Bevan from work and Bevan’s friend Amy would be coming along too. Having packed all our stuff into Nora we hit the road and made slow progress in the city rush hour traffic until we got out to Cranbourne where we hit the supermarket and bottle-o to stock up on provisions for the ... read more
whiskey beach
Penguins on Phillip Island
Little penguin - Phillip Island

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory March 2nd 2008

We spent the week-end down at Wilson's Prom. just south of Melbourne. Oh, it was beautiful - white beaches with names like Squeaky beach, that actually do squeak when you walk on the sand!! The water was such a beautiful colour - greeny blue and so clear - I just did not want to leave. (That's another place in the world that I want to live in !!) As for the wildlife - it just seemed to throw itself in out paths - wallabies - (with all their legs Ru!), kangaroos, lovely wombats, kookaburras, echidna and all sorts of lther beautiful birds. The koala remained elusive, so I am going to have to return!! We were staying in a cabin which had a view out over the sea - so lovely!! The walks were incredible too ... read more
Look at this..

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory October 15th 2007

First let me clarify for some of you...cough Ashley cough...I went camping at Wilson's Promontory this weekend...I did not attend Prom with someone named Wilson...HAHA! Well, Thursday night we (Craig, Jorai, Tom, Theresa and myself) went shopping at Safeway for food for the weekend and then Friday afternoon around 2 we met up, packed up the car and headed off to Wilson's Promontory. It is about 230 kilometers (about 160 miles) away from Melbourne and is also the southernmost point of mainland Australia. It took us right around 3 hours to get there as there was only a little bit of traffic as we were leaving Melbourne. It did not seem like that long of a drive as we plugged in Theresa's mp3 player and just sang along/laughed the whole drive there. We arrived at the ... read more
Me with Tidal River
Squeaky Beach

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory August 28th 2007

Due settimane fa sono andato in un posto stupendo che si chiama Wilson Promontory. Il Wilson promontory si trova nello stato del Victoria a circa quattro ore di macchina da Melbourne. E' un parco naturale con animali tipici australiani in libertà e dei paesaggi mozzafiato. Il viaggio in macchiana è stato esilarante, abbiamo noleggiato dei furgoncini da otto persone e ci siamo cimentanti on la guida a sinistra, io ho provato a guidare, devo essere sincero non è poi cosi complicato, unica cosa un po difficoltosa è stato il cambio automatico. Diciamo che ogni tanto ho dimenticato l'inesistenza della frizione e ho inchiodato usando il piede sinistro sul freno. Cose che capitano!!! Cmq, non so nenache come descrivere sti posti magnifici, posterò un bel po di foto per farvi capire di cosa si tratta, anche se ... read more
Reflection on the swamp - Wilson prom.
Sea from the prom
Sunset at the Wilson prom

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory April 9th 2007

The Southern point of the region its in a beautiful Park of the Wilson pormontory. After a lighthouse on the way there we entered the park where (if u r lucky and u r coming at the right time)u can see all sort of animals in their wild life. We spotted few Kangaroos, a couple of rabbits, one little Kidna (kind of porcupine) no Koala this time and plenty of Birds.. Then u can choose among different paths bringing u to pristine beaches or view points on hills or cliffs on the sea. The weather is still mild and doesnt make me realise that actually here is going to be winter soon.. how strange, isn't it.. ... read more
At the end

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory April 8th 2007

Camping at Wilson's Prom Australasia » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory By RosalindCorbyApril 8th 2007Simon, Tina (friends from Africa trip), took Jess and I to see Wilson's Prom. Really cool and probably one of my favourite places in Australia so far. We tried Dim Sims (not quite Jess's thing I think!) and spent the evening at the beach. Brilliant fun. Also visited squeaky beach where the sand squeaks - how random... something to do with silicone I think...... read more
Tina and Simon
us at the beach
us at the beach

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