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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory March 25th 2019

It was a quiet day today partly due to the weather. With a prediction of rain in the afternoon I wanted to cram one hike in before so I headed to the Big Drift within the Prom. The Big Drift is " an expansive landscape of inland sand dunes". Sounded interesting to me so off I went. The trail there was about 1.2 km in length one-way. When the trail hit the sand dune is when the fun started. To get to the top of the dune you had to climb up the steep bank of sand about 20 metres high. Tough going, 12 inches up, 6 inches back. When I finally did make it to the top more fun. There was a full-blown wind storm. One needed to be wearing goggles as the wind was ... read more
To the dunes
Climbing to the Big Drift
Big Drift

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory February 24th 2018

24/2/18 The weather was changeable and rained overnight but started to clear up in morning It was still warm ( about 28 degrees C ) but the forecast is still for the " Cool Change" to arrive today. We drove for just over an hour and entered the Wilson Promotory National Park. This park is big. It covers 50,000 hectares of land and also has 15,500 hectares of marine national park. This park caters for and encourages walking, camping, snorkelling, scuba diving and surfing. The park is known as "Prom Country". So we all went to the prom. We drove to a town called Tidal River which appears to be the centre for visitor facilities. These facilities appeared to include camping site, a shop but not food provisions, a cooked food kitchen and a visitors centre. ... read more
Wilson Promotory
Wilson Promotory
Wilson Promotory

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory October 12th 2015

After nine months living and working in Melbourne, Linda and I bid farewell to our work colleagues at the start of October and spent Grand Final weekend packing up all of our belongings in preparation for our much-anticipated road-trip up the East Coast of Australia. And on Monday 5thOctober, the day finally arrived for us to pick up our new home on wheels from the Wicked Campers depot in Melbourne - which thankfully was only a short drive from where we had been living, since we immediately had to return to the depot after loading up the van and then realizing that the button used to pop the bonnet had become disconnected! Nevertheless, we were both in agreement that while our new 'Afro Van' might not win any beauty contests, it was certainly a darn sight ... read more
Home on Wheels
The perfect setting for a hike
The Prom at it's finest

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory October 12th 2015

Wilsons Promontory (or The Prom as it is called by the locals) is one of Victoria's last wilderness areas and has been a National Park for over 100 years. It is located at the southernmost tip of the big island and offers spectacular scenery of huge granite mountains, open forest, rainforest, sweeping beaches and rugged coastlines. Great bushwalks extend from under an hour to multi-day walks and visitors can camp, caravan or stay in huts, cabins, wilderness retreats or lodges at Tidal River where there is a ranger station, visitor information centre, general store and take away food shop. Wilsons Promontory was connected to Tasmania by the land bridge which existed some 10,000 years ago and still has a lot of similar features to the north east coast of Tasmania specifically and Tasmania in general. It's ... read more
Wilsons Promontory National Park
Wilsons Promontory National Park
Wilsons Promontory National Park

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory October 10th 2015

After an eventful night, we were pleased to wake up the next morning to the sound of birds rather than revving engines. There is nothing wrong with revving engines of course, just everything in its right place. We had a walk around the Knob Reserve and then headed off to Sale where we planned to ride the bikes along a bike track adjacent to the Sale Common, a wetlands Conservation Reserve. Unfortunately, we were thwarted yet again as Georgi's bike had another flat tyre. Having already agreed to have lunch with Melissa, we knew that we had run out of time to do this ride so we stacked the bikes back onto the rack and made a quick visit to Lenny's aunt and uncle. Lenny was particularly pleased to see Elaine and Cliff in such good ... read more
The Swing Bridge near Sale
The Swing Bridge near Sale
Walking across the highway

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory December 20th 2014

Why haven’t anyone told me to go to Australia before? No one told me that it’s full of long, white, sandy beaches with crystal clear blue water to swim in, beautiful mountains that’s scream out; climb me! AND friendly caring people that wants to help you even when you are not lost. Or maybe I havn't listened. I just thought it was hot hot hot and dust dust dust (more or less). But no no nooo… If you at the moment are in a country where it might be cold, rainy and dark.. you might not want to continuing reading. You might think that I’m repeating myself and blabbing on about how wonderful this continent is. But it’s a fact and it’s the truth. Its great and you should try to make your next destination “Down ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory April 10th 2013

Day 1609 9 April Despite it being a warm night the morning was a little on the cool side, but it did not deter me from putting shorts on in the hope that the sun would come out. As I emerged from Gypsy, Ken’s voice said “Good Morning!” to which I replied “Good Morning”, however as I emerged my glasses steamed up as the cool air hit them and I could not see a thing, least of all where Ken was sitting. I noticed that the bucket of “grey” water that I left under the trailer last night had been tipped up, assuming that none of us was mischievous enough to do that, I think that we had a visitor in the night who was strong enough to bulldoze it’s way to knocking the bucket over ... read more
Tidal River
Loads of these crabs were in the sand
Resident Wombat

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory April 8th 2013

Day 1609 8th April We woke in a comfortable bed at the Truman’s house in Inverloch, Victoria, today we needed to go and get the tyre repaired if possible, or replaced if not. I heard Ken go to work this morning about twenty to seven, I was out soon after and sat at the computer seeing how many people are again reading the blog, I feel I have got my enthusiasm back for it and am happy to write. Caroline soon followed and we looked on the internet where we could go to get the tyre repaired. Jodie said that we would be able to get it done in Wonthaggi, a large seaside town only 12k’s from Inverloch. We had our tea and departed as we wanted to get a good start on the day, and ... read more
Initial Investigation
Sniffing the Boots

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory March 19th 2013

Marg and Rob both have observed (as escaped Kiwis) that Ausies love to abbreviate names, places, etc. The Prom is just another we have learned fron the locals at 'Thaggi. Today we traveled south eastfrom Wonthaggi down to Wilsons Promontary, or the Prom. The Country side is rolling cattle country, and after Victoria's hot dry summer, the pasture was very dry looking. Not sure what the cattle were eating, but I saw one long necked beast solve the problem by reaching through the fence and helping it self to hay from a hay bail in the stack. We drove through a little town on the way called Fish Creek. Saw the creek, and I doubt any self respecting fish would set up home here. The Prom is a lage national park, and its point is the ... read more
Wilsons Prom Hill line
First look at the ocean

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory October 27th 2012

After a spot of whale watching we left New South Wales and headed into Victoria. We camped for one night at a free camp on Ninety Mile Beach; yep it really was that long! The next day we set off early and drove all the way to the excellently named Wilson’s Promontory National Park, or as it’s more commonly known Wilson’s Prom. Wilson’s Prom is a spectacular peninsular which is Australia’s most southerly national park and contains the South Point, the southernmost point on the Australian mainland. After entering the park we enjoyed the 30km drive to the main town of Tidal River. It’s not really a town, just one big government run campsite with excellent facilities, a shop, and a small café and after paying the very reasonable fees we quickly found an excellent sheltered ... read more
Norman Bay & Tidal River
River Walk

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