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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland October 1st 2007

October 1st we started our new adventure. Erica took us to Bairnsdale. We rented a car and started out on The Great Alpine Road for a journey of discovery. The Great Alpine Road is considered to be one of the great touring routes of Australia. For more than 300 kilometres there are valleys, mountains, forests, rivers and ocean. You pass thru Victoria's largest national park, the Alpine National Park (which contains 10 of the 11 highest mountains in the state----which Steve so enjoyed driving :) ). We were able to see the ski fields, snow and then go right into green grass, trees and flowers. There are many small farms along the way with lots of cattle and horses. We are posting pictures of the towns that we passed thru and some of the interesting sites ... read more
Our first mountain
Snow in the Mountains

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland June 29th 2007

Blogger Bec Quick Noah, get building! This month has seen it all in our home state of Victoria. First, we have had the state's worst rail disaster when a truck sped through a level crossing and smashed into a V/Line train, killing 11 people. The, last week we had a horrendous inner city shooting resulting in a death of a man whose only crime was to care about a woman who was being harrased. Now, the entire Gippsland area (where Doug's parents live, and where we have been staying for 7 weeks) is suffering under a deluge of rain, wind and now floods. Roads have been closed, schools are out of action, homes and livestock are ruined and there has been mass evacuations in some areas. Luckily we have not been personally affected apart from ... read more
Just putting along
The Port of Sale
The board walk

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland June 13th 2007

Local happenings Australasia » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland By Doug and BecJune 13th 2007Doug Taylor and Bec Fidler A few pics of what we have been up to recently! We're really on the countdown now! We just wake everyday and pray for the phone call that will see us employed at one of the local schools. If there's no call, we amuse ourselves at home or down the street or just generally find ways to avoid spending money (without much success, I must point out!) Our inboxes are being flooded with negative RSVP's with is so sad but it does mean that fo... read more
June's full moon
Family Picnic

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland March 27th 2007

Pat & I are off on our pensioner trip OS. Spending some of the late Joyce's bequest and planning to visit son, daughter-inlaw and grandson in Los Angeles first then Toronto, Fort William, Skye, England touring, Croatia Italy & Singapore - all in 60 days. Too ambitious and exhausting for two 65 y/o Aussies? - maybe.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland February 7th 2007

Just another day to go at work, a day of packing and it's Melbourne here we come for takeoff on Saturday. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland January 8th 2007

Countdown time. 10 days before we fly! Sam is in Gippsland. Orbost, to be exact. Working on the Snowy River Restoration Project. He seems to be enjoying himself immensely. Last I spoke to him he was off to find the plants he had to water.... I'm in Melbourne. Asha is great company and we're making headway on our plans for the trip. She's looking after house and home (trail dirt in from the yard, bark at suspicious looking people and dogs, invite birds to dig up the vegies, replace snout marks back onto the window, make sure I'm up well before the required time for our morning walk...) and I'm working hard (of course!) and writing lists of what we still have to do before we go. Lists and lists... Oh well, that's part of ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland November 30th 2006

We left for our 6 month holiday on November 26, 2006. We left Calgary airport at 8 am, landed in Los Angeles, had an 11 hr stopover and then continued onto Melbourne. We arrived in Melbourne after approximately 40 hrs of travel time. From Melbourne Dave and I plus his family travelled to Stratford, which is about 3 hrs east of Melbourne. The state of Victoria is currently experiencing the worst drought in recent history. As a result there are some severe bushfires burning that we actually saw start. While in this area we did a few tourist activities, including Buchan Caves and Lakes Entrance. The caves are limestone caves that had lots stalactites etc in them. From there we headed to Lakes Entrance which is on Bass Strait, took only photos because the water was ... read more
Buchan Caves
Buchan Caves
Lakes Entrance

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland September 26th 2006

at last we have our home for the next year, and is she a beauty, four wheel drive , all terrain tyres,mitsubishi ,at the momment we are buying bedding, borowing cups plates and cutlery, filling the fridge with beer and wine, and generally stocking up. I cant believe how easy it was to get insurance,we even got our no claims bonus. On Monday we set off for Ned Kelly country, staying on mainland australia, after we have got used to the driving we will head for Tasmania, there we hope to meet up with Sam and Jackie who we met in Queensland when we were over here before, they have since moved to the island , i hear it is 50 years behind australia, should be good.The weather is still up and down we have had ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland April 30th 2006

When I explained to Matt Mulcahy that I was going to travel around Australia, the first question he asked was, ‘where are you starting?’ When I casually replied, ‘Bundalaguah,’ he shrugged his shoulders, took a sip of his beer and said, ‘where else’. Bundalaguah is a small farming community in East Gippsland between Maffra and Sale. It consists of a dozen or more farms, a school, a cricket ground and plenty of beer-stocked fridges. The Simpson family first came to know of the place in the late 70s when Ian and his terry towling hat ventured up the Princess Highway with a Richmond CC team to play a practice clash against the locals. Dad was lucky enough to stay with Neil and Marion Wrigglesworth upon whose property the cricket club stands and, as people do when ... read more
Yep, She's a Bewdy

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