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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland July 24th 2018

Can surely recommend a trip on the Eco Cruise - fabulous commentary and afternoon tea of scones and cream was superb. Great three hour eco tour with Captain giving a very well researched commentary as well as spotting things like seals, dolphins, sea eagles, nests, goats, kangaroos.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland February 7th 2017

On Monday 30 January the caravan repairer said the replacement annexe for the caravan would be here, at Sale, by Wednesday, however the annexe didn't arrive and we also had to wait until the insurer approved the work to go ahead, so we decided to leave Sale on Thursday to see and stay at a few coastal towns along 90 Mile Beach. Our first stop was at Loch Sport. The caravan park is situated on the lake side of the Gippsland area and not near the beach which is where we would prefer to be. The van sites were quite uneven and sloping and there was a $30 fine if you didn't have your dog on a lead at all times (the park wasn't busy). So we did a sight seeing drive of Loch Sport before ... read more
Woodside Beach

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland November 18th 2015

Last couple of days The last days of our van rental we made our way from Cooma, across the Victoria border and towards Melbourne. We reached a place called Cann River and stopped for lunch. I opened the slide door on the side and it fell off in my hands! I spent an hour doing a temporary repair to get it to stay attached to the side and then drove onwards, very carefully and with an eye on the side mirror constantly. The roads in Victoria are quite dull as they are mainly forest-lined. This is nice at first but an unbroken line of trees blurring past the window does get tedious after a while. We limped on to a lovely holiday town called Lakes Entrance. This is the beginning of the Lakes National Park. Here ... read more
Camper Sunset
Lakes Entrance Sunset
Preparing Dinner

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland October 9th 2015

Peels are the people synonymous with cruising from Lakes Entrance. The family have been around for almost 100 years operating a large number of vessels. My grandmother used to take my sister and I for a cruise on the famous Lennabird when we visited her in Lakes Entrance. Again, such a long time ago. Peels currently have three vessels (of varying sizes) that run on cruises around the lakes. Our trip was to be on the Seabird from Lakes Entrance to Metung where we would stop for lunch at the Metung Hotel. After lunch we would return to Lakes Entrance on a slightly different route. We drove down the hill into Lakes Entrance from our Burnt Bridge Road campsite nice and early to ensure that we could get parking for the bus. We were so early ... read more
Gippsland Lakes Cruise
Gippsland Lakes Cruise
Gippsland Lakes Cruise

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland October 5th 2015

We had a pleasant nights sleep at The Honeysuckles with the surf just audible to us camped at the back of the dunes on the Ninety Mile Beach. The Ninety Mile Beach is one of the longest uninterrupted beaches in the world. Because a significant portion of the beach is only accessible by boat it is also one of the most natural and unspoilt beaches in the world. Boat access is available from either Bass Strait or from the Gippsland Lakes. We took a drive along the coastal road that runs parallel to the Ninety Mile Beach and stopped at Golden Beach for a coffee. There are now many more houses here than when I last visited and the "town" can justify a couple of cafes and a real estate shop. This is the most southern ... read more
Camping on the 90 Mile Beach
A view of the 90 Mile Beach from the nearest sand dune
Walking on the 90 Mile Beach

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland October 3rd 2015

The way forward from Ballarat and the goldfields was rather complex. The easy part was drive to Melbourne but where to from there? There are so many options it can be really confusing. I left the brain to do the thinking and decided not to focus on where. And so it was that we got to Melbourne and then went in to auto-pilot and the next thing we were down in Gippsland! My grandparents had often made the Bunyip roadhouse a stopping point for a trip to Melbourne and it seemed logical to do the same going the other way. However, when we got there, the roadhouse had been pulled down - we chose to drive back to the fruit orchard which now sported a newish cafe (now there was less local competition) and had lunch ... read more
Bulga Park
Bulga Park
Bulga Park

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland January 12th 2013

Leaving Melboure was not easy because we wanted to stay there longer but had booked the next accomodation about 6 months ago and we got confused on the road going to St Kilda. We eventually got to St. Kilda and it was very windy and we were amazed at how much it had changed. Luna Park was still there it was having its 100 anniversary, but there were some lovely restaurants on the front and it had an indoor pool and was so clean we hardly recognised it. We sat and had the most delicious coffee yet at a small cafe on the front. We then made our way to Port Albert on the M1 but soon came off that to go on the coast road. It was quite a pretty road with twist and turns ... read more
Port Albert
Sunset Port Albert

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland February 21st 2012

We are now experts at setting up our little mobile home whenever we move to a new spot. On arriving at Paradise Beach, a lovely little free-camping area near Seaspray, we were all set up with our new tent poles and guy-ropes within 10 minutes. We can now walk underneath the sunshade without having to duck. Genius!We do, however, need to pay more attention to the direction in which we set up (ie van opens to the non-sunny side) and we need to reduce our personal space (ie it’s okay to be close to other campers to secure a great spot). We spent the evening going for a walk on beautiful Paradise Beach (its name is well justified), enjoying our $4 wine (surprisingly very yum!) and watching our latest installment of Alcatraz (we’re both hooked ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland April 24th 2010

Tuesday 20th April 2010 Today was very much a traveling day, after packing up we set off at about 10am. We stopped at Leongatha for lunch, as there was a caravan stop in the town with a nice shelter/bbq set in a park. We continued through to Yanakie where we refueled, and then drove on to Wilsons Promontory National Park. Here we paid for our entrance and were welcomed with the ranger at the gate giving us all the information we wanted and advising us to only pay 1 night's camping as we could extend in the park. The park itself is extensive with 450 caravan bays. As there were only about 50 other campers there we had no problem in finding a spot to stop. Judy soon befriended the people next door, Bill and Faye, ... read more
Self Portrait
Crimson Rosella at The Prom
Eastern Yellow Robin

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland March 31st 2010

So there we are after a very chilly night on the Prom - luckily we could snuggle up in the van where it was lovely and warm, but I did miss not being able to sit outside (never happy!) There were signs in the loos telling people not to leave food in tents as the wombats will rip the canvas to get to the food, it also said in the travel books that the wombats are so tame, they just ignore you as you walk past them. Did we see a wombat? Did we hell! We did see a roadsign of a wombat, which John couldn’t stop to take a photo of - he said we’d see others, but we haven’t so far! But what I did see was really good - I was feeding an ... read more
Beach by our Site (2)
Galah Visiting at Breakfast
Wilsons Promontory Nature Reserve

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