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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart » Howden November 14th 2015

Wow, what a crazy week in Tasmania! Can't believe how incredibly fast it went by. I am back in Melbourne now, but I almost intentionally missed my flight to stay in Tassie some more. It's really too bad I finally met some people I would love to travel with and change my plans with, but I have 2 days left in Australia :(. Even considered changing my New Zealand plans to stick around in Tassie. So, where to begin: I landed in Hobart (capital of Tasmania) on Saturday morning. They have a Saturday market called Salamanca, so I went to wander around and check it out. It's a cool market, they have food, crafts, souvenirs, there were some really nice wooden crafts made into clocks and animals. For lunch I ate a wallaby burrito and it ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart » Howden January 17th 2009

Hi again maties, laatste entry hier, eerst nog de blue mountains afwerken: laatste blog stopte bij de chocolade dood, de dag erop zijn we een canyon ingetrokken voor een stevige wandeling. De energiebom kwam goed van pas op deze minder toeristische route. We zien de blue mountains van een totaal andere kant, natte dichtbegroeide nauwe kloven en sfeervolle settings, volop genieten! Check the picture, nog even wachten en Gandalf komt voorbij als je dit decor ziet :) De dag erop nog even wat toeristische zaken afchecken zoals een steil stoomtreintje (japannertransport) en dan richting Sydney, aan een verbazend ontspannend tempo :) Laatste avond met m'n pa, en die wordt ondertussen traditiegetrouw ingezet met een goeie maaltijd. De kers op de taart van deze stop in Sydney is de voorstelling 'aerial dreams' die we bijwonen in the ... read more
Tazzie landscape
Tazzie landscape 2
Tazzie's rough West Coast

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart » Howden December 23rd 2007

Australia's best kept secret is the tiny island of Tasmania! As a matter of fact, it's so laid back, naturally beautiful, and full of cheese loving beer drinkers, that I felt right at home! :) All of the locals begged me to tell no one of its splendor, because the best part is that no one even lives there! 300,000 on the entire island, so there are many miles (kilometers) of amazing upspoiled wilderness - not to mention that it took me an entire day to even find a town with a carwash! (i would ask at the gas stations and they looked at me like i was NUTS!) Even my arrival in Hobart was magical - it was the first time I'd been picked up at the airport since NYC, which, after calculations, was 31 ... read more
Sunset BBQ from Greg's porch!
Yeah!  Mountains to climb!
AAHHH i'm driving from the passenger seat!

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