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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Wilpena October 17th 2014

Last time we came into the Flinders Ranges we stayed at the town of Hawker, but this time we thought we would like to stay at Wilpena itself. Unfortunately the Wilpena Camp Ground was fully booked, so we came to Rawnsley Park which is on the outside of the same ranges that create Wilpena Pound. Rawnsley Park is a working sheep station with a very good caravan park included. From the caravan park there are several walks along and around several hills, or even to the top of Rawnsley Bluff to peep inside the pound. Most are easy for folk with moderate fitness other than the climb up the bluff. We avoided that one this trip. There are several good day trips as well, one of which we did with David and Mary. Our journey took ... read more
00 Any one for lunch
39 Time for a drink
01 Rawnsley Park

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Wilpena July 10th 2014

Desert Ship Territory Log Day 7 Well the Maree Hotel sure aint the Hilton but it sure is an outback experience. After I tackled the temperamental plumbing in the shower, we headed down stairs for a continental breakfast and got a bit stuck there watching the The Netherlands vs Argentina FIFA World Cup matchwhere The Netherlands lost in a penalty shoot out. After we packed the car, we went on a bit of a walking tour of Marree which used to be the main area where station cattle were mustered from as far away as Queensland and sent by rail to Adelaide to market. The Afghan cameleers also worked from here and there is the relics of Australia's first Mosque made from mud brick and a thatched roof. We feulled up and fuel is still not ... read more
Filling Up at Marree Road House
Electricity Poles at Marree
Sign at Farina Station

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Wilpena June 15th 2014

Hi travel lovers and followers. Here is part three of the most recent adventure from Wilpena Pound. What a great place to venture out from. The weather for the last day or two has been absolutely disgusting. Cold wet and windy, BUT in between the breaks we managed to venture out and get in some of the sights. Today however was an absolute cracker and we managed to take in many of the sights that we wanted to visit doing the loo, like Blinman, The Parachilna Gorge, the Prairie Hotel at Parachilna, Beltana Road House, Brachina Gorge. What a great day with quite a bit of full on Four wheel driving through the gorges via the dry creek beds etc. We can see why so many people make this area a visiting point. The scenery was ... read more
Parachina Gorge
Parachina Gorge
Eat Some Today - Prairie Hotel Parachina

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Wilpena May 30th 2013

Today we went for a lovely drive through Bunyeroo and Brachina Gorges. Again, we travelled along dirt road and across lovely dry river beds. The scenery was beautiful, the rugged mountains and lovely red river gum trees. From the Bunyeroo Valley Lookout we had a fabulous view of the Razor Back Mtn range and St Marys Peak which are part of the Northern wall of Wilpena Pound. We then stopped at the Razor Back Lookout and enjoyed more views of Wilpena Pound and had a lovely chat to some men who run camps for kids. The kids were on a long hike through the valley below and we could just see them, hiking along, from our spot at the lookout. We passed walls of greeny grey limestone, which was deposited around 570million years ago which verified ... read more
Day 13 The Campground
Day 13 View from Bunyeroo Lookout

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Wilpena May 29th 2013

Today we drove out to Wilpena Pound. We did the hike to Wangarra Lookout which took 3hours. We packed a picnic lunch and had our picnic up at the lookout. The lookout provided lovely views over Wilpena Pound. Along the walk was the Hills Homestead. There was a lovely write up about the family that used to live there and grow wheat, in Wilpena Pound. We returned to the vans and had a bit of a relax, after our long walk.... read more
IMG_0562 Walking to the lookout
IMG_0573 Wangarra

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Wilpena May 28th 2013

Sorry for the delay in the blogs - we have had no internet access. It is nice to be able to catch up on some blogging tonight. Today we travelled from Orroroo to Rawnsley Station. We headed off towards Hawker via Carrieton and Cradock. We stopped at Hawker and we went to the Art Gallery. We stopped for lunch at a lovely lookout, with mountains in the background. We arrived at Rawnsley Park Station just after lunch and set up the caravan. It is beautiful here, it is right at the base of Wilpena Pound in the foothills of the Southern Flinders Rangers. This is a big property with plenty of caravan and camping sites. There is also a lovely big camp kitchen, which is indoors and has a fireplace. The little shop, at Rawsley Station ... read more
005 View along the road
032 A beautiful place to stop

Geo: -31.3612, 138.654We were looking forward to exploring this beautiful area and after a night in the car park just outside of the Wilpena bound road we took a cheeky free shower at the campsite. We then set forth for the Mount Ohlssen Bagge walk which took about 3 hours return up some steep parts for some more amazing views of inside the pound and also Flinders Ranges. Unfortunately the weather was not the best but the views still made up for that. We enjoyed a nice lunch and then made the easier walk downhill. Next stop was the Aboriginal sight called the sacred canyon at the end of a 14km dirt road.It was definitely worth the drive because it was in a small gorge but it also had Aboriginal markings which weren't behind bars.I have ... read more
Flinder Range Peaks
Mount Ohlssen Bagge Walk
Mount Ohlssen Bagge Walk

Geo: -31.3612, 138.654There is something so alluring about the outback, a harsh, rugged and desolate place at times which is also extremely beautiful and amazing. By now the generational gap when it comes to visiting the outback appears. All you see along the roads are campervans and caravans and behind the wheel are two older retiree's in most cases, setting off on their trip around Australia. And the odd family or two, but they appear more frequently in the school holidays. So why is it that you see so little of our age group there? I am not sure but after visiting the Flinders Ranges National Park, we are eager to see the rest of the outback. We set off from Broken Hill to the Remarkable National Park, driving through some deserted and flat land. After ... read more
Ploughing The Red Fields
Alligator Gorge

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Wilpena May 13th 2012

Geo: -31.644, 138.625Todays Challenge. - To sample some road kill at the Parachilna Hotel.Today is Mothers Day, Rod has remembered to buy a card and prepares some breakfast as we relax in our villa until we head off for lunch at Parachilna (the Gateway to Lake Ayre). Rod indicates that it is just around the corner some 190km away and that we need to get there at 12.00pm to watch the longest freight train in Australia pass by. Rod explains that the lunch at the Hotel is to die for and Deb looks perplexed.We turn off at Hawker and follow a sealed road heading to nowhere, the desert is on one side of us and the Flinders Ranges on the other. At about 185km Deb spots a sign that says get some Aussie tucker into you ... read more
Roadside Billboard nearing Parachilna
Meet the locals, Parachilna
Prairie Hotel, Parachilna

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Wilpena May 12th 2012

Geo: -31.644, 138.625Todays Challenge - To see if Iron Knob looks like a Knob?We depart Kimba at 10.00am and it is a cool 14 degrees celcius but very sunny. The stretch between Kimba and Port Augusta would have to be the most boring, desolate, disillusioning drive ever. Nothing but cleared land, grain silos and a long pipeline.The trip meter ticks over to 8000km as Deb spots a flock of Emus on the side of the road outside of Iron Knob the birth place of Australias steel industry. What we though was a mountain range turned out to be a chiselled mountain of mining substances and depending on ones definition of a 'knob' we decide that Iron Knob is in fact a knob and we pass todays challenge. Are we still suffering Nullarbor madness?Next stop is Port ... read more
Getting close to the Flinders Ranges
Lunch at Quorn
Nearing Hawker

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