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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Quorn June 9th 2019

It's holiday time again and we're off to see more of Australia. We start our adventure by flying to Adelaide where we picked up a tank. (Compared to my little Getz the Mitsubishi ASX feels like I'm driving a tank) I hardly recognised Adelaide airport, its been a few years since I've travelled to Adelaide for the cricket. After making a quick stop at Costco for supplies we headed off for Quorn. Quorn is located 335 kms north of Adelaide and is 293 meters above the sea level at the southern end of the Flinders Ranges and will be our home for 3 nights. The drive up was very picturesque. Coming across the biggest wind farm we'd seen in Australia. We detoured into the township of Snowtown, we didn't see the infamous bank but spotted our ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Quorn June 5th 2013

This morning we drove from Leigh Creek to Quorn. This was only a short trip for us. We arrived in Quorn by lunchtime, had some lunch and then had a walk around the Town. We went to the Information Centre and learnt about the Pitchi Richi Railway. "The Pichi Richi Railway is an operating museum, operating regular heritage train journeys on the oldest remaining section of the famous narrow-gauge old Ghan railway. Pichi Richi Railway is located at Quorn, in South Australia's Flinders Ranges. Trains depart from Quorn and Port Augusta. The railway is operated, maintained and managed by the dedicated volunteers of the Pichi Richi Railway Preservation Society Inc." Later in the afternoon we drove out to Warren Gorge. The rock strata of Warren Gorge was laid down between 800 and 570 million yrs ago ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Quorn May 1st 2011

This is something I should have done several years ago. Then again, a lot of things are things I should have done several years ago. The weather is gloomy. It's overcast, cold and there is rain. It's a good thing the train is still running! I could provide plenty of information about the Pichi Richi Railway but it would be much simpler to advise people to Google them because all the information is there. This was a wonderful way for me to spend my morning and now I am going back to Melbourne.... read more
TBDSC 0028
TBDSC 0039
TBDSC 0045

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Quorn April 23rd 2011

Saturday 23 April 2011 (Easter Saturday) John worked three days last week. He did a few hours of ringing around with painters names from the phone book last Monday and had work for the next day. Jimmy Martin is a 79 year old Irishman who is still working (he says if he stops working he might die). His offsider had fallen off his motor bike and broke his arm and leg so will be out of action for a while, so John is just filling in for the time being - he gets on very well with Jimmy so we will see how it goes. On Easter Saturday we decided to our first tour of the Flinders Range - just a short drive 40klm drive to Quorn - very pretty scenery on the way through the ... read more
Sunset colours over Spencers Gulf
Quorn Railway Station IMG 6404
Quorn Main Street IMG 6405

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Quorn March 15th 2011

Monday 14th – a Public Holiday in South Australia to celebrate ‘Labour Day’. We said a rather reluctant farewell to Burra and headed towards the Port Augusta area. Since leaving Adelaide we’ve encountered more and more grasshopper type insects as we drive along and today we drove through several large swarms. Graham was advised some time ago to fix some mesh to the front of PIE to avoid these things accumulating in the engine and this has worked very well. Sadly, apart from catching the grasshoppers, it also captures some splendid looking butterflies but given the numbers we see it’s inevitable. Our intended destination today was a place called Wilmington – not for any other reason than it was a suitable distance along our route towards the Eyre Peninsula and would also put us within touching ... read more
Bob the Railway Dog
Very apt Information Centre
A tribute to the railway workers who died whilst on duty

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Quorn December 27th 2010

Now where did we leave you in Blog 30? Ah yes, we were just settling down with Ron & Shirley for a game of Qwirkle. It was still light but the sky looked ominous. The game was intriguing, so much so that we hadn’t noticed the inky black clouds that had now moved overhead and the out of the black came the lightening with the crack of thunder on it’s heels. Shirley suggested may be a good time to pack up, but some silly sod said ‘no, let’s wait to see if it rains’ and these words were answered with a gust of wind that cleared the table of Qwirkle, drinks and nibbles, as we were simultaneously lashed with rain. Debby and the silly sod then spent 20 minutes wrestling and clinging on to the awning ... read more
Damage to cabin from storm
Team Qwirkle
Martindale Hall

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Quorn July 8th 2010

The day started out cold but clear and we went up to Quorn to get on the Hertitage Steam Train. This runs for 15 Km down the valley on what was the old Ghan narrow gauge railway line. Quorn was once the crossroads of Australia between railway lines to the North, South, East and West. The new Ghan rail lines are of a wider gauge and take a different route. This steam railway is kept operational by a bunch of enthusiasts who love the steam era. We met some helpful travellers on the train who gave us some tips about roads near Alice Springs - they had just come from there. After the rail trip we drove up towards Wilpena Pound to our accommodation at Rawnsley Park Station. Here we had the usual problems of lighting ... read more
Our Cabin at Pitchi Ritchi
Ptichi Ritchi
No neighbours here

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Quorn March 16th 2010

QUORN & THE FLINDERS RANGES QUORN We continued our journey South and stopped at the ancient salt lakes which are remnants of an inland sea. We stopped off for lunch and quickly got back on the road again. This afternoon Spud has been promising that we would stop off at his Roadhouse on the way to Quorn. He has kept it up pretty well, so we half believe him! But low and behold, there it is ‘Spud’s Roadhouse’. We did let him know on our return to the bus that we had got free drink and ice cream on mentioning that we are friends of his, he plays along happily what we have done well! We arrive into Quorn, the quaint and historical railway township nestled at the entrance to the Richman Valley. We have two ... read more
Finders Ranges
A field of flowers in The Flinders
If only there was a sign of which way to go!

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Quorn July 28th 2007

Introduction One of the key missions of our Quorn adventure was to get some tadpoles (well at least that was Cian and Natalie had in mind). This took us to the very beautiful Warren Gorge, about 20 minutes north of Quorn on the Arden Vale road. This is a camping area with scattered long-drop toilets and little else other than serenity, a flowing creek with tadpoles and a rocks in which to hide yellow-footed rock wallabies (Mum and Dad - you must put this on your to-do list). We didn't do much of a walk, just climbed up one of the rises to get some exercise, mostly choosing to focus on getting the taddies. Dan says... Hello readers, Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. The first thing we did was tadpoling. Some thought that there were no tadpoles, Dad ... read more
Cairn at lookout
Cian at top
Water stop

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Quorn July 28th 2007

Introduction This was a drive that we did while we visited Quorn. Ken was keen to try out some Four-wheel driving so we joined him for some rough roads, high excitement and amazing scenery and wild life. You pay some money at the Austral Hotel in the main street of Quorn and access the Arden Hills from within Warren Gorge. A magnificent experience with stunning views to the East and West. Dan says... The drive was beautiful and stomach churning - a strange combination. Everywhere you saw nature, amazing views and lots of wildlife - it was so beautiful that you feel proud having Australian blood in you. It was stomach-churning as it went up and down, side to side and jiggle jiggle. I think I need an alka-selsa. ... read more
Stretch's memorial
Ken's car
BBQ spot

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