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Cheeky Charlie & The Dark f0ol

We are a couple of 30 something's that have decided enough is enough and it is time to escape the rat run of London. So we are off on a jolly around the world and we have 10 months to see as much as we can Before Cheeky's sister gets married! Will we make it back in time for the wedding? Please join us on our travels around the globe.


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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Plymouth November 30th 2011

2 weddings & a drug’s bust! July & August 2010 Well on to the main event Caroline & Murray’s wedding! After lots of organising the week before the wedding Murray is taken into hospital with an abbess in his throat. It was either let the doctors cut into the side of his neck in which case he will miss the wedding or a rather horrible aesthetic free version that I will not go into. Bless him, he went for the later! It was touch and go & very little sleep as to whether he would make the wedding or not, but Murray had promised when he thought it was a cold that he would be there no matter what! I am proud to say he did make it!! The night before was Chinese take away night ... read more
The Hairdressers
Happy news
Energy boost

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall November 29th 2011

Hen & Stag night Well everything was gearing up for a great July & August. First stop is Plymouth for Caroline’s Hen party. We had a Brides & bridesmaid theme and Charlotte spent most of the month turning an old charity shop 1920’s wedding dress into a bespoke fancy dress wedding dress. Caroline wore Mum’s old wedding dress a la 1970’s mini dress and original wrap around sandals!! Liam on the other hand was going out with Murray for a night on the tiles with the boy’s in Exeter. His theme was the 1980’s, so it was nice and easy as he pulled up the Joker outfit and was good to go!!! The girls weekend started with lots of getting ready with a few drinks to help us on our way, we jumped in a cab ... read more
Carolines Hen night (2)
Carolines Hen night (3)
Carolines Hen night (4)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Barnes November 29th 2011

Well time for a catch up I think!!! We will be posting the catch up blog's for the past year over the next week or so, in between work! We hope you enjoy, cheers - Charlotte & Liam xx... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Liskeard July 20th 2010

A MONTH ON A PAGE Well as you can see we have become a little behind with our blogging, so we shall try and summarise the last month on one page to catch you all up. We spent a few fun filled evenings around at Helen and John’s house (Charlotte's best friend from school, who has recently moved back to Cornwall), with there children Bethany and Spencer. We ended up going around there to watch all of the world cup games that we managed to get through to, until that fateful night that Germany whooped our arse, yet again. But at least we had the sunshine, a BBQ and beer to console us. John, Charlotte’s father, and Denise had a couple of weeks holiday and fancied visiting her family up in Western-Super-Mare, so we offered to ... read more
A walk around Caradon Hill (1)
A walk around Caradon Hill (2)
A walk around Caradon Hill (3)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Wadebridge July 7th 2010

THE ROYAL CORNWALL SHOW Lorna came home from her holiday in Bergarac on Tuesday and regaled us with her holiday stories, she was also happy to see all of the work that the four of us had put in around the house and garden. On Thursday it was the Royal Cornwall Show, we were up and away really early, i.e. 6am as we had to get through the traffic before the show started arriving at the showground, luckily we got to park in the exhibitors car park close to the Southern entrance. We got in with no problems thanks to Digory supplying us with a couple of show tickets. We were very impressed with the new shearing shed and hung out there for a couple of hours as we had arrived about 7.30am, we got to ... read more
Bacon Butties
Pulling faces
BBC Radio Cornwall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Liskeard July 7th 2010

CORNWALL - HALF TERM Tuesday and we are back off to Plymouth, Charlotte is accompanying her sister Caroline for a wedding dress fitting and Liam is off for a swan around Plymouth shopping centre. Arriving at Caroline’s there was an initial panic as she had lent her shoes to a friend and only just realised she had not got them back, off to Torpoint on the ferry she went, but she was soon back and away to the wedding dress shop we went. After the relief of the zip doing up, not that she needed to worry, we had a little look at head gear and sparkly things which was quite fun. We met up with the boy’s just outside the shopping city and we went for a coffee and cake Costa Coffee in the House ... read more
chillin to the sounds
Patrick and Mille dancing
Millie Moo

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Liskeard June 24th 2010

CORNWALL - THE HOMECOMING The journey down was surprisingly easy and trouble free, it was quite nice for Charlotte to be watching the countryside go by rather than driving! Caroline met us on the Royal Parade in Plymouth just after 10pm and whizzed us home to her house. A couple of glasses of wine and a quick catch up, along with present giving, then Caroline and Murray were off to bed. And we had a couple of hours to unwind and watch Cranberry (their cat) bring in a mouse play with it then chase it up the curtains before we too were off up the stairs. Caroline and Murray went off to work and left us with the run of the house, and the dead mouse in the middle of the living room carpet (Cranberry 1 ... read more
Can she hide behind the boob!
Julie ain't letting go!
Dad and Murray

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire June 14th 2010

LONDON AGAIN Coming back to London on a lovely sunny afternoon via train into Liverpool Street we got to watch the world go by, Sometimes there is nothing quite as beautiful as the English countryside. We hop on the tube and are soon walking back down the hill to our Barnet home at Liam’s parents house. We receive a warm welcome and a hearty roast before settling in for a relax in front of the TV and CSI, a perfect Sunday. Monday Liam went to visit work to let them know that we were leaving for Cornwall on Tuesday evening and to get an update re the returning to work situation. Unfortunately he was advised that although they had tried every trick in the book there was not a position to come back to. In the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire June 7th 2010

BISHOP STORTFORD After Julia dropped us to the station on another fine day (we were really lucky this week and it felt like summer all over again!), we jumped on the train, changed at Cambridge then got off at another lovely little station in Bishop Stortford. Andy picked us up and as Annie (Liams god daughter) had not been told he was back in the country, let alone coming to visit, there was lots of excitement in the house, after the initial hiding behind legs. A beer in the garden, then Liam baths both Annie and Alex and reads them stories before sleepy time was upon them. Friday night is Chinese take away night in the Ramsey-Reeder household and they were generous enough to include us in the evenings feast. Full to the very top of ... read more
inside the Big Blue House!
Silly Billy Blue hat
Would you like a sweety!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich June 7th 2010

STOWMARKET Well a couple tubes and we are soon in Liverpool Street station train tickets in hand half an hour early. Mmmm time for lunch in the form of an Upper Crust baguette. The time passes as we are people watching and we are soon on a direct train to Stowmarket. We had booked table seats on the National Express train, but were a little surprised to see that we were in airline seats! Oh well at least we are facing the right way! We jump off at the very pretty station and see a Julia bounding up giving us a huge bear hug (amazingly powerful for her size!), I think she missed us! And sitting there is her brad new motor! A huge Audi estate monster thing! Lovely! Julia whisks us home and we drop ... read more
I've got the booze, run!!!
All my girls!
Birthday lunch

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