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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Lincoln September 17th 2019

Nobody should visit Port Lincoln and the Lincoln National Park. Ever. If someone you know indicates they are planning to visit, stop them immediately. Please, do not ignore this warning. Why? Because I had such a great time with very few other tourists about, and I’d like it to stay that way! I will be coming back for a longer visit without a doubt. I only had two days and I know there is much more to see and do. I’m genuinely surprised that the area is not as inundated with tourists as other parts of Australia. Sure, it’s a bit harder to get to but it is not remote at all. I left my motel in Port Augusta at 9am on Sunday morning, which was apparently quite late because every other car, but one, had ... read more
From Black's Lookout on the Whaler's Way
The Beach at Memory Cove
State on the Foreshore

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Lincoln September 29th 2016

Thursday 29 September 2016 - Port Lincoln We were in the Port Lincoln caravan park and part of the whole-of-state electricity blackout because of the major storm which hit the state. SA apparently has only one major power generation system and several of the generators were knocked out. The day was ‘wild and woolly’ with rain and strong winds. We learned that several boats were lost and saw a mast of a sailing boat poking above the water level. Also Cummins and Ceduna experienced 115kph winds overnight. Phone land lines were down across Eyre Peninsula and schools and many businesses were unable to operate. We went into the town centre for some shopping but the only supermarket that had power and was open was Foodland. No diesel pumps were working in the town. We had a ... read more
42 Port Lincoln from lookouts (1)
42 Port Lincoln from lookouts (4)
42 Port Lincoln (24)

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Lincoln July 3rd 2016

Well we are proper campus by at last on a perfect white sand beach with a spade for facilities! The drive here went through some lovely coastal scenery and little glimpses see of the not so nice like mining and smelting that fire the furnaces of the economy but ravage the land. The last 4km was a 4WD track but Brian ignored my squealing and did fine, we came across an adult emu on the way. We stopped for lunch and a walk in Cowell ( as in Simon Captain Smug) which is a lovely small town with the distinctive South Australian look. The war memorial was very poingnant for Such a small place the losses must have been hard to bear. Especially for those families whose surname appeared in both lists, fathers and sons perhaps. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Lincoln April 12th 2015

11th of April we headed off from Adelaide. 1st stop was Port Pirie then through Port Augusta then to Whyalla where we stopped for the night. Camped at a footy ground and the caretaker, Kay, baked us heaps of treats in the morning! Then on the 12th onto Port Lincoln national park. We found a great camping spot at September Beach. The next day we went into town as the weather was showery. Checked out some shops and had lunch at a Chinese restaurant where the girls made best friends with the owners niece Sophie. The next day was perfect weather so we went the beach in the mon then a drive then the beach again for the whole arvo. The girls had a ball building sand castles, collecting shells, playing in the water ect. I ... read more
Port Lincoln bath time!
Amazing cafe in Streaky Bay
September beach camp

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Lincoln March 2nd 2015

Day 9 – 1/3/2015 (cont) Fuel fill before leaving Adelaide: 364.7kms $1.18.9/L 31.43L Avg 8.9L/100km Day 10 – 2/3/2015 Departed Adelaide at the ungodly hour of 2.30am. Fuel stop Pt Augusta: 326.6kms $1.18.5/L 43.15L Avg 13.1L/100km Arrived Pt Lincoln at 12.30pm. Total travel time including breaks 10 hours. Fuel stop Pt Lincoln: 351.1kms $1.33.9/L 47.88L Avg13.8L/100km After filling up drove past a hidden servo where fuel was $1.17/L. Majorly pissed off! TV reception shocking with pixellating & glitching. Went to the Waterline Bistro down the road for dinner. Any main meal gets free soup & all you can eat veggies & salads. With almost every meal under $20, this is a must go to pub for good food at a decent price. Ohhh, drinks are cheap too! Total kms for the day: 678... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Lincoln February 10th 2015

Adelaide is the epitome of a grandly planned city. The biggest battle in the planning process was whether to locate the city shore side or inland. Because of swamps and bugs, the settlers called the area where they landed “Port Misery.” The inland backers won out and thus Adelaide is situated between the ocean and the Mount Lofty Ranges and the city is totally surrounded by peaceful parks and bisected by the lovely River Torrens. The residents are proud to point out that Adelaide was never a prison colony but was settled by fine upstanding folks from England. And because of this Adelaide is the most British of all the major cities in Australia. It is a very user-friendly place with shaded sidewalks, free tram service and friendly citizens. There are benches where you would expect ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Lincoln September 10th 2014

It is only three days now before we set off which invokes a pensive, reflective mood to realise how good we have it in Australia and particularly here in Port Lincoln. It is a comfortable life and when we look at what is happening around us we really should be content in the knowledge that we are the lucky country. Todays big news is: Shock/horror - Who will build our next submarines? "BILL Shorten has accussed “Torpedo” Tony Abbott of “contracting out” Australia’s national security, if his government has the country’s new submarine fleet built in Japan. During a visit to the Adelaide headquarters of naval shipbuilding company ASC, the Opposition Leader pledged Labor will build submarines in Australia “unequivocally”. and, Shock/Horror, did Julia do the wrong thing? One of the most uncomfortable questions in Australian ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Lincoln August 21st 2014

Salut à tous ! Ma première semaine de road trip se termine ici à Port Lincoln (un peu plus de 2000 bornes parcourues). J’aurai mis 10 jours quelques centaines de litres d’essence et presque 10 d'huile ???? Oui TY ne fait pas semblant. Ma première étape (qui me servait de Test en qq sorte car je ne faisais pas encore confiance en TY) se trouvait à 2 heures au Nord de Perth au Parc National de Nambung pour voir le desert de Pinnacles (genre de stalagmites jaunâtres qui émergent dans se désert de sable jaune). J’en ai profité pour m’arrêter dans la ville de Lancelin réputée pour ces dunes de sable blanc sur lesquelles le sendboard est pratiqué. Première nuit sur l’espace réservé au campement du Parc National de Bagdingarra. En arrivant je surprends 2 kangourous ... read more
Pinnacles Desert

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Lincoln September 24th 2013

So there I was, the only one in a cage attached to the back of a boat by the Neptune Islands, and my air cable gets twisted as I turn around and my regulator decides to pop out of my mouth. I didn't panic, just calmly located it and bit on it again, telling myself that the boat was right above me and I could pop my head out easily if I needed to. I breathed deep, turned, and nearly shit my wetsuit. As I had been turned, one of the great white sharks I had been looking at from afar had decided to come in for a closer look and I could just see their mouth heading towards me. They turned at the last minute, pectoral fin hitting the side of the cage, and rather ... read more
Er.  Damn again?

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Lincoln May 2nd 2013

Tuesday May 2nd Well, we reckon we are 1/4 of the way around Australia on our big adventure! We have driven over 5,000 kilometres since we left home and this is day 72, so on both counts we are around 25% through our circumnavigation of Australia. This morning was bright and fine so after breakfast we headed south out from Louth Bay and down towards Port Lincoln after taking a picture of the glistening sea at the Louth Bay jetty. Along the way we came to The Black Stump. Well, the official black stump was destroyed a few years back after a bush fire. The new Black Stump is actually a Black Rock - more fire proof! The Black Stump commemorated an early mission established in the area in 1850 called the Pooninde Mission. Now it ... read more
Pelican profile
Port Lincoln by night
The Black Stump

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