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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Marree June 30th 2022

Checked Prado and Xtrk wheel studs. Rechecked air pressure in prep for Birdsville Track. Repacked all gear so there is no movement, and all secured in both vehicles. Washing finished. Batteries, solar charged all day. Lunch made for tomorrow. Seals taped for extra protection from dust seepage. Pub meal. Place pumped. Marree packed. Fuel price increased another 20c/L. Now $2.90/L. Fortunately filled yesterday. Looking forward to hitting the track again. Break has refreshed all cylinders. Flood warning for Mungeranie our destination!... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Marree June 28th 2022

Jane took flight today ... over the lowest region in Australia, Lake Eyre. Back on the Oodnadatta Track it was onto Cowards Springs, an oasis in the desert. A short trip of 72km where Jane enjoyed the warm natural mineral water spa for the perfect soak. The date scones here were sensational.We headed for the banks of Lake Eyre South planning on camping, however our plans were dashed as the signs said camping prohibited ... I would have camped (who was coming out here to check?) but Jane is one for following the rules!!So, Marree it was. Marree has 3 of the major outback tracks springing out from it ... Oodnadatta, Birdsville and Stezlecki. It was packed with people heading to our destination, Birdsville for the Big Red Bash.A problem with the rear door mechanism of ... read more
Dates everywhere
Jane, about to enjoy the soak

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Marree September 17th 2020

After three days in Uluru with barely a cloud in the sky, Sunday morning was a surprise. It was cool and cloudy, and the clouds were dark enough to suggest rain. I was going to be driving on dirt roads and camping for the next few days, so I didn’t want that. As I drove east on the Lasseter Highway, I seemed to outrun it at first. But I turned south on the Stuart Highway so by the time I reached Kulgera Roadhouse it was cloudy again. Eventually I did get enough rain to use the wiper blades twice, but that was it. Even though I had fuelled up when leaving Uluru and didn’t need more just yet, I was about to head to remote roads and wasn’t sure when I would be able to fill ... read more
Sunset over Lake Eyre
Algebuckina Bridge
Old Mount Nor'West Gorge

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Marree August 6th 2018

Day 5 Port Augusta to Marree (via Borefield-Oodnadatta track) A bit of an easier day km-wise (450), so we had time in the morning to grab a few items at the shops, fill our supposedly “full” gas bottles. Temperature this morning was 6.2 degs - feels like 1.2 degs. Even the locals were commenting on how cold the wind was. We set off into a howling head-wind and seemed to be forever going uphill - absolutely killed the full economy. We then veered off at Pimba after a P stop and headed towards Woomera - the town base servicing a prohibited military testing and evaluation facility (did someone say Area 51?). Driving around the town was really quite interesting as they have put on display in public areas a lot of old military and rocket artifacts. ... read more
Plane Henge - Mutonia Sculpture Park.
How's dinner coming along?
Mutonia robot sculpture

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Marree November 26th 2016

Saturday 26 November 2016 Although Copley is a small town, it is kept busy with visiting miners and associated businesses. Before leaving the town, we visited the Cooks RAA/Workshop as we had broken one of the battery leads from the car to our caravan. The auto-electrician took no time to change the plug and the associated fuse which had blown. It was then on the road again, up the Explorers Highway to Maree. It was a very pleasant day with temperatures of around 28-30 degrees which it had been for the past 4 days. We had been very lucky with the weather and while the wind was coming from the SE and not the north, the temperature was staying lower than 40+degrees. We hadn’t visited the Ochre Cliffs and Talc Alf, the latter who was 2 ... read more
156.1 Aroona Dam (12)
156.1 Aroona Dam (13)
156.1 Aroona Dam (15)

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Marree July 29th 2013

Hey everyone, We have finally reached a blog 702 that has taken us over 1 Million words, how about that. As I write this little snippet, we are sitting "Again" in the Marree Hotel and doing some internet, why well you will just have to read the blogs that we are trying to post, (Just crossed the Simpson Desert) huge adventure, but don't ley Caroline know I have told you. Kj... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Marree July 6th 2013

Saturday 6 July Marree Yes, Andy is wearing long trousers again. This morning he emerged from the trailer wearing long trousers, it really must have been cold. Well it was cold, the morning started very cloudy and kept the sun from warming us up. Last night was the coldest night we have experienced for a while, I was so cold at one point I was shivering, so had to rely on the warmth from the camp fire and Andy made us both a hot chocolate before bedtime to help keep us warm. We did not go to bed late as it was so cold and we even pulled the roof down to reduce the cabin area and thus hopefully keep the space around us warmer. All around us we could hear the sound of people packing ... read more
The servo in Marree
Fueling up

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Marree June 4th 2013

We are so fortunate and excited!!! We have managed to book ourselves on a Flight over Lake Eyre this morning at 10am. .......The flight was fantastic although, about 20 minutes in to the flight I suddenly wanted to get out of the small plane!!! I controlled my sudden nervousness and enjoyed the rest of the flight. Steve and I were surprised and very happy to see water in the Lakes. We first flew over Lake Harry and saw quite a lot of birdlife, no pelicans though. There were swans and ducks. We then flew over Lake Eyre South and then up to the beginnings of Lake Eyre North. The flight took an hour and a half. We could also see the Birdsville Track, Oodnadatta Track and the dog fence. "The dog fence was built to stop ... read more
IMG_0713 Very basic
IMG_0727 Marree Pub
IMG_0715 The Town

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Marree June 3rd 2013

We were able to leave beautiful Arkaroola today as they have opened the roads. Now for the highlight of the trip, getting up to Marree in the hope of a flight over Lake Eyre. We drove along the 130km dirt road out of Arkaroola without any problem. The road was in very good condition, after the rains, and the car and van coped very well. We stopped at Copley for a cuppa at the Quandong Café. I must say that Quandong pies are very tasty. We then set off for the trip to Marree via Lindhurst. The road from Lindhurst to Marree is mostly dirt but does have two sections of tar. The road is quite wide and the dirt sections are quite smooth and in good condition. We had no trouble towing along this road. ... read more
003 130km's of dirt road
013 The poor van
019 The long road north

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Marree November 27th 2009

Waking up somewhere as beautiful as Parachilna Gorge is never a hardship. The morning had a chill so we huddled around the fire toasting bread and heating water for coffee on the fire before rolling up our swags and packing up camp. Before we left we decided we should have a quick bushwalk around the area because even Ian had never been there before. One thing I that love about the Heading Bush company and it's attitude is that each tour is different and the itinerary is never set in stone. Obviously there is an outline but if something comes up that causes the route to change, or the group is more interestied in something that is not usually covered, the bruck heads offroad and goes somewhere different. On our first day Ian said to us ... read more
Watching the sun go down at Lake Eyre
Warning, remote areas ahead
Our swags at the edge of Lake Eyre South

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