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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mannum February 12th 2018

Another cruisey day in more ways than one! We departed from the central bus terminal again, we know it pretty well by now, setting off for Mannum. Cheryl, our driver, filled us in on the roads, government and road rules along the way, as well as historical tidbits. She explained that the parks around Adelaide (laid out by Colonel William Light) are not only the lungs of the city, but are wider than a musket ball shot, so that if there was an attempt at invasion, no one within the CBD could be hurt. We arrived at Mannum and were taken directly to the Proud Mary riverboat. It actually started a four day tour last night, and while the tourists were on a shore excursion today it was filled with our coach load plus some “walk-ons”. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mannum May 30th 2012

From Robe we drove along the coast and came to the large waterway known as the Coorong. Last time we were there it was drought time and there was a lot of worry about lack of water and salination of the soil. Now, thanks to all the rain this last year, the Coorong is full. It stretches about 130 kilometres, now a wide waterway with islands where birds, mostly pelicans nest. We stopped where there was a walk to a lookout - I stayed behind due to the distance and my ankle, but Doug walked there and came upon two ladies complete with binoculars who were looking at the pelicans in the distance. They were awfully excited when a couple flew into the air and told Doug one must stay 500 metres away from them (I ... read more
Path to the pelican lookout the Coorong
Parked at the Coorong
Some views today

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mannum March 10th 2011

We have this pack up and move so together it is very simple and no challenge at all. We were on the road by 9:35am, GEE 5 minutes late! But the trip planned was only around an hour so it didn’t matter so much. We travelled along some of the roads we had travelled yesterday in our crisscross of the Barossa Wine trail, but then found ourselves on new roads and a huge water pipe running alongside the road, which is the Mannum – Adelaide pipeline. We arrived at our destination at around 11am, booked in for one night and found out that it is a long weekend here in SA (Adelaide cup) so the parks are expecting a busy weekend or are already booked out. We managed a site for one night with an option ... read more
In the State Room on the Paddle Steamer Marion
Mannum Hotel

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mannum November 29th 2008

When we collected our Wicked Campervan the guy at reception told us that the greatest single cause of accidents to the vans was caused by them hitting Kangaroos on the road. And to watch out when they are active; dawn, dusk and at night when they will get stunned by the headlights and freeze in the road and the next thing you know they are in the van with you. So what do we do the first night - we had to drive to the Penguin Encounter and on the way we saw the road signs warning of Roos and lots of carcases on the side of the road. So driving back in the dark Bill went along at a very sedate 40kph - and not a Roo in sight. The next 5 days we drive ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mannum October 28th 2008

Hi all We enjoyed our Murray River Cruise on the Murray Princess with Allen and Marijke. Because the water levels are low we were a bit limited in where we could go, but we cruised from Murray bridge to Swan Reach, and they bused us up to Lock 1 at Blanchetown. One day we did a Borossa valley wine trail, just 8 of us in a minibus which was great. had lunch at Chateau Tundra winery, where we had been with Graeme and Margaret before our Simpson desert trip. Yesterday we got off the boat at 9am, and brought Allen and Marijke back to the caravan at Mannum. We then drove them back to Adelaide, via the scenic drive through the Torrens valley. We visited the National Motor Museum, with over 300 vintage, veteran, classic and ... read more
Morning on the Murray
Looking for carp

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mannum October 19th 2008

Hi We are now at Mannum, Allen and Marijke flew in to Adelaide today, and we will begin our Murray cruise tomorrow. We have enjoyed travelling for the last week beside the Murray River. There are some lovely spots here, and we have been in some great caravan parks beside the river. We take our wine and seats to the river edge about 5pm, and watch the sun go down. We have met some nice people. The temperatures have been all over the place, we had 35 degrees yesterday. We saw our first snake on Friday. We were at Blanchetown , looking at Lock 1 and the lockmaster we were talking to spied a Brown Snake coming towards us on the lawn. He yelled at us, which was just as well as we hadn't seen it! ... read more
Mildura  Murray River
Mildura weir

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mannum June 11th 2006

Introduction This week the hikers were lucky enough to have a long weekend to explore a bit further than the Adelaide environs. It was Dan’s turn to pick which walk to do and he had been eyeing off this one in the Adelaide for kids book by James Muecke. It wasn't really a walk at all, but a visit to Mannum minerals, however we were able to couple it together with a few other walks and touristy things while we were visiting the Mannum area. Mannum is about 75 km away from home (as the crow flies) and on the River Murray. From Adelaide, you need to head east, crossing the Adelaide Hills, through Chain of Ponds, Gumeracha, Birdwood and Mount Pleasant. It is then a steep descent through the rocky slopes to the Gum-tree lined ... read more
Looking into the Mannum waterfalls
Mannum waterfalls

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