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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Lake Eyre November 21st 2016

Monday 21 November 2016 – our daughter Kerrie’s birthday xx The next morning, we did a flight over Lake Eyre, William Creek, the Painted Hills and Aboriginal Art with Wrightsair. Incredible…. just incredible. I hope the photos do the scenery we saw some justice, particularly the Painted Hills. We did a 3 hour flight which is longer than the normal 2 hour flight available. We were supposed to leave at 8.30am once a couple arrived from Marree. We hopped in the 5 seater plane but when the pilot started it, there was a faulty alternator. We then walked back to the Hotel for a coffee while the pilot got another plane fuelled up and ready. We then hopped into that plane. As we were taxing off, the girl who was flying with us was 15 weeks ... read more
151 Lake Eyre & Painter Hills Flight (1)
Our flight
151 Lake Eyre & Painter Hills Flight (2)

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Lake Eyre July 14th 2013

Shake Rattle and Roll Saturday 13 July Farina to Muloorina via Marree Waking up to a beautiful morning, the sunshine was streaming in through the skylight, it had been a warm night indeed and it was still warm this morning, the wind was up with the sunshine. I put the kettle on but with the wind skimming over the top so we could not quite get it to boiling point, Andy had to set up the portable gas stove in the back of the Landcruiser where it was sheltered, we got our morning cuppa, but to make it easy on ourselves we would just have cereal for breakfast rather than try and cook anything. It is so beautiful this morning, we sorted out some of our gear, packed everything away and hit the road for Marree. ... read more
Frome River
Tribute to John McDouall Stuart
The Marree Burger

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Lake Eyre July 12th 2013

This morning we started to slow everything down. We are far enough north to be comfortable with our timing so now we’re doing things slow. We started off by looking at the historic township of Farina. There isn’t much left but they have documented it really well and we got a real feel of how life was in the late 1800’s in this eerie little town. We wandered up the road to Marree where we again fuelled up and I went down to the nurse’s station where I picked up some antihistamines. My virus had finished but then, because I am a big blouse, started suffering from hay fever. I met the loveliest nurse who fixed me up, and as I type this I have popped my second pill and am starting to get on the ... read more
Marree Pub

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