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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide » Port Adelaide March 4th 2020

Day 17 Friday 28th February, 2020 Hobart. Well, what a bumpy night! We were disturbed in the night by an announcement on ships tannoy, for crews to do something. However a bit later they were told to step down. This was about 3 am. It was then we realised how rough the sea was! Definitely being rocked around in bed. Very windy too, whistling around the balcony door. I was convinced the door wasn’t locked but Roger assured me it was........until he eventually went to check after a long while....... to find it not! The whistling noises abated somewhat after that although still very rocky, but we managed to get to sleep again. We woke up to a bright morning as we were slowly edging into the quayside in Hobart. We are very close in towards ... read more

Hi everyone, this is a real quick blog, as we have been trying to find wi-fi round here and we have resorted to sitting in the car outside Woolworths and it's raining outside and its cold and we have a take away in the car !! So just to let you know we are in Adelaide, a place called Victor Harbour. Caught an early plane out of Melbourne this morning, Brian drove us to the airport in the dark, hopped on a plane which took an hour where we picked up a rental car and we then met up with Stu's friend, Chris in Adelaide, who gave us a key to his second property in Victor Harbour, about an hour and a half drive away, where we are staying tonight. Today we went to a couple ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide » Port Adelaide April 1st 2015

So, I hear you asking, how did they do those great wide angle photos? There's the long story and the short story so I had better give you the abridged version... We (that would be Lenny actually) was able to purchase a nice wide angle lens from Toby in Adelaide. For those that want to know the's a Nikkor AF-S 12-24mm f4 G IF-ED lens So now you see the "stretch" version of the Coaster (and the street), rather than what we might have previously photographed.... read more
The bus has everything... including the kitchen sink.

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide » Port Adelaide December 23rd 2014

So my journey has ended. I have a mountain of memories, a mountain of photos, and have put together a little collage of my travels. enjoy... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide » Port Adelaide August 31st 2013

The Great Ocean Road a definite must do when in Victoria or SA. We made a road trip out of it. The plan was to take er easy and see what we see stop along the way and stay in some small town somewhere on the way to Adelaide for the long weekend. I got picked up about 9:00 and hopped in the car with a coffee in hand. As I slide into the backseat with my coffee I see the guys with cans of cider, who needs coffee when you have alcohol lol. All ready I can see this is going to be a good trip. We played silly car games sang at the top of our lungs pulled over to look at the ocean multiple times where the guys would generally relieve them selves ... read more
Gibsons Steps
the almost best picture
12 Apostles

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide » Port Adelaide April 28th 2012

We kregen tussen de aspirine en de zakdoeken door nog es positief nieuws van de auto-verhuurmaatschappij Britz dat we 'gratis' een superdeluxe VAN mochten verplaatsen van Adelaide naar Perth in 6 dagen. Maar liefst 3000 km (afstand Gent-Moskou)! En daarvan 1000 km door de woestijn (Nullarbor streek)! We zagen het direct zitten en we mochten onmiddelijk vertrekken. Voor $5/dag en $1000 waarborg voor de camper.Ook kregen we zo'n 200$ diesel terug. We konden niet anders dan 'ja' zeggen! Normaal betalen mensen zo'n $200 per dag voor zo'n wagen.... Ok, het komt wel ietsje duurder uit dan dat je vliegt maar je ziet zoveel meer als je rijdt hé. Een goeie site: (je kan ook in NZ of Amerika een auto of een campervan verplaatsen als je er voor een korte periode bent) Alles verliep heel ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide » Port Adelaide March 12th 2012

I actually went there yesterday and now I'm in Port Pirie - that all doesn't matter because we have trains!! Any train enthusiastic should check out this museum. It's got some iconic trains in and there is a mini railway that goes around the whole property. It even has fully functional level crossings! Bells and all.The shop has many cool things in and you can easily stay the whole day here just looking around and immersing yourself in the railway history. Some of the main attractions include the Tea and Sugar train which used to service all the small communities on the Trans Australia Railway. They stopped the service in 1996. The steam age was when it was really needed because workers were needed out there but not as many people are required now. Cook - ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide » Port Adelaide March 6th 2011

We have finally arrived in Adelaide, and are staying at the most amazing caravan park. In fact, it could be better described as a resort; green, spacious, by a most beautiful beach, jumping pillows, playgrounds, heated pools, even a restaurant if required, and glorious weather to boot! We arrived here on Thursday, and spent the first two days just relaxing at our resort - heaven. The boys needed some down time, particularly William and Quinton who both had managed to catch a cold. We are also just pleased to be here, caravan intact. We left Port Lincoln as it was windy and very, very cold. I am sure it is a beautiful place, and I do feel we did it a bit of a disservice by leaving so quickly (though the boys did visit Memory Cove ... read more
The Wilsons, with twins Tom and Charlie
The Marketos boys waiting for the parade to start
Street entertainers...

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide » Port Adelaide February 19th 2011

Hey there cobber! Just arrived in Adelaide and not doing a blog from here - just seeing if last photos will upload. Will try and do an update when we arrive in Sydney!! Hope everyone is well - love to all from down under Think it worked - so apologies to those who have already seen them on Facebook!!! Sun has come out now so going for a walk and to look for a pack of Uno - going to teach it to those poor unfortunate souls on board - my rules of course!!!... read more
Dancing in the rain
Ship in Mauritius

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide » Port Adelaide January 28th 2011

Port Adelaide Went up to Port Adelaide and based myself in the Royal Arms Hotel. The 'Port' is kind of equivalent to Leith in Edinburgh about 15 to 20 years ago. The hotel is cheap and cheerful and along with a few of my Aussie mates is frequented by a number of local .... characters. Port Adelaide didn't really have much too it but it was a good base for our speedway extravaganza. Three meetings at the Sidewinders training track and one at Gillman. 20 Jan - Qualifier for Aussie Under 16 title, at Sidewinders 21 Jan - Aussie Under 16 title, at Sidewinders 22 Jan - Gillman round of Aussie Senior title 23 Jan - Under 16 Pairs title, at Sidewinders By day we attended the speedway, gates usually opening at approx 3pm and the ... read more
Port Adelaide 2
Oz champs heat 1 - Gillman

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