Susan Douglas


Susan Douglas

Hey! Am very excited and just about to set off on a holiday of a lifetime! Travelling to UK overnight tomorrow then off to see the world!
In Southampton now with 1 full day left in Blighty . eeeeeeeeeeek

Europe » Portugal » Azores » Ribeira Grande April 4th 2012

Hello all – it’s been a while – we had Ports of call all close together therefore no time to write anything and followed by 6 days crossing the Atlantic. It is now Day 5 of the crossing with just Tuesday to go before arriving in the Azores on Wednesday – and it will be great to hit land again. As I wrote at the end of the last one we attended the cocktails where once again after entering the fray for a couple of free drinks we were invited to leave after a mere 25 minutes but we did admirably, claiming all available passing full glasses on the way out! We arrived in Key West on the morning of the 25th with yet more fabulous weather and headed on foot up Canal Street, which is ... read more
Photo 3
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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic » Gulf Stream March 31st 2012

this is to see if you get an e.mail Ma - not sure if its the site that has stopped sending the e.mails out or not? xxxx... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West March 25th 2012

Just seeing if this publishes as not sure if the last one worked or not - please ignore it... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West March 25th 2012

Good Morning all – Just thought I’d write this (it may be my last missive) whilst we have all been confined to cabins because the ship’s on fire!!!!!! Always best to keep a sense of humour although I have registered my disappointment as the band is not playing! Joking apart we are instructed to stay in the cabins whilst a fire in an incinerator on deck 3 is being dealt with and all crew have their life jackets and special hats on and are standing at their muster stations. I was in the middle of playing bridge so a bit inconvenient!!! Just listening to the captain now who says fire is contained but we must still stay in our cabin. We left New Orleans last night after a really enjoyable couple of days – it’s a ... read more
New Orleans
New Orleans
New Orleans

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans March 23rd 2012

Hi again – its now the 22ndand we are just sailing up the Mississippi and will be arriving in New Orleans in just over an hour so very excited although it is stormy and quite cold!! Have also been singing every old Southern American song I can think of and will indeed be tasting the Jumbalaya and crab later on when we hit Bourbon Street. The last blog was sent on the 18th March from Roatan which is an island of Honduras. It is a beautiful place and to date has been one of the highlights of the tour. It is a real “Pirates of the Caribbean” location and was used in some of the filming. We arrived early in the morning to a clean, purpose built cruise port which made a great change to some ... read more
Highest point in Roatan

Photos at last!! Can't put captions on tho as its taking too long and i'm missing the sun. Byeee xxxxx... read more
Nice couple
Having a laugh

Sorry - Having problems with photos so will post them on facebook. OK – it’s now the 18thand we get into Honduras – or a tiny island of Honduras – tomorrow and it is to be a “chill out” day on and around the beach so hopefully we can find a decent internet café from where I can send this missive and attach a few photographs. Also send Mum a Happy Mothers Day greeting albeit a little belatedly. Note to boys – maybe read the messages you have sent me (hahahahahaha – no doubt doing the French one again – that is until the French one arrives). On the 16th March we transited the Panama Canal. It was a really great experience and a fab day. Scott thought it started a little bit too early as ... read more

Still no decent internet connection I'm afraid. Arrive in Honduras in a couple of days so will try and get this up to date and put some photos on it too. Having a great time. Hope everyone is well. Love to all. xxxx It's 18th now and we're just sailing out of Costa Rica. Lovely place - lovely people. I’m writing again on 15 March as we are at sea today and it’s a bit cloudy so have decided to spend a little time in the cabin catching up. The crossing the line ceremony is to be a little later so will have to rush things a bit – we actually crossed the equator during the night – so are back in the Northern hemisphere. On the 11th we arrived at Callao which is the port ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores March 11th 2012

Hello all!! Well it’s been a week now since we left home and so far so good. Last Sunday we set off from home leaving Jenny and David in charge of the house and dogs – I do hope they are behaving for them (house and dogs for Jenny and David I mean). We arrived in Heathrow with loads of time to spare so we made our way into London and did an Entrecote with the boys and Kath which was a great way to start our holiday. Once back at Heathrow everything went without a hitch getting onto the flight for Sao Paulo – we had a two seat row and I got the window seat. Having said that there was nothing to see as it was a night flight! Fortunately the flight was not ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse March 3rd 2012

Hi there - It's me again. We are off on our travels again tomorrow and am soooo excited!! Some people have asked me to do this again and I should imagine there's others who are thinking - Oh Noooo - not again! So to those I am sorry but you can always ignore me - I wont mind and I wont know!!! We set off tomorrow morning on our way to Santiago in Chile. We are flying via Heathrow and are very much looking forward to meeting up with the boys for a lunch in London before continuing on our way. It's an overnight flight going by Sao Paulo which will take eleven and a half hours and then changing there and onward to Santiago - another five and a half hour trip. I am not ... read more

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