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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Paluma National Park December 4th 2015

Leaving Airlie Beach behind, our final week on the road started with the long, boring haul to Townsville almost three hours to the north. It was during this stretch that we really began to notice just how dry the countryside had become, and it wasn't pleasant to see herds of cattle picking at the dry, dusty ground that in some places appeared to offer no grass at all. With this in mind we headed straight to the tourist information centre in Townsville (Friday 27thNovember) to ask whether it would be worth our while visiting some of the waterfalls in the region, such as Wallaman Falls which at almost 300 metres in height is reputedly Australia's highest year-round waterfall - but which is also about an hour's drive inland from the highway. Thankfully the friendly old lady ... read more
Curved Bay; Magnetic Island
Paradise Waterhole
All Smiles

Paluma National Park, another stunning Queensland national park. I have never seen such well kept and tidy national parks than i have here in Queensland, great places to stay and visit, they somewhat put our national parks in victoria to shame. The boys finally got to ride on some 4wd tracks and when they met up with myself and Amy their bikes were looking very muddy indeed, apparently Darren fell off once and laid the bike down once, so he is catching up with Bens spills, which currently stands at about 4, one of which was a biggie but he came out of it unharmed which is the main thing. So the boys met up with us at the Big Crystal Creek camp grounds, a national park camp ground at a mere $20 a night, we ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Paluma National Park October 22nd 2012

We left Townsville and drove one hour to a place called Crystal Creek in Paluma National Park. We were going to stay the night butonce we got there we realised it was in the middle of nowhere and changed our minds! We did stop there for a couple of hours though. We went to the creek which was lovely. It's a 17km fresh water creek surrounded by lots of rocks. We drove to a part of it called Rock Slide where we had a swim. It was beautiful with a small waterfall. It's been really hot today, about 30 degrees again so it was nice to have a swim! We then drove to Mission Beach where we'll now stay for 2 nights.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Paluma National Park September 10th 2012

Before leaving Townsville, we had a couple of things to take care of. After putting the rest of our things in the van and having brekkie with Jason, we visited our agency to say goodbye and drove over to Kirwan to walk Toro for a last time. After a bit of a growling display, he took to Dean like a duck to water and all three of us enjoyed our stroll through the fields. I think Toro sensed that I wouldn’t be back – he sulked more than usual when we left – and I’m really going to miss that little fellow. We travelled northbound, stopping at the famous Frosty Mango for a snack. They make icecream from every imaginable tropical fruit and Dean had some jackfruit icecream while I chose a slice of almond & ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Paluma National Park August 1st 2012

Awaking and starting the day in fresh surroundings never gets old and today was no exception. After breakfast we took a walk up to the Murray Falls lookout which was fabulous. The morning sun made the option of a swim in the fresh water pools downstream from the Falls an enticing one, so off we went. When we finally stepped into the water we started to second guess ourselves as the temperature would have been suitable for someone to ice a sprained ankle after a sporting mishap. It was so cold the water almost felt like it was stinging the skin as we tried to go in a bit deeper. I finally took the plunge and dove in and the line between pleasure and pain was minimal but as they say once you are in it’s ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Paluma National Park August 8th 2011

Today we departed from the beautiful Rollingstone Beach for an adventure in the bush. We hadn’t taken our caravan off the grid before, and wondered how the family would handle a night without power. Our adventure started in the Paluma Range National Park, in the ranges behind the mango plantations of the coastal plains. Before we climbed into the ranges, we treated ourselves to sweet treats at the world famous ‘Frosty Mango’. And yes, the mango ice cream was delicious. The road into Jourama Falls included 2 creek crossings and we set up camp in the corner of the campsite. We ventured forth into the walking tracks to see what wonders awaited. Similar to Carnarvon Gorge, the track wound and criss-crossed across the creek bed. We climbed up the hillside and were rewarded with a view ... read more

Zak is a pretty small car, so it was with some effort that we squeezed in four six-footers and all our luggage. Things were a bit tight for Sophie and J in the back! We had decided to drive to Townsville, where J would go to Magnetic Island and the rest of us would carry on to Cairns. Our first stop was at Bowen, a small town known for growing mangoes. There's also a member of Australia's 'big things' here in the shape of the Big Mango, which happened to be opposite a Driver Reviver stop which we happily utilised. There's not really much to say about a giant fibreglass mango, other than that it was quite big. From there we moved on to Bowen and a beautiful beach at Horseshoe Bay, where we sat and ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Paluma National Park March 26th 2010

Day 2: Mission Beach to Paluma National Park After our first camp breakfast, and before leaving Mission Beach, we climbed to a lookout at the end of the peninsula which provided sweeping views over the bay and across to Dunk Island, albeit with some continued cloud cover. We then continued south which took us through Tully, a town which claims the record as the wettest location in Australia. It even has a giant gumboot (a wellington for any English readers) measuring 7.92 metres, a tribute to its highest annual rainfall record which occurred in 1950. We were recommended to do the white water rafting in Tully, some of the best in Australia, but we arrived a little too late in the day and decided to continue south instead... maybe next time! Our next destination was Paluma ... read more
Mission Beach
Dan and View
Cassowary Sign

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Paluma National Park January 13th 2010

Début de la journée direction Paluma National Park En chemin stop à Wallaman Falls , 50km ouest de Ingham qui est la chute d’eau australienne la plus longue sans interruption ; se déversant sur 268 mètres de haut dans un trou d’eau de 20 mètres de profondeur . Reprise de notre original parcours et premier arrêt à Jourama Falls , chutes d’eau composé de 3 chutes au cœur de paluma national park . Avec bassin d’eau naturel, pleine de tortues (trop rapide pour pouvoir prendre une photo) et quelques serpents qui auront eu raison de nous pour se baigner … Nuit dans un camping des park national ( donc pas cher haha) à Big Cristal Creek ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Paluma National Park October 26th 2009

DAY 353 It was a beautiful cool start to the day, but that would soon change once the sun came up. I could hear Andy start the truck up and move it away from the trailer, I was not concerned I knew he wasn’t running away, I figured that there must be a problem that he was trying to sort out as he left the engine running, unperturbed I went back to sleep, it was too early for me. I was up early this morning, for no reason except that i was just another gorgeous spring day. Except that I found that our pesky fridge had defrosted in the night, but fortunately our rations are down to bread and jam anyway so it was not going to cause too much of a problem. I fully understand ... read more
Paluma National Park
Crystal Creek Facilities
Mount Spec Road

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