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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Lamington NP July 17th 2010

Another weekend and a chance to explore some more of the beautiful countryside. This weekend we packed the car up with extra blankets and duvets, thick clothing and thermal underwear to camp over night in a canvas tent in the coldest month of the year! A strange custom has been adopted here in Australia to acknowledge Christmas in July aswell as December as the weather reminds people more of an English Yule Tide?!?!? We still have not got our heads round this idea especially when you see Santa and Christmas Trees decked in all their glory in some towns and shops. Binna Burra is situated in the middle of the McPherson range in the Lamington National Park on the border between QLD and NSW. The views were spectacular of the Gold Coast and the sea beyond ... read more
The Cave Circuit Walk
Bear Grylls
View from Bellbird Lookout

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Lamington NP February 16th 2010

There comes a time eventually when revenge is sweet...well this weekend was one of them! The boys were very fortunate to have been sent some money for Christmas and given to me for the dispensing and decision making of how best to spend the money! Oh what fun I had.... Having been treated to a Free Fall Sky dive for my 50th Birthday when I succumed to a terrifying experience and was made to fall out of a plane at 14,000 feet and complete a tandem sky dive................not for the faint hearted! What goes around comes around, so five flights were booked for Kevin and the boys to partake in a Tandem Paraglide Experience in the mountain hillsides of Lamington National Park, near to Binna Burra. The weather could not have been better and the views ... read more
Dominic waiting for the wind!
Seb Dangling!
Up Up and Away!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Lamington NP February 9th 2010

Bye bye Brisbane, hello Lamington National Park. As it was only a short drive over to the Park we had a bit of a sleep in the day we were leaving Brisbane. With my trusty navigator by my side we merrily headed out of Brisbane with a slight detour to a scenic lookout over the city. The views were pretty spectacular but the sun behind the thick layer of clouds was in the wrong spot so we didn’t get any decent pics. As we had the opportunity we decided to make a quick side trip to Surfers Paradise of the Gold Coast. Perhaps get a bit of surfing in, maybe catch some rays, anything beachy and relaxing. Some bad planning on my trusty navigators part got us stuck in morning rush hour traffic in Brisbane and ... read more
Our tent in the sun
Wallabies around our tent
Billy standing next to a rather large tree

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Lamington NP December 8th 2008

I have been wandering around Brisbane and Lamington National Park for the past few days checking out all of the strange and bizarre animals that make Australia such a unique place. I have witnessed people fawn over Koala's as they sit stoned out of their mind on eucalyptus leaves. We marveled at how the animals are able to sleep in such strange configurations. Then people started to realize that if your returned to your photographs from college, you could see humans doing the same thing. Instead of hanging around trees, we were hanging around toilet bowls. Then there are the kangaroos, an always entertaining and skittish animal. If it weren't for the free handouts I am not sure we would ever see one up close. Add the plethora of wombats, wallabies, lorikeets and tasmanian devils and ... read more
Carpet Python

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Lamington NP June 7th 2008

"Queensland: where its beautiful one day, perfect the next". That's the tourism slogan. It was just bad luck that I arrived in Brisbane right at the same time as an unseasonable severe storm warning was announced. I left Brisbane for the Lamington National Park in the worst rain yet, monsoon-style rain. Lamington is a couple of hours south of Brisbane just near the border with New South Wales. It is roughly divided into the Green Mountains section which is mainly rainforest (that's where I would be), and the Binna Burra section which is mainly dry eucalyptus forest. As well as such royally-titled birds as the regent bowerbird and Albert's lyrebird, the park also plays host to a freshwater crustacean called the Lamington spiny lobster, which must surely be a most delicious creature, being named as it ... read more
the campground, with pademelons
and once other campers start arriving...
bird feeding area at O'Reilly's

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Lamington NP January 2nd 2008

After NYE, I flew up to Brisbane to meet up with Sean. He instantly whisked me away for my Christmas present - a night at O'Reilly's Guesthouse, on Green Mountain in the Lamington National Park. We'd been there very briefly last year, and I'd said that I wanted to go back - so we did. The lodge is set at the top of the mountain, in the middle of the rainforest. So technically, it shouldn't have come as a great surprise that it was raining. However, it didn't let up at all the whole time we were there! Nonetheless we did still manage to go for a couple of walks, one the afternoon that we arrived and the other the next day. On the second walk, we started the West Canungra Creek Circuit, which is meant ... read more
Ewww, leeches!
The 'mountain view' from our balcony

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Lamington NP December 25th 2007

The Nerang Campervan site wasn't very exciting, in fact it was more of a caravan living area!? We hired a car to drive up the small steep lanes through Lamington National Park. The views of and from the Green Mountains were spectacular! We visited O'Reilley's a couple times, where many people go for rainforest treks. The woven trees were huge, the vines were long and spirally, the bird sounds... bizarre(!) and the cool waterfalls were dazzling! We also saw a python :D many little lizards (and one big one) and fed lots of small parrots :) O' Reilly's is a must if you want to explore an Australian rainforest! The Natural Bridge is also worth a visit, as it is something quite unique and fascinating.... read more
Kiama inside a tree!
Treetop walk
a python minding it's on own business in it's natural environment

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Lamington NP December 19th 2007

Just to let you know, we might not be able to come on here for another week or so as we are now off to the Green Mountains. This is where we are gonna go trekking in a tropical rainforest!!! Afterwards we are planning on going to the ultimate hippy town Bryon Bay, where we might meet up with Ilana and Kiama's ex babysitter... aww. We will write again when we can :) Love from the Petits xxx... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Lamington NP November 13th 2006

Our next destination was Lamington National Park on the border with New South Wales, which straddles subtropical and temperate climes thus providing a home for many different animal and plant species, some unique to the area. It also has a plethora of walking trails of various levels of difficulty, so has options for everyone from serious hikers to lazy plodders. We stopped at Canungra to enquire about accommodation options, and discovered that there the road forks to the 2 main resorts in the park - Binna Burra and Green Mountain, with 1 hr 20 mins of narrow, twisting roads between the two. Green Mountains looked better from the point of view of range of accommodation as well as recommended walks. There's a famous guesthouse called O'Reilly's at Green Mountain, which was willing to offer us a ... read more
King parrot
Pademelon and lazy joey

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