Billy and Sandra Paterson

Billy and Sandra

Billy and Sandra Paterson

We are a married couple going on a round the world trip.

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan May 24th 2010

We left the lovely Wassamki Springs and headed for Acadia National Park further up the Maine Coast. After a pleasant drive through some very quaint scenery we arrived at Acadia. As usual our first task was to find our campground and setup camp. With this done we started exploring the park. We visited the only sand beach in the park and whilst the sun was shining and in the car it felt warm, there was a cold breeze coming off an even colder sea so swimming was out of the question. After that we continued our drive around the park and it really is a very beautiful place, rugged in places with the rocky shoreline overlooked by numerous hills. We had dedicated the next day to doing some walks and had planned on walking up the ... read more
Sandy Beach
Rocky Coastline
Looking down

We said our good byes to the west coast and i won't lie and say that we were sad to leave behind Los Angeles. Our flight was a 5 hour overnight flight arriving in New York around 6.30am. Billy managed to get a few hours sleep on the plane which is just as well as he had to tackle rush hour traffic through New York! I on the otherhand spent my time watching 'Leap Year' and was just starting to nod off when we landed. The drive out of New York was quite hair raising - definitely the worst driving we have seen on our trip and we were lucky to get out without being involved in an accident. We drove from New York through Connecticut, Rhode Island and finally into Massachusetts. The weather gradually improved ... read more
Pond in Sandwich
Buildings in provincetown
View of Provincetown from the pier

Our final morning in Yosemite we awoke to gathering clouds. Fortunately, once again, we got the tent down and packed away before the rain started. From Yosemite we were heading south to Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park. We had hoped that we would be able to drive through or around the weather and for the most part we did. We weren’t quite sure what to expect from this National Park. We expected the sequoia part of it to have big trees but the Kings Canyon bit of it was a complete unknown. I was aware that there are 2 entrances to the park but there was a chance that the Kings Canyon entrance road may be closed due to snow so we headed for the south entrance into the Sequoia part of the park. We ... read more
Black Bear and cub
Bear and cub #2
A better description of the big tree

Here are a couple of photos from our last day in Yosemite. After writing our blog, we did a short walk to Bridalveil Falls and got drenched, but it really was beautiful. We enjoyed watching the sunset in Yosemite Valley, and have been so spoilt with the good weather. The last 2 pictures are of our campsite with the river flowing alongside.... read more
Sunsetting in Yosemite Valley
Our little home
Our tent again

We left Reno and headed for Lake Tahoe, knowing we only had about a 2 hours drive, we had plenty of time to explore the area (or so we thought......). It did not take us long to leave Nevada and before we knew it we were back in California. Soon we were winding our way up the Sierra Nevada Mountains, it was beautiful and that was before we even got to Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in America and it really was something to see - azure blue surrounded by snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains. We have seen many beautiful things in our travels and this was one more to add to our ever growing list. It almost felt like we were in the Alps, it had that sort of atmosphere. I was ... read more
Lake Tahoe with the Sierra Nevada Mountains
Billy holding a giant pine cone
Me sitting on the root of a Giant Sequoia

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno May 4th 2010

Leaving Redwood National Park we had decided that Lassen Volcanic National Park looked about halfway to Lake Tahoe and so would spend the night there. Again we were blessed with glorious weather and this part of California really is beautiful when the sun shines. The wonderful mix of mountains, forests and rivers comes together superbly. The drive to Lassen took a bit longer than expected as the roads were quite twisty and turny (brought back memories of New Zealand) so we had to take it easy and admire the views. The road to Lassen Volcanic National Park slowly but steadily heads upwards and then finally this big, snow capped volcano rises in view. I am not to sure of the status of the volcano but I don’t think it is extinct and so we were probably ... read more
Lassen Volcanic National Park
Our delightful little lunch spot
One of the casinos

We left Crater Lake on a wonderfully sunny morning and were looking forward to going back into California. We were heading for the Redwood National Park which is in the Northern part of California, just out of Oregon. The drive down was very scenic and was only added to by the wonderful weather we were experiencing. As we entered California we started winding our way through Redwood forests that formed part of the state parks. We were staying in the Elk Prairie Creek Campground and when we arrived we found a nice little site nestled amongst the trees with a river running nearby. After we had setup camp we headed out to explore the Redwood forests in greater depth. We took a walk around the Lady Johnson Grove in the National Park. There was a pleasant ... read more
Now thats a tall tree
A bit like Gorillas in the Mist
Sandra by a downed tree

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake April 30th 2010

From Bend we headed for South Oregon and Crater Lake National Park. We decided to buy some snow chains for our rental cars tyres (not that we knew how to use them). As we did not know what the road conditions would be like around the National Park, and we had seen signs along the way saying that snow chains were required. It was about a 2 hour drive from Bend and we could already see snow-capped mountains in the distance. We did not see as much snow along the sides of the roads as we had been expecting (much to Billy's relief). It was quite a scenic drive what with mountains and lovely pine trees and redwood forests. As we drove from Fort Klamath to Crater Lake, the roadside snow became steadily deeper. We arrived ... read more
Photo 12
Photo 11
Crater Lake

From Laurel, Montana we had a shortish drive to Yellowstone National Park. We would be going through the North entrance as it is one of the 3 entrances that are open at this time of the year and also it is the closest to the campground we would be staying in. The weather on our drive in was pleasant with sunny skies but a fairly strong breeze. When we arrived we decided to find a campsite and set up our tent 1st. We would be staying in the Mammoth campground. The campground was decent with the sites spreadout nicely and the toilets being clean and heated. There are no showers in the campground but there are in the nearby hotel - when the hotel is open. As it is still early in the season the hotel ... read more
Why do the bison have to walk the line
Bison with calves
Our Bear Sighting

After a quiet stop over in Hot Springs we headed for the much anticipated Mount Rushmore. We drove through Wind Cave National Park as a via point and we were so pleased we did. Around one of the bends we were delighted to see a small herd of Bison. We are hoping to spot some in Yellowstone, so this was an added bonus. They appeared to be females with their young and we managed to get quite close to them (in our car). We also spotted a few prairie dogs, with their heads peering out of their holes they looked so cute. We arrived at Mount Rushmore around lunchtime and took our time walking around and taking photos. Fortunately for us it was very quiet so we could take our time. Once you are at Mount ... read more
Herd of Bison
Cute Prairie Dog
Mount Rushmore

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