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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cooroy January 21st 2014

We got up early and were on the road at 0540 in just another 500km we would be arriving at my two sisters (Marita and Madeleine) place in Cooroy where we were to spend a good part of the next few weeks. It is funny spending lots of time in remote or semi remote areas because you don’t have much traffic to contend with, I could not believe how “busy” the road from Roma was at that time of day. At Miles we stopped briefly to grab a bite to eat and then it was back to it, we were both real keen to get back “home” and catch up with everybody. Further down the road we chucked a lefty onto Wondai Road it was a great drive as I had not ever been along this ... read more
Roma to Sunny Coast 3
Roma to Sunny Coast 4
Roma to Sunny Coast 7 - Goomeri clock tower

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cooroy January 12th 2011

Christmas / New Year On Christmas Morning there is an extremely high tide. As we head for the beach, the Noosa River waters are lapping the roadside. For months we have promised ourselves– ‘we will swim in the Pacific on Christmas morn’ and miraculously, today the sun has risen out of a blue ocean! At the beach the surf is washing up against the edge of the dunes. There are several hundred other folks spread over a couple of kilometers of the shore. They’re body or board surfing, swimming, paddling and just buffling around in the rolling waves. We plunge through the surf to join them. Everyone’s overjoyed to have some sunshine and a steady pacific breeze blowing in. We’d raced out without sun hats or drinking water so we kept it short and sweet and ... read more
getting ready for a wave
judi and nilam
shetland and me

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cooroy December 24th 2010

NOTE THESE TWO LINES WERE DROPPED OUT OF THE LAST POSTING FOR SOME REASON BUT THEY COMPLETE THE CANOE EXPEDITION STORY: Back at Camp 3 we slid ourselves into the river and sighed with pleasure in its tannin stained, but cool, refreshing waters. It was a tired, lazy downstream paddle back to Harry’s Hut and the wheels to carry us home. But with foresight, we had left some beer on ice in the car - and for once ….really did deserve it! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Summer is here These are gardening days with bonfires of tree slash and dead palm leaves, major lawn mowing, bean and tomato harvesting and ocean swimming every day. But the forecast isn’t so good - we expect the monsoon to return and stall over all northern and eastern Oz for maybe weeks ... read more
Noosa Swimmers
On the beacht Noosa
Visiting Huntsman Spider

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