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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Clermont October 11th 2012

Weeellllll, have just spent a beautiful week in Mackay at a place called Bucasia Beach, and for any of you interested in going to Mackay, FLY!! The road works are tragic. Went to a few pubs and was recommended to go to Eimeo Pub. Great veiw but take out a second mortgage for a beer, two for $15! and the selection platter in a pile of bread, no dips, no spreads, just butter. Makay pubs clubs and 19th holes, bowls 4/10, no pubs, 19th hole - 9/10 waqs great and friendly We then went to a national park called Hillsborough NP talk about amazing and only $34 a night.... not a midgee in sight. Out to Clermont. Chose the hottest day this month to set up the trailer in 37 degree heat! Commercial hotel was our ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Clermont May 2nd 2012

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Clermont January 2nd 2012

Monday 2nd Jan 2012 Started off on our new adventure leaving Mackay and staying our first night in Clermont. Nice little mining town - lots of coal mines around this area. Saw a replica piano in a tree similar to one which was found in a tree (32 feet up) after the 1916 flood in Clermont when Sandy Creek flooded. The original town was destroyed and the town now has been relocated to higher ground. The photo of the tree with the water mark of the flood at a lovely lake were the geese were very friendly especially when they were being fed. There was also a lovely walk with tributes to fallen soldiers from the area. We had our little butcher bird come to visit us before we left Mackay and hopped up into the ... read more
1916 flood mark Clermont IMG 7864
Lovely lake in Clermont
Follow the leader IMG 7872

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Clermont July 11th 2011

Day 9 Monday 11th July 2011 Clermont to Charters Towers “Interesting” cabin we stayed in last night – really a dressed-up and expensive “donga”! But it was quite comfortable, and Clermont is a mining town with accommodation in short supply, so I guess we shouldn’t complain. There is only one habitation on the Gregory Development Road, which seems quite empty of any sort of traffic, so a good road to travel north on and avoid all the caravans and tourist coaches. When we climbed out of the car at the one habitation, Belyando Crossing, it was warm (finally) and I took my trackies off and put on shorts – yay! There were loads of Apostle birds at the roadhouse – maybe even a gross of them: 12 X 12 (ho ho). They were very tame, even ... read more
At the Apostle Bird Stop
Apostle Birds
And Not So Cute

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Clermont November 21st 2010

We found a new job on a cattle farm in Queensland, but this was 1400kms away from our most recent location. However, there wasn’t a lot of choice; there was no work in NSW because there was so much rainfall and we had nothing better to do so decided to take 3 days and drive through real inland Australia and try our hand at mustering. The road trip was OK. Pretty boring and a lot of nothing to see. There were cases where we would drive for 2 hours and then get excited because there was a town listed on the road map. Arrived at the “town” and it was literally just a petrol pump!! As we head further inland, we are starting to really notice an increase in the number of flies. They are everywhere, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Clermont December 17th 2008

Hi guys, sorry it's been so long since my last blog entry. Suzie (one of the girls I met on the OutBackPackers course) and I have spent the last month working on a property about an hour's drive from Clermont, Queensland. So hot - it reached 40degrees quite a few times. Worked from 6.30am - 5.30pm six days a week. Was tough but amazing!! Got to go mustering on horseback quite a few days. The first day we went out on the horses we were out for over 9 hours and only got off the horses for an hour at lunch! Spent lots of time on quad bikes and driving around the paddocks in 4x4s. It was 60,000acres - didn't even see all of it. The water run to check the dams/troughs took 4 hours and ... read more
Alex and Daylight
Suzie and Starlight
First day mustering

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Clermont November 21st 2008

Quick post as only have a few minutes on the internet. Loving my first week working for Liz and Barry. We're on a 60,000 acre cattle station an hour away from Clermont, NW Queensland. No phone signal or internet (Liz is kindly letting us use her computer for a few minutes tonight!). Being eaten alive by mosquitos!! Other than that it's fab. Luckily we haven't had any storms here at all but have seen lots of lightning in the distance. Hope everyone in Brizzie is OK! Will get back in touch with everyone in a few weeks! ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Clermont March 10th 2008

This is probably as close as I will ever get to being farmer Polish Paul. Nevertheless, I feel pretty good about my marginal contribution to the grain harvest in Queensland this season. We're still in the harrowing stage, which is the preparatory work well before the seeds go in the ground. Driving the John Deere 8400 day in day out while it pulls a harrow, a wide marvel of engineering made of steel, which is designed to knock down the seeds and break the stalks of remaining plantings and weeds. Manning this green beast 12-13 hours a day takes its toll on the body and mind. One learns to keep occupied after listening to the same cd four times a day. Yeah, at least it comes with a cd player and A/C, sweet! My mornings begin ... read more
Windmills dot the outback skyline
Beauty Sunset
My Roomates

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