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Today we wanted to see the Siding Spring Observatory just on the edge of the Warrumbungle National Park. As we drove along the road leading there we kept noticing some very unusual and imaginative letter boxes. I managed to get Barry to slow down to let me photograph a few of them. They included a little dunny with a spider on the front; a big yellow bird; a dog standing to attention with his rifle on his shoulder and saluting; a rather rusty Ned Kelly; and a complete very shiny wheel with red rims (not sure where the mail goes); a grinning goat and more. We also found the rest of the planets from “The World’s Largest Virtual Solar System Drive” finishing with the sun which is the dome of the main telescope. There are 13 ... read more
Siding Spring Observatory, Education Centre
Siding Spring Observatory
Siding Spring Observatory

Well, Tuesday already and the Finlay family were almost packed up by the time we surfaced, heavens the TVAN is so comfortable to sleep in. We said our goodbyes, the next time we would catch up with them is at the 4 wheel drive club meeting at camping world Belconnen, (Memo to self - take Credit Card), on 8 November. As soon as they pulled off from their camp spot, we vigorously waved them off and went and gathered all their wood, cold, heartless I know, but that’s what happened. Once we had harvested their wood we went to the BBQ’ to do our breakfast. We had another one of those busy days ahead of us, collecting wood, watching the flames dance in the fire, drinking copious amounts of tea, and reading our books in the ... read more
Wild Emu's
Isn't she a sweetie,
Wild Emu's

It really comes to something now when I cannot work out if we have used this blog title or not, I need to have a run through and check previous blog titles! We had a good nights sleep in the T’s Van, it was very comfy, I felt slightly wary as for some reason and I don’t know why, I hate waking up in the pitch black, I very rarely sleep with curtains shut, I like to wake up with daylight streaming through the window, if I wake up in the pitch black it seems to spark off a bit of panic, a feeling of claustrophobia, I have no idea where this has come from it has happened a couple times in past years when we have slept in RV’s, but on this trip it ... read more
Who flicked the lazy switch
The Patrol
The T van

Day 821/822 It is a while since I last wrote, in fact I am not sure when I did last write, but work got exceptionally busy and without checking online I cannot even remember if my last blog was published or not? The month of January vanished in a complete haze of business, I thought we moved to Australia to enjoy a better way of life and enjoy the big outdoors, but it seems that we are both working harder than ever. I was supposed to spend a couple of weeks on Christmas Island working a project, however on the morning that I was due to fly out with Andy and another colleague, something changed and I needed to stay behind in Canberra to work on another project. Of course I was gutted to say the ... read more
Home in the Warrumbungle National Park
The T's Van
Sunshades deployed

A trip out to Barrington National Park for our first hike in the rainforest. We saw our first wallabies and water dragons. And then on the road again heading for the Warrumbungle national park, camping on the way at the Mendoorum Rest Area - this really is the middle of nowhere with a few houses and one dodgy pub serving kangaroo burgers. Camping is by the river with loads of mosquitos. Next day off to the Warrumbungles where we arrived in the middle of day and decided to climb the Breadknife, this is a beautiful walk but it really was too hot, temperatures reached 40 degrees and we had to stop regularly. Despite the 5 litres of water that we took we were dehydrated on our return. The national park campsite was spectacular with views of ... read more
Our Hyundai
The Warrumbungles

Day 75 We were as stiff as a skin heads boots today after our 12.5 kilometre walk. We went to bed last night exhausted, and I just couldn’t get comfortable as my shoulders ached. At around 1.00am Caroline said it had started to rain, and did I want to move the fridge that was plugged in to the mains. What she was really saying was, Andy get out of bed and move the fridge as it is raining. As soon as I got out of the swag, (Naked) I could not detect a single drop of rain from anywhere, but still being the dutiful husband I resited the fridge and got back in to the swag. Could I get comfortable, not a chance. Morning arrived and we both had slept through the dawn chorus, and didn’t ... read more
"This little beauty"
"So much Fun"
Fantastic People

DAY 74 20th January 2009 I was up a 6.00am, out the swag, Instantly putting the kettle on. There were around 15 Kangaroos just milling around, as much as I wanted to watch them I needed to get on. The Camelbak, which is a ruck sack with a built in bladder that you put fluid in, had to be packed with first aid kits, camera, knife, survival equipment, and all the other paraphernalia for any eventuality. Caroline got out of the swag just after me, the tea was already done so she got down to making the sandwiches. Today we were going to walk in the national park up to the rock formation they call the Bread Knife. All this area was formed millions of years ago and the bread knife was formed by magma, squeezing ... read more
Unbelievable scenery
Warrumbungle Ranges
Warrumbungle National Park

DAY 73 It was a warm enough night, I found myself pushing the sleeping bag out of the way as it was actually too warm. A good nights sleep if only a little strange for sleeping in the open, well almost anyway, just a mosquito net between the stars and us. We both woke up in the night when we heard an aeroplane fly overhead, Andy quickly went back to sleep but I stay awake listening to the noise of the insects. The dawn chorus was deafening, the shrill sound of the Kookaburra’s breaking into the easy morning silence. How could it be a dawn chorus? It was still dark. The loud raucous laughter of the Kookaburra is the countries most defining bird call, they vie with each other at dusk and dawn to advertise their ... read more
Our Swag

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