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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Cowra September 19th 2015

Wellington has a really nice caravan park at the caves complex but we couldn't stay to tour the caves as we had to get down to Cowra where we were meeting Mel (Lenny's sister), Steve and Regan who were on their way to Noosa in Queensland for School Holidays. We did have time for a coffee before we left though as there wasn't likely to be much open as we headed south. Turned out that Molong (a little town) was holding a market day which preceded its Show Day and it was all happening at Molong. There were stalls and rides and exhibitions of motorbikes and cars and you could even get a ride in a helicopter (as well as a Harley trike). We stopped and had a late morning tea (or early lunch). Georgi had ... read more
Fields of Canola in Southern NSW

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Cowra October 6th 2014

I am sitting in the shade (because it is very HOT) on the foreshores of the waters of Wyangla Dam … about 40 kms south east of Cowra and just a short drive away from “home” which is where I will head tomorrow. Well, into Canberra anyway which although technically not my “home” is certainly stepping back into my life and the real world. I was not sure there was another blog in me after I wrote my last entry, but there is. I’ve covered a lot of kilometers in the last 4-5 days through a diverse and ever changing landscape. And sitting here today taking a deep breath before diving back into the “real world” I have been reflecting on the impressions that I will take home with me. It’s been a great trip but ... read more
Our final campfire!
Morning Mist on the Edward River
The long road to nowhere ... not water, a mirage ahead

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Cowra September 27th 2014

If there is a long way to go from A to B, we will try and use it. That was the case over the past two days. We had stayed at a free camp a little out of Gilgandra and having crossed town, we headed for a little town called Gooloogong. We had heard from David and Mary that this was a good little camp with power and water available for a gold coin donation. Having set up our van we walked the streets of Gooloogong, and 3 minutes later we had seen the sights. Having said that, the park adjacent to the caravan park had quite a bit of history from a settlement perspective. This town like many was a railway come rural service town, but with rail uneconomic, the town, pub and rural supply ... read more
Canola field
Mrs Cow poses
Gooloogong pub

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Cowra June 14th 2013

This morning we visited the Cowra Visitors Information Centre to watch the 9 minute hologram which recounts the tragic story of the Cowra POW camp breakout in 1944. This is very interesting and very well done. We then drove out to the remains of the POW camp to have a look. It is hard to imagine the sadness and horror that took place in this peaceful and beautiful area. We set off home, driving via Katoomba, Lithgow and Hornsby. What a fantastic time we have had. We have certainly seen a lot of inland Australia and met many interesting people along the way. This is my last blog for this trip. I hope you have enjoyed reading them. We have had a wonderful holiday.... read more
003 Lachlan River

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Cowra June 13th 2013

Today we drove from Darlington Point to Cowra, via Griffith, West Wyalong and Grenfell. We stopped for lunch at Caragabal. It was pouring rain and so we heated up some soup and ate it in the van. After lunch we came across a herd of cattle on the road. It took us about 15 minutes to gradually make our way through the herd. They kept walking in front of the car! When we arrived in Cowra we went to visit the Japanese Gardens. They are beautiful and I am sure they would even be more beautiful in the spring time. If ever you are in Cowra, these gardens are definitely worth a visit. We are staying in Cowra tonight and are heading home tomorrow.... read more
081 The Murrumbidgee
082 A foggy start to our drive today
100 Excuse Me

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Cowra September 13th 2012

We are all counting down now - 5 weeks and we would have landed in Wellington (I hope it's not too windy!). Pam has packed Storm and Crystal's bags, and will be packing Dylan and Trent's soon. I won't be THAT organised , and I doubt that Kathy will either, lol. Kathy sent Pam and I a link to a gorgeous looking place that we will be able to stop and have a look at, just out of Rotorua, and it is free!! You have got to love places that are free, we will be looking for more of those for sure. It is called Kerosene Creek and the photos look magical, I really hope the weather will be warm enough to have a soak in the water. Everyone knows about my love for the Sydney ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Cowra October 3rd 2009

It was a long weekend, had just gotten a new camera, so what better reason to drive out to the Japanese Gardens in Cowra. It was only a 2 hour drive from home, so off me and Ruby headed at 8am. Previously I had never heard of these gardens and thought there was nothing in Cowra, turns out that the gardens are the largest Japanese Gardens in the Southern Hemisphere. Although the start of the day was a bit gloomy and was raining slightly, by the time we got there the rain was just stopping and it turned out to be quite a nice day. Spent a few hours slowly walking around the Gardens, taking photos here and there, testing out some of the different functions of the camera. It was very nice and peaceful there. ... read more
Japanese Gardens 2
Japanese Gardens 3
Japanese Gardens 4

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