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North America » United States » Wisconsin » Land O' Lakes September 25th 2020

Today was a perfect early fall day. When I left Oshkosh, WI and rode north, it was sunny with temperatures in the low 70's. I took a couple pictures to show the color in the Oshkosh area and get a comparison to southern WI and the U.P. coming up. I stopped in the town of Wittenberg for lunch at a very nice bar called the Wittenberg Tavern Front. I had a nice conversation with the owner, a guy name Hugh and a great charbroiled cheeseburger. After that stop I rode north and stopped about 8 miles short of my destination to have a beer at Club 45 in Conover. Club 45 I then rode up to my home base for the next three days, The Gateway Lodge in Land O' Lakes, WI Gateway Lodge Tomorrow I ... read more
North Central Wisconsin
Club 45 Conover, WI
Club 45 Conover, WI

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Land O' Lakes January 31st 2019

I'm sure everyone is tired of the cold by now since it has really clobbered all of the Midwest. But, again it was -25 last night in Land O' Lakes. Have to pass on what the owner of Bauer's Dam, Donna, said yesterday; "Polar Vortex my butt. This is what we used to call winter." This is very true of the weather way up here. Sub zero temperatures are kind of the norm over the years here. It was going to be a little warmer today with a high of -5 forecast. We saddled up and headed down the trail around 10:30 with the temperature still -18. At least there was very little wind. We were dressed for it with thermal underwear, warm pants, 3 layers on top, super warm boots, very good snowmobile bib pants ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Land O' Lakes January 30th 2019

The temperature got down to -25 last night with a wind chill of -54. Not as cold as Orland Park, IL, though. There it was -27! We were in no hurry to get on the trails this morning since it was forecast to be the coldest day this week with a high of -10. We decided we would take short rides to pit stops and warm up. We didn't leave until about noon. We rode from the Gateway to a very nice bar/restaurant on Big Twin Lake. It was a 16 mile ride there. We had a nice lunch there and then rode another 10 miles over to Bauer's Dam on Buckatabon Lake in Conover, WI. After relaxing there with some coffee, we rode back to the Gateway, a ride of 20 miles. All totaled, we ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Land O' Lakes January 29th 2019

Well, everyone knows the middle of the country is in a deep freeze and it's even colder here in the north woods of Wisconsin. It got down to -14 degrees last night about 8:00 PM when we went to dinner at Brew's Pub in Land O' Lakes. The forecast high for the day was right around zero, so we thought we would ride in Wisconsin instead of Michigan because the trails are in the woods and twisty, which keeps you warmer. The pit stops are closer together in Wisconsin also. We were going to ride with both Pat and Dawn Keefe and met them at a trail intersection about 7 miles southwest of town. The Frosty Club in Land O' Lakes groomed the trails again last night and they were nice and smooth. All of the ... read more
Sayner Pub
Burnt Bridge
Gateway Fireplace

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Land O' Lakes October 14th 2018

Today I made a fairly uneventful but enjoyable ride from Big Bay to the Gateway Lodge in Land O' Lakes right on the Wisconsin/Michigan border. I stopped in for a beer at Hoppy's about 40 miles from Land O' Lakes. I was hoping the owner, Jane, would be there so I could say hi, but she wasn't in because it is Sunday. All day it was in the upper 30's. When I arrived at The Gateway Lodge: it was snowing pretty heavily. It's supposed to go down to 24 tonight. Yikes.... read more
View From My Room at the Thunder Bay Inn
Hoppy's-Kenton, MI

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Land O' Lakes October 10th 2018

I made it to Land O' Lakes this afternoon after a 420 mile ride. I left home at 4:45 AM to beat the lousy Chicago traffic and the weather was perfect, temps in the high 60's and no rain. That lasted about 150 miles and then the rains came. I wore my rain gear when I left home because I knew I would run into it. Well, it lasted throughout the balance of 270 miles to Land O' Lakes. Some was heavy and some was light, but never did it completely stop. Traffic was light so the riding wasn't too bad. About 30 miles south of here the temperature dropped into the mid 40's and it was 44 when I arrived. I saw a lot of pretty color in the trees the further north I went, ... read more
Made It

Not in my wildest imagination did I believe that booking a small cottage in the middle of a forest in northern Wisconsin would be in arctic temperatures. After all, we were there in end April which should have been Springtime ! But America has variable weather. We had planned a trip to Boulder Junction ( BJ ), N.E Wisconsin, exactly north of Madison, around 300 miles away; an opportunity for walking in the woods and maybe a boat ride in the lake adjacent to the cabin. Wisconsin is famed as the cheese state of America and its countryside is majestic. It's nature at its most basic; yes, we had not realized how true that would turn out to be. But first, here is a bit of data from the local guidebook, so you are familiar with ... read more
snowed under trees 2
snowed under trees

Contributing Photographer: Michael Weinstein The next morning we got an early start and left Big Bay on Trail 14. The plan was to ride the 40 miles down Trail 5 toward Michigamme and then ride west on Trail 8 to Kenton. At least the WAS the plan. The guide (me) thought he knew the trails without checking the current trail map and didn't know that they changed where the intersection of Trail 14 and 5 was. Sooo, he went past it. He didn't realize it until we were a good 10 miles past it, so we rode Trail 14 back toward L'Anse. A lot of the woods in the Hurons were coated with frost from the previous day's mist and it looked like a winter wonderland, but it was overcast the day before so we couldn't ... read more
Michael Enjoying The Beauty
The Mighty Skidoo 800 X
Spectacular Trails!

Contributing Photographer: Michael Weinstein A couple years ago, I made a snowmobile tour of the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec. While on that trip, I met a fellow snowmobiler who happened to be from Brooklyn, NY, Michael Weinstein. We hit it off on that trip and have stayed in touch. Back around October, we discussed riding together again and we came up with the idea that he would come to Chicago and go riding the northwoods of Wisconsin and the Western U.P. Michael and I arrived at The Gateway Lodge, Sunday a about 3:00 PM. It's a great old lodge that was built in the 1930's. In it's heyday, it had a ski jump, bowling alley, golf course and trap shooting. It still has the 9 hole golf course and trap shooting. I've been staying here ... read more
Source of the Wisconsin River
At The Red Man
At The Red Man

Contributing Photographer: Michael Weinstein We planned on making a variation of Dawn's Loop today. We left The Gateway at 9:00 AM and headed west towards Bent's Camp on the Cisco Chain of Lakes. The trail goes over 4 lakes in the chain, marked by orange barrels. We rode the lakes north to the Cisco Bar, then further north to Trail 2 in Michigan. We headed west on Trail 2 to to Trail 1, which we rode south to Presque Isle, WI. We stopped for lunch at the Skyview Lodge in Presque Isle: At this point, we had ridden a bit over 50 miles, and every mile was perfect riding. We couldn't believe how smooth the trails were considering that it is a Monday after the weekend riding. After lunch and the welcome break we headed ... read more
And...We Have a Winner!
Pat's Winning Shake
Smooth Trails

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