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September 13th 2020
Published: September 13th 2020
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Two deer munchingTwo deer munchingTwo deer munching

One seems to be looking my way
After a good night's sleep, another day begins without fanfare. A few hunters left way too early, so we stayed in bed. This is not a working vacation.

As usual, the chef prepared an awesome breakfast. Eventually, the chef even got dressed. This is one major advantage of RVing: bedclothes are just fine when you don't even have to emerge. After a while, we took another little stroll around the park. It is a nice park, and this time, we walked through the kiddie play area. They have a good collection of playground toys and games. There's even an RC car track. (The cars are available for rent from the office. Fancy that.) We might even have to try that out. You see, Natalie beat me at checkers last night, 2 out of 3, so we need to try something new.

While I was reading at the picnic table today, I noticed motion to the side, so looked and saw two deer casually strolling along the road. By the time my brain began working, they had walked into the campsite across from me. Luckily, they stopped to munch on a couple of trees so I was able to get
Two-point buckTwo-point buckTwo-point buck

In hot pursuit.
a photo that isn't terribly blurry. While they were walking away through the brush, a two point buck came along and followed the first two. One picture wasn't too bad, so it's included with the the first. The deer may be hard to see; they're eating from the trees on the right side of the photo.

It is kind of interesting to think how the campground is full of hunters, and the deer are perfectly comfortable walking through the campground. They are not stupid critters at all.


13th September 2020

See how wonderful your trip is already? You found out that deer are not stupid. They go where the hunters aren't, that with an RV you can hang around in your pj's for as long as you want and still see the beauty of the area, AND maybe you haven't realized this yet, but you have your bathroom with you...don't have to "find" one when in need-which means you don't have to use a public bathroom! I like that!

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