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September 12th 2020
Published: September 12th 2020
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Willapa Bay low tide.Willapa Bay low tide.Willapa Bay low tide.

The gray sky is due to smoke, and what looks like water is the floor of the Bay - the water is way off in the distance.
Now that we've been here for a whole day, our 2nd night went well because we've become somewhat used to the different kind of sleeping arrangement, today is sort of a normal type of day.

The point of the RV rental this week is to learn about the RV life and whether it will be to our liking. If everything went perfectly, it just wouldn't be a realistic learning experience now, would it?

So, the first difficulty came up when we hooked up and turned on the water supply: the water just poured out the onboard tank's overflow. There shouldn't be a connection between them. A call to the dealer led us to decide to just keep the onboard tank full and live off the tank. Yesterday, we found the water spits out the faucets like it does when the line is full of air. Another call led us to just learn to live with the problem, because there's no available repair outfit. Today, I went hunting for the water pump in the hope I might be able to tighten something. No luck finding it, so we'll make do without really good water pressure. It still beats hauling buckets
Beachside cliff.Beachside cliff.Beachside cliff.

The 200 yard trail to the beach comes down a stairway on the cliff.
from a faucet down the road.

Meanwhile, the wind decided to honor Washington's coast with smoke from California's wildfires, so there is no hint of the source of the light behind the yellow-red-gray blanket overhead, and the temperature is much cooler than early September should be. The whole impression is just kind of eerie.

It is very nice to be at a campground and have a nice warm place to go when the air turns chilly, and the heater in this RV works very well. We set the thermostat, and the heater keeps us toasty.

This afternoon, we took the stroll down to the beach and had it to ourselves. The tide was low, and the bay is so shallow we could barely see the actual tideline way off in the distance. With the sky as gray as it was, it was difficult to actually know where the water began. With different shoes, we might have wanted to walk way out there on the sand. There's no telling what interesting things would be living in the tidepools along the way. And then, there's the risk of getting caught out in the middle of the bay with water
Interesting erosion patternInteresting erosion patternInteresting erosion pattern

How much history has this cliff seen?
all around. Of course we're all tall enough to wade through a foot or so of water, but don't really want to have to.

The campground will be full tonight. Elk season is active now, bow hunting opens tomorrow, and several people up and down the coast have evacuated due to wildfires. (And I complain about finicky water pressure.)

It's really quite an experience and a privilege to be able to do this RV week. We've met some very interesting people and look forward to more time spent enjoying our adventure.

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12th September 2020

Wow! Enjoy!
Very cool! Glad you both are having this experience. Enjoy, as I enjoy your blog!

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