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15th September 2020

You two just enjoy each other so much!
It is clear to see, that, no matter where you two go, you always enjoy being together! I've enjoyed reading your anniversary blog and look forward to the next one. God Bless you Tom and Natalie.
15th September 2020

Looks like fun
I can’t wait to hear more about it 🥰
13th September 2020

See how wonderful your trip is already? You found out that deer are not stupid. They go where the hunters aren't, that with an RV you can hang around in your pj's for as long as you want and still see the beauty of the area, AND maybe you haven't realized this yet, but you have your bathroom with you...don't have to "find" one when in need-which means you don't have to use a public bathroom! I like that!
12th September 2020

Wow! Enjoy!
Very cool! Glad you both are having this experience. Enjoy, as I enjoy your blog!
26th September 2019

Can't wait for you all to get home. I want to take a train trip now. I think I would love that!
20th September 2019

I am so excited for you all. Wish we were there. This is awesome. Now I can't wait to see it! Love you all. So glad you are having a great time! Elaine
19th September 2019

We are really enjoying your blogs, keep them coming. Love Ya and God Bless
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17th September 2019

Charlottesville to Ashville
Wonderful and new memories you both made with Natalie's family, and to tour her childhood home...WOW! My family used to vacation up in Asheville, NC, and I fondly remember my older brother, Jim, exclaiming, 'look at those mountains!', as Daddy drove us through the Blue Ridge Parkway. I had great delight when in 1986, Jim and wife Missy, came to Seattle to celebrate our 1st Anniversary at Mt. Rainier (Longmire). I got great delight in saying, 'hey Jim, THAT's a mountain!!!'.
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17th September 2019

Double decker -> Single level, a bit 'bumpy'
Can just picture the different trains as you speak to moving out of Chicago on the Viewliner, compared with the Superliner from Edmonds to Chicago. Hard to believe you're this far in your journey and what a great one so far! Keep sharing to us all!
17th September 2019

First Full day in Chicago
Looks, and reads like ya'll are having a true 'trip of a lifetime'. Thank you for such good information about where you are, what pics denote too.
17th September 2019

love your blogs
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12th September 2019

Sounds like a great trip so far! And fascinating details about Chicago's buildings and Boeing HQ. I think Denise would recommend a stop at Garrett's popcorn. :) Have fun!
12th September 2019

Beautiful pics. am so glad you are having a great trip. I think about you a lot. Have fun. Elaine
11th September 2019

Wow 40 stops from Edmonds to Chicago!!!!
Sounds like a marvelous adventure already! Keep us updated, we can 'sort of' feel we're along for the ride! God bless you both! Beth
11th September 2019

It's fun following
So you made it safely to Chicago! Thanks for sharing, it looks all so peaceful.
9th September 2019

Great time for a trip
Good to see you enjoying the moment.
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8th September 2019

Happy Day One!
🚂☀️ I’m wanting to sing “Happy Trails to You” but Roy Rogers and Dale Evans traveled on horseback. May you thoroughly enjoy the more luxurious way to travel!
6th September 2019

Happy to see this!
It will be fun to keep up with you on your travels!
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