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North America » United States » Washington » Winthrop July 8th 2018

We left the hotel in Squamish around 9:00 AM and drove to the USA/Canadian border near Lynden, WA. Though different from where we crossed previously, the delay was just about the same. About 40 minutes after arriving at the border, we were able to actually re-enter the US. The planned 5 hour drive took more like six and a half. The drive to Winthrop goes through the North Cascade Mountains along the Cascade Highway and is pretty scenic in its own right. We arrived in Winthrop, a very touristy little town at the confluence of the Chewuch and the Methow Rivers around 3:30 PM and checked into our motel. After getting settled, we walked on a trail that took us over the Methow River on a pedestrian bridge, through the town and crossing a second pedestrian ... read more
Creek Crossing
The Pacific Crest Trail

North America » United States » Washington » Winthrop July 18th 2012

After being barely over my Asia trip (arrived in Canada on July 2nd) I did laundry and repacked to leave on July 5th for Anacortes, WA via the WSDOT ferry from Sidney, BC. This is my first ST 1300 trip and I was looking forward to seeing how the new bike performed. On July 5th It was up and gone at 7.00 AM to catch the Fulford ferry to Schwartz Bay at 0750. Cool day compared to SE Asia but the weather is apparently about to improve. I had some time to kill in Sidney as the WSDOT ferry isnt until noon so had breakfast, then went to wait in line for customs. After a 2 hour ferry ride (this one is direct) I exited to go through yet another customs check. After that it was ... read more
On the way to the summit
scenic view of lake
At the top

North America » United States » Washington » Winthrop June 10th 2012

BACKCOUNTRY WASHINGTON STATE After getting off the cruise ship in Vancouver we headed straight south for the border. The line to enter into the US was very long. I guess on Saturdays everybody in Canada wants to go shopping down in the USA because every car in the line of probably two hundred cars had Canadian tags, except maybe five. The Customs Officer spent a lot of time asking us why we are carrying so much stuff in our car and what we are doing so far from North Carolina. We explained that we have been basically living out of our car for the last several months and that we just never know what we might need or where we might end up. That seemed to satisfy him and he let us pass through. We got ... read more
Cute Winthrop, Washington
Schoolhouse Brewery

North America » United States » Washington » Winthrop August 26th 2010

Got up the earliest that we have the entire trip due to Leta being so anxious to cross the border into the lower 48. Saw a fox, no picture, too fast for photographer. Frasier Canyon, no picture, it wasn't moving, don't know what happened to photographer. Followed the Thompson River for a while, then the Nicola River. Saw many lakes, streams,livestock. Had to go through agricultural inspection crossing to lower 48, but was nothing to what Leta and Shelby had to do on the way from lower 48 into Alberta, Canada on the way up. We all had to stop to fuel up immediately after crossing the border because we tried to spend as little money in Canada as possible. I think we all agreed we did not lose anything in Canada, and if we ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Winthrop August 13th 2010

RUN FOR THE BORDER!!!!!! Left Quesnel, BC and headed for the border, approximately 400 miles to Osoyoos, BC. Crossed the border at 4:02PM. We were inspected, but not really an ordeal, very quick and we were on our way. Went to eat at the Burger King, which later proved a mistake of sorts. The mistake was that when we got off to eat, the GPS recalculated the route to the RV park and sent us up highway 20 which is hell's highway for a motorhome. Highway 20 has 7 to 8 eight mile climbs of 8 degrees or better. Then we get to the RV park which I had already called to confirm 30 to 50 amp service with pullthroughs, and could handle 34 & 37 foot rigs with towed vehicles - - - - lady ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Winthrop August 8th 2010

Entry 22: North Cascades National Park, Pacific Coast Trail Overnight Backpacking Trip: Granite Pass/Cutthroat Pass. Sunday, August 8th - Monday, August 9th, 2010 Note: The photos near the text are used to “reel the reader in,” and the remaining photographs are presented chronologically—up the mountain, camping, and back down the mountain, to get a sense of the changing terrain. After stuffing the backpack with the just-add-water backpacker’s food, stove, sleeping bag and pads, backpacker’s tent, and all-terrain clothes, I drove out of the Colonial Campground, heading the 25 miles back west to Rainy Pass, the point at which the Pacific Coast Trail crosses the only road through the Cascades—Hwy 20. The Rainy Pass Trailhead begins in a small dirt parking lot, complete with self-registration for a recreation pass ($5 per day; I left my National Parks ... read more
PCT 33
PCT 16
Pacific Coast Trail Hike 47

North America » United States » Washington » Winthrop August 7th 2010

Entry 21: North Cascades National Park Colonial Campground Saturday, August 7th, 2010 Drinkin’ With The Belgians The North Cascades National Park services the 120+ spot camping loops that line the western shore of Diablo Lakes, located in the Ross National Recreation Area in north-central Washington State (I know, a lot of titles, right?). Sophie the dog and I had arrived at the crowded campground about an two hours before dusk, giving us enough time secure the last available spot and located away from the loop crowds and right on the shore of Diablo Lake. The cost was a bonus at $12. Happy to finally have arrived, I took to poppin’ a PBR and setting up the tent, which was literally 30 feet to the water. My closest tent neighbor was about 40 feet away, and there ... read more
Colonial Campsite View
Lake Diablo Sophie
Colonial Campground View Cascades National Park

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