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North America » United States » Virginia » Hampton August 15th 2020

Everything is fixed. After another month in Portsmouth waiting for parts, I finally returned to Hampton. I've been here a month relaxing. It got a little tense when Isaias came through but no damage. Seaquel is up for sale and now I am in waiting mode again , this time waiting for a buyer. It is nice not having to check weather and tides and to not be at the helm for hours every day. Time to get off the boat and move into a condo. Ha. Bring on the next adventure. ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia July 16th 2020

Washington D.C. 6-2020 Washington D C Pentagon 6-24-2020 Virginia, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania: Arlington Memorial, the White House, the liberty bell To di qua tieu bang West Virginia. Roi den Virginia de den Arlington National Cemetery noi co dai tuong niem 57,000 quan nhan Hoa Ky tu tran tai Vietnam. Truoc khi den day toi ghe den Arlington tuy nhien ho khong cho vao nen toi di den Lincoln Memorial roi den Vietnam veteran memorial. Tu day toi den the White House, roi den quoc hoi. Toi da den 2 noi day 1 lan truoc va lan nay co nhieu su thay doi trong van de security chac che hon. Sau do toi den khu cho Vietnam o Virginia... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Arlington July 7th 2020

It took me half a days' ride to get home again. The Mid Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route is 1,058 miles long. It was designed perfectly for access by residents of the Washington Metro Area. From Arlington to the Start at Damascus VA is some 355 mi and 5 1/2 hours. From the Finish in Lawrenceville PA back to Arlington VA is about 268 mi and 4 1/2 hours. If one were to just drive via interstate from Damascus to Lawrenceville, it would take about 9 hours and cover 555 miles. By riding the mountains and forests, it takes 9 days, and over 1,050 miles. Campsites are available. Hotels are plentiful (I always stayed at hotels) and very Covid-19 aware. Shields and cleaning emphasized everywhere. Food and gas are easy to find -- but don't pass them ... read more
Map of the full MABDR
BMW R12GSA 2012 Hexhead Oil Cooled 75,000 mi
BMW R12GSA 2012 Hexhead Oil Cooled 75,000 mi

North America » United States » Virginia » Staunton June 30th 2020

The run up through Jefferson National Forest to Covington is recognized as one of the more challenging sections of the route. It is a day of continuous gravel, deep in the national forest, tracking the ridges towards the NE. Very tough if wet. The route planners have it down as one day's run. I wanted to complete it in half a day, and then do half of the following day's run, up to Williamsville VA. Getting there would put me in Highland County, and allow me to sleep in comfort and for free in our cabin just south of Monterey. So, it had to be done. The first of the classic sections is Tub Run Road, high in the mountains West of Blacksburg. Maybe 15 miles long, it is a never ending set of badly maintained ... read more
The village of Maggie in Craig County VA
The start to the Tub Run road in Jefferson National Forest
Lunch stop in the shade

North America » United States » Virginia » Pembroke June 29th 2020

The day dawned clear in Abingdon, but the mountains to the East looked dark and stormy. I wanted to get ahead of the weather so I was moving early. The two bikers I met last night, with their smooth tires and light suits, still hadn't stirred. Damascus was not far, a small and very cute town, right up against Mount Rogers. The mountain remained shrouded in fog the whole time I was there. I eventually found the very small waterfall which serves as the symbolic start to the Route. I wasn't very impressed and forgot to take a photo. The road through Stone and Iron Mountains was pretty amazing though, throwing one immediately onto narrow forest ledges and a road cut through raw rock. The dampness and mud added to the challenge. The road soon dropped ... read more
Barn before Adwolf VA
Barn interior
Bridge by barn

North America » United States » Virginia » Abingdon June 28th 2020

There are many routes from Arlington to Damascus VA, the starting point of the Mid Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route (MABDR). Most of them require going South on I 81, a truck filled artery linking industrial towns in the gritty underbelly of the Mid Atlantic states. This freeway strikes fear into the hearts of ordinary four wheeled motorists -- and panic into two wheelers like myself. So Beth and I chose the most round about option, and headed for the town of Monterey in Highland County, Virginia, where we own a cabin. We spent Saturday night (June 27) there enjoying the quiet cool evening. Sunday I started South, following VA Route 92 to White Sulphur Springs and the famous Greenbrier Resort. From there the route followed the Greenbrier river til it emptied into the New River at ... read more
The Bluestone Dam on the New River WV
Overlooking the Dam
The Bluestone Lake behind the Dam

North America » United States » Virginia » Portsmouth June 17th 2020

After Georgetown I ran into very high water through Myrtle Beach. Many houses were flooded along the waterway. Stayed at the Southport Marina and set up for the ride up Cape Fear River. Got slammed around 10 years ago and I wanted light winds. It gave me a break early in the morning and I was through in a few hours with no problem. I made the bridge in Wrightsville Beach right on time and decided to go to Mile Hammock anchorage. Had another calm night there with good sleep. Next day made it to Oriental and agonized over going the next. Called for wind early of under 15 so left a half hour before light and was well down the Neuse River when the sun came up. Made it to Belhaven in early afternoon. Very ... read more
S,T,D wheel and where I had to anchor
Boatyard landscaping
Poor Seaquel

North America » United States » Virginia » Fredericksburg April 17th 2020

BAPTISM OF FIRE Our sixth cousin, four generations removed, was a fellow named Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain from up in Maine. At the beginning of the Civil War Joshua was teaching the German language at Bowdoin College, conducting Sunday school lessons and leading a choir. After First Manassas he got struck with patriotic fervor and enlisted in the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment. He was appointed as lieutenant colonel and made second in command under Colonel Adelbert Ames. When those recalcitrant Maine men got trained up some they marched off to join Dan Butterfield’s Brigade in the Fifth Corps commanded by Joe Hooker. Butterfield is the guy who wrote Taps, he gave his men several other bugle calls distinctive enough to guide them through confusing times. After his failed Peninsular Campaign General George McClellan was removed from ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Winchester April 10th 2020

DANIEL MORGAN Daniel battled his way, kicking and biting, into the cosmos on July 6, 1736. His folks were James Morgan (1702-1782) and Eleanor Lloyd (1706-1748) perhaps living at the time of his birth in North Hampton, NJ. All four of his grandparents were Welsh immigrants living in Pennsylvania. James and Dan were both hardheads, and both were likely wrong most of the time. At the age of 16 Dan got into a row with his dad and left home for good. He went over to Pennsylvania but soon wore out his welcome with the grandparents too. When they tried to send him back home Dan headed for Shenandoah Valley instead. He landed in Winchester, Virginia and made it his home for the rest of his life. He started out clearing land, then working in a ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Doswell April 3rd 2020

SECRETARIAT A horse named Citation won the Triple Crown in 1948, which happened to be the year I was born. There was not another Triple Crown horse for twenty five years. In 1973 Secretariat galloped to a win in the Belmont by a margin of 31 lengths, or half a furlong. No horse before or since has ever run a mile and a half in a better time. The winning ticket in that race only paid $2.20 so very few of them were cashed in. They were kept as souvenirs of a magnificent race. There were only four other horses in the field that day. It was thought to be a two horse race between Secretariat and a horse named Sham. Both horses scorched the first quarter mile and were still about neck to neck at ... read more

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