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North America » United States » Virginia » Appomattox May 27th 2015

Morning came early on the 9th. Not sure how many other crazy history geeks were going to converge in the fields of this small Virginia hamlet, I wanted to get to the park early for the first activity of the morning. The real time Battle of Appomattox Court House demonstration was starting at 7:30 am. The weather cooperated in setting the mood with historically accurate dampness, chill and a clinging morning fog. After taking the nearly empty shuttle bus from the remote parking lot to the Historic Villiage, I wandered through the awakening Union camps of living historians. Reveille sounded, and cook fires burned. I was introduced to"bacon toast", a piece of bread fried in a skillet of bacon fat which was offered to me with the question, "Do you like bacon?" as if there could ... read more

In one month's time the Air Race Classic 2015 will gather in Fredericksburg, Va. to start the 2500 statute mile adventure. I am proud to be chosen as a member of "Sky Dancers", team #31, piloted by Tamra Sheffman of Miami Beach, Fl. We will be flying Tamra's Cessna 182. Ther are eight stops along the route, and 2 fly by's, which must be completed in four days of flying dawn to dusk. The Air Race Classic receives wide-spread publicity due to the fact that it is an all female pilot air derby, with the original race having been flown in 1929. ( aka: The Powder Puff Derby). Racers range in age from 17 to 90 years of age and normally fly a stock or minimally modified airplane. Since the race is based on the pilots ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Yorktown May 16th 2015

Our ports of call (anchoring outs or marinas) included so far very interesting and historically significant places set up in a beautiful part of the country. But before we could get to Chesapeake we had to round Cape Hatteras and that was a bit of adventure with a night of steady 25 knots gusting to 28. A double riffed main with the staysail carried us through admirably even if there was too much noise that night for Natalya's taste. The seas did not look pretty. But then again no one looks pretty all the time save our friend Carrie (I hope she reads this):)! The morning saw us coming into Norfolk, yielding the channel to G.H.W. Bush - one of if not the largest aircraft carrier in the world. And the world is apparently its oyster. ... read more

If I had ever been on the stretches of road south of Cincinnati over to Appomattox, I can't recall it in any detail. That made each new vista, revealed around a sweeping turn or opening up below the apex of a hill, a revelation. As normally happens to me, the trip to my vacation destination seemed to pass quickly. My journey tends to be as important in finding that peace that comes with vacation as my ultimate destination is. I often use this time to car dance, catch up on a good audio book or, depending on the political talk of the day, engage in a one-sided conversation with a talk radio personality as I add to my growing list of places on a mental list titled "Places to explore when I have more time". Added ... read more

Colonial Williamsburg is an amazing place. End of. I know that makes for a rather boring blog but it's the truth! True to day the weather was a perfectly sunny day. Everywhere looks good on the sun (well maybe not Redruth but most places), but I feel that Colonial Williamsburg would look great in any weather. We were greeted by an enthusiastic gent on the reception desk at the visitor centre who took one look at Bill's Rolling Stones tee shirt, pointed at him and yelled "Keith Richards!!" I don't know if you've seen a photo of Keith recently but I'm not sure that's a HUGE compliment or a very accurate likeness on many levels but it was a conversation starter at least!! This is basically a whole village recreated and running as if it were ... read more

Our second day in Williamsburg was dedicated to a full on theme park day. We've been big theme park fans for years both at home and abroad but only ever in Florida in the USA. Several years ago I was of sick with the flu and reduced to watching random programmes on obscure satellite channels. One such programme was about the top roller coasters in the world and featured Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. "Coaster Dan" was a frequent visitor to the park at that time and was even presented a birthday cake by the staff running that ride. Coaster Dan had the appearance of someone who eats a lot of cake and has been somewhat of a legend in our household ever since that day. Anyway, the ride itself did look impressive, and I've always ... read more

It’s travel time again! It’s been a while since I posted any blog and several factors combined to cause me to go into a funk and not write. Last year while camping in Ohio near Wheeling, we lost our Slinky cat when she refused to come in one night. Instead of waiting up, I went to bed and she never appeared. The next day neighbors said they heard yowling and fighting and think either a feral cat or raccoon was involved. We waited around an extra day and combed the woods by the campsite but never found her. It was very upsetting and depressing. Then, with the “new” used RV, we found we continued to have mechanical issues, mostly of a small variety. This spring we had to have a new front leaf spring installed, ... read more
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Sunset over the Potomac

We have now collected our car, a standard saloon, and the road trip has begun! We collected the car from Ronald Reagan airport which is out near Arlington cemetery. The journey out of Washington was a little exciting but Bill had researched it well and we managed to leave the city without any problems. On our exit we drove past The Pentagon which is ENORMOUS - boring to look at, but definitely impressive in size!! Driving overseas has never bothered me but I have to admit the need for an automatic gear box. Although I am right handed my one experience in a car with a manual gear box left me totally unable to coordinate the gear stick. Thankfully in the States this is not an issue! The Virginia countryside is lush and heavily wooded. We ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Norfolk April 29th 2015

We left Charleston April 17 with a fresh SW breeze. Having dodged a few racing fleets that view even large freighters as a nuisance and are sure they own the channels:) We made Beauford, NC in two days. Enjoyed a really nice town and the old beautifully restored waterfront. April 21 we quit the town and motored three hours with the wind on our nose to Cape Lookout bight where we anchored in total solitude and went ashore to see the old lighthouse, walk the wide dune-lined beaches, watch the birds and wild horses. Then with the right weather we braved rounding Cape Hatteras within 6 miles offshore. We made it in two days to Hampton Roads but the second night had some nasty weather for us. In spite of the forecast 12-15 knots we got ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia April 18th 2015

Utterly Unbelievable! We readied our RV and pulled away from the Statesville, NC KOA. Not the finest place we have stayed but it worked for what we wanted. Drove past my favorite JR's that is all abandoned now.....why?? I will miss that place. Singing and humming and tapping our toes (except for Lulu = no toes) as we roll along merrily (like lambs to slaughter). Blue skies and smooth sailing....or so we thought! BEEEEP!!! BUZZZZ!!! What the heck....what now? I am putting an airline barf bag next to my seat from now on. The first feeling that flows over you when you hear the horrible, bad beeping buzzer alarm sound is nausea! Wants to make you puke! The read out gauge is flashing: Low Coolant: Check engine! Nooooooo- we have seen that once before on this ... read more
Closed Up JR's
Problems with the RV
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