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North America » United States » Virginia » Norfolk April 29th 2015

We left Charleston April 17 with a fresh SW breeze. Having dodged a few racing fleets that view even large freighters as a nuisance and are sure they own the channels:) We made Beauford, NC in two days. Enjoyed a really nice town and the old beautifully restored waterfront. April 21 we quit the town and motored three hours with the wind on our nose to Cape Lookout bight where we anchored in total solitude and went ashore to see the old lighthouse, walk the wide dune-lined beaches, watch the birds and wild horses. Then with the right weather we braved rounding Cape Hatteras within 6 miles offshore. We made it in two days to Hampton Roads but the second night had some nasty weather for us. In spite of the forecast 12-15 knots we got ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia April 18th 2015

Utterly Unbelievable! We readied our RV and pulled away from the Statesville, NC KOA. Not the finest place we have stayed but it worked for what we wanted. Drove past my favorite JR's that is all abandoned now.....why?? I will miss that place. Singing and humming and tapping our toes (except for Lulu = no toes) as we roll along merrily (like lambs to slaughter). Blue skies and smooth sailing....or so we thought! BEEEEP!!! BUZZZZ!!! What the heck....what now? I am putting an airline barf bag next to my seat from now on. The first feeling that flows over you when you hear the horrible, bad beeping buzzer alarm sound is nausea! Wants to make you puke! The read out gauge is flashing: Low Coolant: Check engine! Nooooooo- we have seen that once before on this ... read more
Closed Up JR's
Problems with the RV
More problems

North America » United States » Virginia » Chesapeake February 28th 2015

Loading the rig for the first time while emptying a house we lived in for more than 25 years is quite a challenge. We ended up packing things we didn't need on the road and left or forgot things we would need. We have been trying to get the right balance of gear for months. This image is at the old house in Chesapeake, VA and is of our new home almost ready to depart for a life on the road.... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Chesapeake February 27th 2015

I was tired of working on the waterfront. I had spent 41 and 1/2 years working on the water and felt it was time for a change. Monica and I sold the house and got an RV. We found a great Winnebago Journey - 34 foot diesel pusher at Snyder RV and loaded up with Chop (the dog) and hit the road. It is a great Journey and I hope it never ends. I'll add photos as I figure out how to work this site.... read more

North America » United States » Virginia January 30th 2015

Web searches are great for gathering information. But I believe it's more informative to talk with someone who has been there. I met up with a friend who just returned from London where she worked for 3 years as a Foreign Service Officer assigned to the US Embassy. She gave me her point of view for my few days of London sightseeing, as well as loaned two guidebooks which saved money. I love books as it's always nice to be able to go back and forth between pages which I find difficult online. But there is also tons of info about Great Britain online. Booking my transportation into London from Heathrow produced a brochure, as well as hotel websites. In fact there is so much info, it is overwhelming. And I am getting emails from ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia January 17th 2015

Amazing the amount of time dedicated to "Just Planning". What does planning have to do with travel? Well in my life, everything. Ya ken (southern Scottish), some people can select a destination, book a flight, get a hotel lined up, and just go. For me, I can only wish it were that simple. As much as I want to be one of those organized persons, I shamefully admit to being a "disorganized organized" person. Compound this with advanced age, ADD, and a personality type who HAS TO KNOW THE TINIEST DETAIL OF MY TRIP, you have organized confusion at best. Trip notes began on small note pads, escalated to large assorted tablets, pages with no discernible subjects, just random information being inked across blank paper, all added to an ever growing pile. ... read more
Map with designated riding points!

North America » United States » Virginia January 1st 2015

I never considered a travel blog, ever. Almost all of my world travels were work related (yeah I know, how horrible was that lol). But travel was never extended to Scotland or Ireland. I believe some of my mom's family must have originated over in that area. While this first blog should actually have begun over 6 months ago, you will find me back-tracking some. Why Scotland? Well this trip ties my love of horses to the series/books OUTLANDER (Starz in the US is producing the series). Why now? I've been told I have an autoimmune disease which will eventually cripple me. And well, I'm 63 yrs of age. So now or never. Well, with all the hoopla surrounding Outlander series being shot on location in Scotland, I decided to google tours specific to Outlander locations. ... read more
Photo of ride from website

North America » United States » Virginia December 30th 2014

Day 2 and we are rolling along to the tune of "Carry Me Back to Ol' Virginny". Geez, this is a big state. Hope you are cruising along with us. A few housekeeping details: I spoke to Lulu. Upon rereading my blog of yesterday, I found she hogged almost every photo. No photo hogs allowed in this bog. She's pouty now and has turned her back on me just like the police in NYC did with their mayor. She'll get over it but sometimes she is just too much of a show-off. In today's blog, I've added a picture of Stumpy (Ty) and Lory's birthday as well as my Christmas collage from Christmas Day. And, yes, old pout puss is there also. We ended our 1st day excursion around Winchester, VA. Stayed at a nice Hampton ... read more
There's snow in them thar hills!
Lory's 50th Birthday

North America » United States » Virginia » Luray December 8th 2014

Today we decided to sleep in and get a late start. We have heard about the Luray Caverns, which is about 30-45 minutes away from our cabin. And leave it to me to realize that I forgot my DSLR. I know the photographer in the family for the camera. Good thing I have a decent camera phone (still doesn't compare though). This place was a little tricky for us to find. We followed google maps directions and got to the location BUT, thinking its caverns, it would be in the middle of nowhere, right? Turns out it is in the middle of a shopping center. We just drove past it thinking the maps were wrong. We went in and got our ticket and had time to go around and walk the center. There are many things ... read more
Refecting Pool
The Wishing Pond
Me and the hubby

North America » United States » Virginia December 7th 2014

We are checked in and have explored the grounds at this resort. We picked Shenandoah Crossing just outside of Gordonsville in Virginia. We chose a 3 bedroom cabin (we were expecting another couple to come with us). The cabin had 3 bedrooms (1 king, 2 full and 2 twins), 2.5 bathrooms, and an open kitchen, dinning and living room. It also had a washer and dryer! This place is amazing, though we did not do a lot of the activities that they have available, we saw it all. They have horse stables, a restaurant (they are currently rebuilding due to a fire), paddle boats, basketball courts, mini putt-putt and an old Mansion to explore. This day we wanted to go to Richmond, Yorktown, Williamsburg and Fort Monroe. I know. we have planned a lot this trip ... read more
Monument at Hollywood Cemetrey
Pyrimid at Hollwood Cemetery
Fort Monroe

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