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North America » United States » Virginia September 19th 2015

Left the beautiful outer banks and have made our way to Virginia. Camping tonight at Northwest river park (or something along those lines). Fewer Mosquitos here than on the coast. Tomorrow we'll be crossing the Chesapeake bay bridge tunnel and continuing on to DC. Keeping our eyes open for wild ponies!... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Staunton September 17th 2015

Washington DC to Staunton, Virginia An easy but busy morning. First up was a visit to Barack and Michelle's place in Pennsylvania Ave; not a bad spot they've got, probably could downsize a bit but I hear they're moving out soon anyways 😉. We had managed to get a car (bike) park just a quick walk through the park to the WH which was also very handy to Starbucks so I could caffeinate 😈. This taken care of we rode to the Smithsonian Institution Building ('the Castle') and got a park immediately outside; amazing! Trev went to the Air and Space Museum while I visited the Natural History Museum. We both enjoyed our respective museums but agreed you could spend a week there easily. We met in the afternoon to head south. I was waiting outside ... read more
Beautiful architecture from Pershing Park
We'll just park here - one small block to B & M's
International Trade Centre in the Penn Quarter

North America » United States » Virginia » Virginia Beach August 31st 2015

Once we arrived at VA beach.. I set out to find that perfect location for some early morning images of the next morning's sun rise. What I found was right on the shore from our hotel. This was the local suffer's hang out hoping to catch that perfect wave. This hot spot has a levy which forces back the waves or slows them and creates larger waves. Though this area is or can be dangerous, even the lifeguards are there between certain hours and are very busy warning swimmer and suffers to beware of the rocks.. The surfers are always there way before the sun rise. With the palm tree in the distance and the sun rise, one would have thought we're in FL or California, But this is the east coast.... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Falls Church August 23rd 2015

Four weeks and two days ago at this time, I was on a plane heading for Heathrow airport. After landing 7+ hours later, we headed to St. Bees (2 trains and a cab) and arrived by Sunday evening.....and the adventure of a lifetime began! I know I'll be processing my thoughts about the experience for months to come, but I will summarize some of my thoughts and feelings right now: As I said in the first posting, I was carrying the symbolic pebble from the Irish Sea to toss in the North Sea in honor of my friend, Sylvia. I thought of her many times during the walk and wished I'd be able to share all the stories when I returned. I smiled many times thinking that if Sylvia had been with us, I'd be having ... read more
Sylvia's pebble
Low Tide
High Tide

North America » United States » Virginia » Falls Church August 20th 2015

While I managed to write nearly every day after hiking an average of 10+ miles, I couldn't find the time once I left the countryside trails for the world of sightseeing in a city. I was happy that at least there was the transition of two days in the the much smaller city of York before arriving in London for an additional two days. York is a walled, medieval city that is best known for having one of the oldest and largest Gothic cathedrals in Europe (York Minster). We did a free walking tour of the city on our one full day and some of us went to the Evensong service at the Minster. We heard wonderful music from a visiting choir....amazing acoustics! The guide told us an interesting story about why the York Minster is ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Arlington August 3rd 2015

Bonjour à tous Cette Charlottesville est vraiment très agréable. Hier au soir comme prévu je suis allé dans le centre sur Main Street, qui est la rue piétonne la plus longue des États-Unis. peut-être 1 km. Énormément de monde dans cette rue, les terrasses sont bondées, et la température de 28°est très plaisante. Ceci explique cela. Je mange chez un Italien, en terrasse, et je vais craqué, pour un jambon cru au melon. Le jambon est un Prociuto Américain, sans beaucoup de goût, et le melon c'est un melon d'eau, pas plus de goût. Faute de cochonaille à Yzeron j'ai fait avec. Les gens que je vois passé respirent, d'ailleurs comme toute la ville la "zénitude" (merci Ségolène), on se sent en paix ici, chose que l'on est en train de perdre en France. Charlotteville, 45 ... read more
Charlotte la tranquille
ça c'est du Ricain !!
fallait y penser

Bonjour à tous, Mon erreur de programmation sur gps hier, m'a permis de passer une des plus belles journées de conduite depuis le départ. Je quitte Beckley, ce matin en pensant à tous mes potes qui se sont "goinfrés" ce matin à Yzeron, de soupe aux choux, de lard, de saucisson chaud, enfin que des choses auxquelles je pense de plus en plus souvent. J'espère, qu'ils ont pris chacun une bouchée pour moi. Ce qui est le plus "salaud" c'est de m'envoyer des photos, pour me faire baver encore plus. Merci quand même. Ce matin première programmation Marlinton WestCarolina. pas le choix que de faire 80 km d'autoroute. Ces 80 km vont ressemblés beaucoup à ceux que l'on fait du côté de Nantua pour aller à Genève, un régal pour les yeux, dimanche matin tôt, très ... read more
la route du matin

North America » United States » Virginia » Norfolk July 13th 2015

Well, the bikes are on their way to Montana with Fedex, and we are now packing up the apartment in Norfolk and moving out tomorrow. We'll fly out to Chicago on Thursday and then take a sleeper train across country to Whitefish, Montana, where we hope to be reunited with our bikes! All being well, and assuming we are able to reassemble the bikes so that they are roadworthy, we will start riding on Monday 20th...the countdown has begun! Thanks for following us...... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Suffolk July 8th 2015

...required over 400 miles of driving due to navigational errors. I need to NOT copy the directions to our next campground from Google Maps if we're not driving directly there. Fortunately it only cost us about 30 miles and 45 minutes. I'm gonna go with that estimation, Mike thinks it was less. We're also not getting on the road as early as we did the first week which also plays a part in tonight's 8:30 pm arrival. Enough time to write and post the blog while eating dinner, look at our route tomorrow, copy the directions (correctly this time) and update our route map before I hit the hay. The campgrounds and states are blurring into one. I can't remember what state, let alone the city we were in this morning. Good thing I have my ... read more
Coming Onto Roanoke Island
We Arrived at 6 pm

Tamra and I really believed we would be able to sit down each evening, after a full day of racing, but that thought ended immediately. The first racer was up and away at 8a.m. sharp, and, within 45,minutes the rest of the teams were in the air and on their way to the first mandatory fly-by! An absolutely amazing sight , watching for other racers in the air, checking speeds of the other airplanes, and keeping on track for Morganton, North Carolina, a mere 251.99 nautical miles ahead!... read more

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