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August 3rd 2017
Published: August 11th 2017
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we are heading East, and I'm late on blogging, but it's only the beginning of a huge delay....impossible to drive, organize, work a little and play even more!

We are starting our little Utah and Arizona visit by a stop in Zion than on to Bryce Canyon. I was back here with Leslie and Tiffany on the first days of January 2013! Yes, that was while we were living in Buenos Aires! Visiting all those landmarks early January means two things...first, thin crowds, second, freezing temperatures! We had none of those for our visit.

We left Las Vegas at 6.15 in the was already pretty hot...but good surprise, Zion, our first stop, would not be as warm as Vegas! We are at a way higher altitude here! i paid the 80usd yearly fee for the National parks. That's valid for me and anybody in the car for a full 13 months....quite a bargain for the trip we have ahead of us!

I knew the crowds would be there...and we took a good 20 minutes just to go in the park. We had a long day ahead of us, and i would rather hike Bryce. So we drove through slowly, and stopped safely as often as we could to take few pictures. First impression, half of the French speaking world is here! Through the next three days, it looks to me as if one out of three tourists is French or French speaking. It's insane. I was expecting the Chinese, we had the French! Make sense for them, Euro is lately back to higher levels....and you can easily put four people in a room in the States....not that easy in France!

we reached Bryce early afternoon. In summer, there is a shuttle to get you around. So I park the car, and we took the shuttle to the further hike! Last time, it was -21 degrees Celsius when we came here. Today it's just a balmy 30 degrees. I went down the Navajo Loop with the kids back in 2013...but it was cold...and the loop was actually not a loop....a huge rock had blocked our way back up, and we had to backtrack on our way back. This time, I had Tanya going twice down the rim! Not once, but twice! We first went down at the further point...its was simply gorgeous...than we backtracked to the top before walking the rim to the next stop....nice long walk. We then took the shuttle to the next stop. Oh, I remembered, this was the Navajo loop...and today, the full loop is open. For info, it has been opened and closed few time, and this year, it had been opened only for six weeks!

Tanya asked me! Are you serious, are we going down? No, we don't only going down for the second time, we will also have to go up we did. Smile! Maybe she was not that happy about the idea...and following her donkey of a boyfriend on the way back up was not that easy...but she did it! Well done! I have to admit, with all that golf carrying on my own golf bag...and all that diving, I'm not feeling that old...yet!

So enjoy the pictures. This time again I'm staying in Kanab. Last time I remember exactly, the Holiday Inn Express was something like 120usd. today, it's minimum 200usd... No way I'm paying that! So we stay, a first for me, at the local Travelogde....for 100usd! That's a rip-off....but it was the best deal in town, slightly insane. Who cares...we had an early dinner, were in bed early...good shower...and next morning, we are only up at 4am! That's holidays....isn't it!

Next entry coming soon....this time on the Arizona side...

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12th August 2017

Brice etc...
rien a faire... j'arrive pas a quitter la nausée que me provoquent ces paysages.... je pense que c'est à Brice que ma pneumonie a commencé !!!!! c'est vrai c'est TRES beau... mais là j'arrive pas à oublier... Ceci dit, profitez-en à fond !

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