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North America » United States » Texas » Fredericksburg January 15th 2010

Having just turned in elsewhere for the night it was a nice surprise to wake up in Fredericksburg, Texas. A sweet little town with saloons and lovely old buildings in Texas Hill Country. The street names here are German, German settlers built this town. We didn't stay long as it was still rainy and drizzly, although despite the rain you could easily just wear a shirt, that's how warm it is. So off to El Paso, we hoped to hop over to Mexico for the day. The country side on the way is beautiful, even in January and with it raining. I'm sure in spring it is breathtaking! Windy streets, little farm houses, golden meadows with sheep, horses and goats, red grass, smooth hills and a for us alien but beautifully green and crooked vegetation. We ... read more
Fredericksburg Saloon
Pecan Pie
Texas Hill Country1

North America » United States » Texas » Fredericksburg January 14th 2010

That's where we are just now. Another motel again. We've made over half the way from New Orleans to El Paso today. Tomorrow we'll be in Mexico for the day, I just hope they'll let us back in again. We had warm weather, at least 20 °C, very probably warmer and then it started raining! The swamp lands of Louisiana passed by and turned into the wide prairies. We stopped at Orlando's Pizza on the way. It was a place you only heard people speaking Spanish. But it was cheap, 4,99 $ for a pizza, salad, pasta and pie buffet and very good actually. You can't really go wrong with a big fresh salad, a slice of pizza, water and perhaps a little slice of apple pie after. It was great to have internet again and ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Fredericksburg March 23rd 2009

Since we have moved to our new destination in Texas, I have been wondering if I have given this country a fair chance with traveling destinations. Sometimes I feel a little guilty by always wanting to leave the country instead of exploring it I decided this year I was going to do just that not to mention traveling in my own home land during a recession is good for my budget and good for the economy ( I try to repeat this to myself alot lately!) So I bought a awesome book with pretty pictures of the hill country area that surrounds San Antonio and began plotting my destinations. First up to see is Fredericksburg TX. A little town that has German roots. I was skeptical about the info in the book comparing it to Europe ... read more
old gate
Jars of TEXAS salsa

North America » United States » Texas » Fredericksburg March 20th 2009

I was reading “1,000 Places To See Before You Die” by Patricia Shultz before our trip and I came across an article about Fredericksburg in the Texas hill country. President Lyndon Johnson called it “a special corner of God’s real estate”. The book also described about the sea of purplish bluebonnets outside and around Fredericksburg. Fredericksburg is located about 65 miles northwest of San Antonio. And we had a rental car! So after a hearty breakfast at Pesca at Watermark Hotel, we got on I-10 West with Lauren as the navigator. We took the exit at Comfort and proceeded to head north on Hwy 87. Before long, we were driving through rolling hills with gentle turns amidst area of grassy pastures. We kept searching for any signs of purple bluebonnets but we didn’t see any. It ... read more
Germany in Texas
Fredericksburg's Marktplatz

North America » United States » Texas » Fredericksburg February 21st 2009

After a few ups and downs, i have landed a job in South Korea teaching kids to speak English. Although, Im not on the road yet, I will be on Monday when i head to Houston to have my interview at the consulate, try and get my visa, fly to Vegas and then to Asia all in the same day. I always wanted to do a travel blog, but never got around to it for my South America trip. So hopefully i will stay active with this one and do updates. However, if all goes well i will be in the town of Busan in southeast Korea for 1 year and then do some traveling after that. I have a friend over there already, who i met in Colombia back in October. We have weekend trips ... read more
Cowboy and his cattle
Madeleine's Lake

North America » United States » Texas » Fredericksburg December 14th 2008

We started our day with a pancake breakfast at the campground clubhouse. Then we headed out into the Texas Hill Country. North of San Antonio there really were hills! From the freeway, we saw a store called "The Look" advertising country furnishings. On the roof it said, "Cowhides Mean Romance. Well, that got Rich's attention, so we had to investigate. They had deer antler chandeliers, furniture made of longhorn horns, lots of kinds of hides, rugs, and Texas-style mission-style ranch furniture. It was quite the store! We didn't find anything we needed, but there was a quote we liked - "Friends are family members you meet along the way." We were talking about ways to teach kids to grow up happy and satisfied with what they have. We have a new motto -"Dream Within Your Means". ... read more
A Dinner Boat
River Center Mall

North America » United States » Texas » Fredericksburg November 10th 2008

Das Mueller Haus! Our New Year’s Adventure in Fredericksburg, Texas I can’t recall how Dawn got the idea to spend New Year’s Eve 2007 in a rental house in Fredericksburg but it was a great idea. It’s a quaint German town in the central Texas hill country. It’s Main Street has numerous touristy shops and restaurants and museums. Nearby are Enchanted Rock and Pedernales Falls which are both great places to hike and experience nature. She found a nice little three bedroom cottage near the center of town called Das Mueller Haus. We immediately found ourselves saying “DAS MUELLER HAUS!” loudly and with vigor in a guttural German accent. This set the tone for our complete mangling of the German language during our stay, but it sure added some fun to the trip. The drive from ... read more
The Library
Dawn sipping some wine
Dawn at Enchanted Rock

North America » United States » Texas » Fredericksburg July 29th 2008

From Matt - Have been back home for several days now, gone through lots of pictures and added over 50 to the pages where there were none before. If you are still interested I have added pics to the following blog entries : Catch Up; Amber Mountains; 3 Amigos...; Waiting in Joburg and Paris at last... . Vance and Rush have the best safari pics so there will be more animal pictures when I get them from Vance. This will probably be the last blog and I had a few things still to say about our last stop - Paris. Still expensive but oh so worth it. Contrary to popular belief Paris is a very friendly place! Even with our lousy Tex-French we got along with everyone. This was my second visit to Paris and both ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Fredericksburg July 12th 2008

I guess you can say we slept okay last night considering that we were scrunched in between Jerry's All Night Lounge and Peter Pipers 24 Hour Pizza Parlor !! Tim stayed up for a little while last night searching the open skies for any form of life he could find with no avail. He really had his heart set on seeing a UFO while we were in the area, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Yes, I'm serious, he was up for hours watching the empty sky waiting for those blinking lights to come hovering over the Wal-Mart parking lot !! I kept thinking to myself how hilarious it would be if some of these UFO junkies were to play a practical joke on him by shining some type of lights into the ... read more
Cherry or Grape ??
Downtown Roswell !
T-Shirt Anyone ?

North America » United States » Texas » Fredericksburg June 23rd 2008

Thanks for coming by to subscribe to our Blog. We will be leaving DFW in the afternoon of June 30 and arriving in London early morning of July 1. Rush has been packed for several weeks ! I have had my stuff laid out on the floor for several days now. Gayle says I will need to shake out all the scorpions before I pack! Probably not a bad idea. We have a full schedule in London. I told Rush there were more things to do in London than we have time for, so it was up to him to make a list of the must see stops. The 4th floor at Herrods came up real fast! Thats the Toy Kingdom. Anyone surprised? Look for our first real blog entry in the afternoon of July 1 ... read more

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