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July 29th 2008
Published: July 29th 2008
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From Matt - Have been back home for several days now, gone through lots of pictures and added over 50 to the pages where there were none before. If you are still interested I have added pics to the following blog entries : Catch Up; Amber Mountains; 3 Amigos...; Waiting in Joburg and Paris at last... . Vance and Rush have the best safari pics so there will be more animal pictures when I get them from Vance.
This will probably be the last blog and I had a few things still to say about our last stop - Paris. Still expensive but oh so worth it. Contrary to popular belief Paris is a very friendly place! Even with our lousy Tex-French we got along with everyone. This was my second visit to Paris and both times I had been warned about how unfriendly the Parisians were. We did not find a single unfriendly Parisian!!
The food was great. No, we did not have any snail! Maybe next time.
Paris is very international. People from all over the world make Paris their home. Many languages are overheard everywhere. The multi-ethnic clothing that you see is a reflection of the people of the city. At anytime you could be in the Orient or in Africa somewhere or a mall in N. America. I know from the news they do not always get along but at least they are trying. My hat is off to this great city and to its wonderful people. I look forward to going back again.

I will take every one off the mailing list after I get this sent so that you won't accidentally get anymore email from travelblog.org. I highly recommend this site next time you take a trip and want to do a blog. A feature that was just added is "blog to book" and as soon as I get the rest of the photos I will turn our blog into a book and you can check it out at either Vances or my home sometime in the future.
Thanks again for taking so much interest in our adventure and for keeping us in your prayers and thoughts.

I look forward to reading about YOUR adventures.


29th July 2008

glad your back home safely.
Glad to see you all made it safely back home. Thanks again for all the great stories and pictures. This blog thing was so super!
29th July 2008

We enjoyed getting to travel along with you on your trip and the interesting response to venues we have visited in the past and venues we have never seen. Have everything ready for Abilene in Oct. so that we can see all of the pics. rush
29th July 2008

Proud to be yo mama!!!
I have loved every word and every picture. It took lots of time and effort on your part and I, for one, am very glad you did it. I have forwarded it to several friends and they have enjoyed reading of your adventures. I'm just glad I got sandwiched right in the middle of it!! What memories! Love you loads! Mom
30th July 2008

Thanks guys, you made your travels real for us. What and experience. Rush will not appreciate all that he has seen and done, but it's there for him to call on. We want more in BG.
30th July 2008

Fabulous Trip! Great idea!
I have really enjoyed following you all on your trip. What a great idea to have a "real-time" blog! You made it possible for us to 'almost' be right there with you! Now you've peaked my interest in S. Africa and Madagascar. Rush sounds like he was a real trooper for one so young! He must have gotten that 'travelin' gene'! Thanks for sharing! Sandy
31st July 2008

Matt, a quick note for you, my friend Vicki Bowen just loved your blog. She said she could hardly wait to get to the next blog. My cousin Mac and my Aunt Frankie loved every word. Mac said the love story from Vance, the trip through Rush's eyes, and he's so literate, but you in particular reminded them so much of Paul (P.D.) her brother (Aunt Frankie's middle). He is of the 60's, a Viet Nam vet (then came home and protested)not in the usual way the protesters did, but in his own private way. You have the same love for the earth, animals, etc. through your eyes. That's what I mean about the capital THANK -YOU. Your extra work is most appreciated by us and our friends and families. We love you bunches toooooooo. Granny.

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