Lou&Olly take the long way home...


Lou&Olly take the long way home...

Lou & Olly

Travel mad,
crazy, poor and without a plan,
big blonde and short brunette from Hannover, Germany.

Lou - born in Blackpool/England
Dreamer, likes rainy days, ugly charming things, loves tea with milk and action films. "Yippie Ki-Yay!"

Olly - born in Hamburg/Krautland
Future stay at home dad, romantic Viking, goes crazy on chinese food but loves dogs anyway.

North America » United States » California » San Francisco January 27th 2010

That's all for now Folks! We hope you'll be reading our blogs to come on our next little adventures. It was nice to see you enjoyed the Blog as we did too. Sadly we didn't always have internet or were sick and therefore had belated entries. But it was fun and we'll be sure to try again and hopefully even better next time. The trip was great! We had tremendous fun and will remember all the wonderful, hopefully not so the bad, moments all our lives. We made our way singing, laughing and simply enjoying ourselves through a for us very foreign country. We found new friends, great places and a completely new view of America and Americans. 75 hours and 21 minutes on the road, 4,231.5 miles, 23 days, 14 states and many many great ... read more
Good Bye

North America » United States » California » San Francisco January 26th 2010

Last day! Getting sad to leave already :( Time to see as much of the rest of SF as at all possible in one day. The weather was better, cloudy but warm and now and then the sun popped through, plus no rain! We were up to a bit of a walk before our 11 hour flight, 3 hour wait in Paris, 1:30 hour flight to Hamburg and 1 hour drive to Ollys parents for our weekend stay. Off we went then, up Market Street to Union Square, up and down on Union Street and to China Town. Where all the antique shops surprisingly seemed to be selling exactly the same things. Otherwise it was quite nice and neater than in NY. We carried on up and down the fantastic SF streets, it was like mountain ... read more
Cable Car
China Town
View from average street

North America » United States » California » San Francisco January 25th 2010

But there was still a new and exciting city to discover before we could get all sloppy and sentimental about having to leave! SF, I loved it already when I first discovered that they had croissants and normal bread!! Who on earth said it never rained in California by the way??? First things first, of to prison! Our first sight: Alcatraz. What? 26 $ p.p.!! But believe me, it was worth every penny. We set off on a little boat into the very stormy SF Bay. It was windy and drizzly, so most passengers were downstairs looking a little green. We didn't mind the fresh air and had enough of being sick, so up on the deck it was. When you get there, if you get there, you can wonder around quite freely on the grounds. ... read more
Golden Gate Bridge

North America » United States » California » San Francisco January 24th 2010

Leaving the City of Angels behind, we were now on our way through California to San Francisco. It doesn't get any better than southwest California! And we were lucky with the weather too. The road side turned from soft green hills and palm trees, to snow brushed mountain tops, to endlessly wide green planes, surrounded by a mountain panorama. We went from football field flat up to 4,000 feet. But these heights weren't the rocky, sandy hills of Arizona, Nevada and Texas. Close up we were able to see the gentle green color that just seemed to coat the earth like fleecy blankets, folding into giant creases at the bottom. Long after dark we reached our hotel. It was described as modern and to be situated in one of the best parts of downtown SF. Of ... read more
Hi there ;)

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles January 23rd 2010

leider die Quintessenz dieses Stadtteils von Los Angeles. Irgendwie ist nirgends was los, selbst die Gangsterlis, welche überall herumhängen oder durch die Gegend strolchen, völlig verlahmt. Wenig Leute, wenig Verkehr, die Attraktionen sind zumeist ein wenig fad. Der Walk of Fame ist zum Teil Baustelle und voller Müll und ausgekipptem Waschwasser der Imbissbuden. Das einzige Leben bringen die überall verteilten Ausrufer der Touristenfänger, die einen nicht 10 Meter laufen lassen ohne einen anzuquatschen. Das Hollywoodschild, ehemals nur eine Reklametafel eines Maklers wohlgemerkt, ist erschreckend klein. Die direkte Innenstadt von Los Angeles wirkte, nun ja, überraschend entspannt. Kein Lärm, kaum Verkehr, kein Gedränge und das gesamte Downtowngebiet ein ruhiges und angenehmes Spazierengehen. Ganz, ganz anders als gedacht! Einfach eine ruhige Stadt voller Wolkenkratzer und leichtem m... read more
When in Hollywood...
Holl wood

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas January 19th 2010

although I could go crazy at everything that blinks and shines, it was kind of dull being in the Nevada desert and getting soaked through if putting a foot outside the door. We weren't 100% fit yet either and it was damn cold! So after we'd ordered plane pasta for 20 $, something we could manage to eat carefully, we drove up and down the Las Vegas Blvd. Saw Caesars Palace, little Venice, played some machines, didn't win a dime and went to bed early watching Japanese TV. I guess we'll have to come back for the party another time. The shows were boring, food was expensive, we couldn't take it anyway and it was too cold and wet to wander about. The lights were nice though! The drive there had been menacing! The Hoover Damm ... read more
20$ pasta
Our hotel

North America » United States » Arizona » Tombstone January 17th 2010

Yes, very funny... It's all about food... Now it may look like all we're doing is eating, especially junk food. But actually we are just having one warm meal a day, if at all. Mostly we are living off apples, nuts and other healthy snacks on the road. But now and then, especially after long and exhausting sightseeing walks like NY in a day, we just need something to stick our teeth into! Problem is, mostly all you can get in America that is eatable and affordable is junk food. We were in Tombstone on the 17th. We arrived early and had seen everything by 3pm. It was interesting but quite Disney Land like. We saw the old silver mine that had made the city rich, the bird cage theater and all the sights. Olly didn't ... read more
Sing a long
Motel Tombstone

North America » United States » Texas » El Paso January 16th 2010

We had made it to El Paso. In the morning we happened to trip over this Indian reservation whilst driving around. It's just outside of the city, right near the Mexican border. Just as we arrived they were starting a traditional dance. We stopped and they welcomed us in. It was real sweet! These kids are in a cultural dance group, you can hopefully see their dances soon on our uploaded videos. They had great clothing and jewelry, looked very confidant and told us about their tribes history. They belong to the Tigua Indian tribe and have a very interesting and moved history. At the end of the dances the kids came up to me and asked me to join them. So I ended up, clumsy as I am in my boots, dancing with the Indians ... read more
Native dance
Indian Reservation
Indian Reservation2

North America » United States » Texas » El Paso January 16th 2010

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag Mama! Wir sind traurig jetzt nicht bei dir sein zu können. Aber sobald wir zurück sind, werden wir ganz dolle nachfeiern. Schau dir doch unser Video für dich an! Da haben wir einen super leckeren Geburtstagskuchen für dich besorgt. Wir lieben dich, Knutschis! Olly&Lou xxx... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Fredericksburg January 15th 2010

Having just turned in elsewhere for the night it was a nice surprise to wake up in Fredericksburg, Texas. A sweet little town with saloons and lovely old buildings in Texas Hill Country. The street names here are German, German settlers built this town. We didn't stay long as it was still rainy and drizzly, although despite the rain you could easily just wear a shirt, that's how warm it is. So off to El Paso, we hoped to hop over to Mexico for the day. The country side on the way is beautiful, even in January and with it raining. I'm sure in spring it is breathtaking! Windy streets, little farm houses, golden meadows with sheep, horses and goats, red grass, smooth hills and a for us alien but beautifully green and crooked vegetation. We ... read more
Fredericksburg Saloon
Pecan Pie
Texas Hill Country1

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