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North America » United States » Texas » Beaumont July 12th 2019

Well, we made it through the storm zone. When we left the hotel this morning at 7 AM and 81 degrees, the air was as thick as it often is, when a huge storm is brewing off the coast. The skies were brimming with black billowy rain clouds and the humidity was just hanging in the air like a wet blanket. We were under the outer bands of a storm and it was a familiar feeling, having been through more than our share of hurricanes over the past 20 years. We drove through a number of rain bands on our trip across Alabama and Mississippi and into Louisiana, but by the time we got to Lafayette, the skies began to clear and the rest of the day was partly sunny. The gamble paid off and we ... read more
Even a rainbow
Power company convoy
Refineries in Westlake

North America » United States » Texas » Beaumont October 18th 2013

Geo: 30.0861, -94.1019This is the second day of our trip. The agenda for today was to drive from Pensacola, FL to Beaumont, TX. And although we didn't have a plan for the day, as so often happens - the day had a plan for us. We left Pensacola at 7:30 AM and 66 degrees and hopped right onto I-10 heading west. About an hour down the road we crossed Mobile Bay and into Mobile, Alabama. Mobile is an amazing sight from the bridge, built high to allow for passage of all sorts of boats and ships. It is a working harbor with one of the world's largest container storage facilities. It also has a shipyard and a convention center…all located right on the water. The skyline is limited to only two tall buildings, but the architecture ... read more
Mobile AL Shipbuilding facility
Mobile AL Convention Center
Mobile AL Train Station by the harbour

North America » United States » Texas » Beaumont June 4th 2013

Today, rest and laundry. We didn’t think you needed any pictures of doing laundry. Tomorrow morning we are off to the “Hill Country” of Texas” just west of San Antonio. We will meet Mary and George Welsh (AB5TB) as preplanned at the “Johnson Creek RV Park” in Ingram, Texas. ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Beaumont June 3rd 2013

Sunny today, 83 degrees when we left. We crossed the Mississippi near the Port of Baton Rouge. Starting to feel like we are on our way. Bayous, crop dusters (Aviation Application) and above ground cemeteries. We had 30 miles of concrete I-10 that tried to tear our vehicles apart. I didn't think I could find worse roads than PA but LA topped it. (concrete washboard) There was a beautiful stretch of I-10 through the bayous, swamps and lakes that was worth the drive. It was and elevated highway, over 20 miles of causeway. Texas at 1:30P and the first exit was 880 meaning we only have 880 miles to New Mexico. lol Arrived Beaumont and "Hidden Lake Campground" at 2:45P. ... read more
Texas Sunset
Where We Sleep

North America » United States » Texas » Beaumont November 18th 2011

Please note the following: John Baptiste Chaison was born August 7, 1745 in Nova Scotia, but migrated to France when his country was ceded to England. He returned to America when the American Revolution broke out and served with Colonel Benedict Arnold at the Siege of Quebec, General Lafayette at Brandywine. He was wounded at the Battle of Eutaw Springs, but recovered to fight with General Lafayette at Yorktown. In 1832 he migrated to Jefferson County, Texas, where he died on July 20, 1854. He is buried in the Jirou Cemetery located north of Beaumont, Texas. The cemetery was abandoned when the freeway was built, and a church was built over the site of his grave. A DAR grave marker was placed on his grave site in 1944, but the marker was moved to Pipkin Park ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Beaumont October 16th 2011

We left New Orleans with our belly full and we were saturated with the fast pace lifestyle of New Orleans. We drove to Beaumont Texas, a small city of 110,000 population and settled in our hotel about 2 miles north of Downtown. Then we went out in search of a restaurant and arrived on Crockett Street which is a popular place to go according to our travel guide booklets . We got out, took a few pictures and started to look around for people. Ok, it felt like the twilight zone. There was no a soul out there, nor any cars driving around. We saw 2 police cars driving around in the 5-10 minutes we were downtown. I had the strangest feeling and it felt eerie. We decided to leave and find a place where it ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Beaumont September 10th 2011

North America » United States » Texas » Beaumont January 25th 2010

For all out there that want to see one list of Mardi Gras activities, I've compiled what I could find from all the area websites I could find. We're experiencing several holidays and traditions in a short period this year. Least of those is not Mardi Gras! Fat Tuesday this year is February 16th. This is always the day before Ash Wednesday. Texans do not generally get the day off from work for this special holiday. Some of us are jealous for those in our neighbors of Louisiana who do. Our Golden Triangle area of southeast Texas is hopping with Mardi Gras activities at this very moment. Floats and costumes are being assembled, trinkets to throw from the floats and to share with the masses are being readied, King Cakes are being baked by the thousands ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Beaumont December 10th 2009

Geo: 30.0862, -94.1016Damn it's frikken cold. ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Beaumont September 7th 2009

I have indeed kept busy this summer from my southeast Texas home base. Since returning from the Yucatan of Mexico mid July I have been having a lovely time with friends in many different locations. I've visited and engaged in lively conversations, lain by pools enjoying the weather, hidden from thunderstorms, given a friend a tour of our local out of the way sites, dined with many friends, enjoyed friends in their environments of Pearland, Houston, Friendswood and, most recently, gone dove hunting in Uvalde strictly as an observer on my part with friends. Taking pictures hasn't been high on my priorities simply because I get to enjoying myself so much that I forget to! I'm always sorry that I didn't and kicking myself about it or rather the lack of. George was in from EG ... read more
Me, Steve and Paula
Me, Steve and Paula pic 2 of 3
I'm, of course, the short one

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