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North America » United States » Texas » Austin » Hill Country January 16th 2014

Finally we made it to Texas even though TX is Summer's home state. One thing is for sure, not everything is bigger in Texas ( just kidding ) We visited Austin over Thanksgiven weekend, it was quite cold to be honest. Went to a longhorn game, visited 6th st, went to get some of the best bbq in the entire state of TX. The Salt Lick Bbb joint is awesome and unique, and the drive is quite nice as well. I am going to let the pictures do the talking for me.... read more
on the road again 002
on the road again 003
on the road again 004

North America » United States » Texas » Austin » Hill Country May 20th 2013

In addition to enjoying a few nights of Austin's great music scene we followed Anna's recommendation and drove about an hour outside of Austin to see Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve (aka Hamilton Cave). We understood that it was an area that had an incredible pool for swimming and an interesting rock formation. The weather was iffy, but today was our only chance to see it. The sky was soon alive with lightening and rain but we continued our "take to the waters" quest when Karena showed no fear braving the weather. I, however, was a bit more reticent, but went along. After 10-15 minutes hiking down a creek valley we thought that we should take some shelter from the downpour. It didn't take long to realize that our "dry" spot was flooding fast so we sprinted ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Austin » Hill Country April 3rd 2011

Before the Show When we woke up on Misty Matthews' various couches, we looked around at the disaster scene surrounding us. It was pretty bad when we had arrived the night before, but the extra beer bottles and cans, plus the natural detritus left behind by a group of wandering 20-somethings. We all took this wonderful opportunity to get clean again. Miraculously, Steve also decided that this would be a prime time for his first shower in at least 3 days (and we're talking 3 days of car travel and hard rocking ). He came out in his boxers, air drying himself since apparently Misty didn't have the foresight to prepare guest towels for her random weekend encounters with strange bands. We said thanks to our gracious hosts, and made moves to the van. We... read more
Adam driving
Stubb's BBQ
On stage at Momo's

North America » United States » Texas » Austin » Hill Country February 2nd 2011

DFW to Austin Tues. 1 Feb. This will likely be episodic, so hang on! Currently on Amtrak train 21 in the last rays of the afternoon sun - which runs Chicago to San Antonio TX - having joined it at Fort Worth, lvg at 2.10pm. It was there already at 1.50 when I arrived, having hailed a passing cab (very slowly due to ice) outside the Sheraton - somewhat surprised to see an elderly black lady inside but it got me to the station - or what they grandly call in Ft Worth ITC - that's Intermodal Transport Centre - i.e. local rail to Dallas, the TRE; the Amtrak train; buses and Greyhounds. At 4.04pm we passed Crawford TX (blink and miss it) the ranch home of Pres. Bush – not that you can see anything. ... read more
Ft Worth station
Ft Worth platform
moving out of Ft Worth

North America » United States » Texas » Austin » Hill Country December 7th 2010

December 07, Tuesday Got into the 20's last night. Up at 0730 and it is 30 outside now. Nice and cozy in my RV. Very quiet in the park. I wish this park was closer to San Antonio. I'd just stay here. But I've already seen everything there is to see in Austin so time to move on. Sometime later this week or early next week I'll drive down to Kerrville and check out the RV parks there. I've already done lots of homework on them on the internet and some of them look like a good place to use as a home base. Most of the parks are right on the Guadalupe River which is nice. And Kerrville is only40 miles from San Antonio. Planning on driving to Temple this morning and going by the ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Austin » Hill Country August 23rd 2010

Talk about bloody hot here in Texas, I have been down in Harlingen over the past few days with my old mate Curtis and Janet along with my old room mate Bill, that I shared a room with on my first South American Patagonia trip in 2005. It was so good to catch up with these guys. Janet let me take her Spyder for a ride and we also took Dave's (another guy from that same adventure) V10 Viper for a run to get some fuel. Dave lives in Bali and Curtis looks after the car for him, keeping it in ready mode for when Dave can come back to drive it. It was such a long way down to there, but the hospitality was awesome, thanks guys. I hope you have found your legs again ... read more
On the Tat
More TAT

North America » United States » Texas » Austin » Hill Country April 13th 2010

Austin April 12-15: Chapter 1: A Bump in the Road This one started out kinda bad. We were just pulling into Austin (Austin City Limits?) when I noticed that all of my dashboard lights were on. Now, we had been noticing that a squeak in the belts was getting worse. It started out when we would turn the airconditioner on so I fugured it was the AC belt and we could check into getting it fixed in San Antonio. Unfortunately, we started noticing that it was becoming more constant and squeaked while driving without the AC and then....the squeak stopped. For those of you even remotely familiar with cars, you know this means the belt broke. It was shortly thereafter that all the dash lights came on and I was teleported back to highschool; to a ... read more
ROTC at UT Austin
Replica of the Ocal Office
View of Memorial Stadium from the LBJ Library

North America » United States » Texas » Austin » Hill Country February 28th 2010

Our book club is not only sending Stanley on adventures around the World, but also hosting Stanley for a class in New Mexico. We took a picture with Stanley in front of our school with our principal (posted). We are working on taking pictures with Stanley at hot spots around Austin. Students will write letters to the 3rd grade class to tell them all the important things one needs to know about Austin, Texas.... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Austin » Hill Country February 28th 2010

Today Stanley went to Bull Creek, the 360 Bridge, and the outlook on 360 to take a picture in front of the Austin skyline. We are working on taking pictures at all the great places in Austin to send to our buddy 3rd grade class in New Mexico.... read more
360 Bridge
Austin Skyline from 360
Stanley Loves Starbucks!

North America » United States » Texas » Austin » Hill Country February 24th 2010

Today Stanley got to play in the snow in AUSTIN, TX! He was so excited to see big flakes falling for most of the day. This is a very unusual thing to experience here in Central Texas. We ventured outside with one of our reading specialist at lunch and we couldn't believe our eyes! It was definately a Kodak moment. Unfortunately Stanley forgot his jacket at home, so we couldn't stay outside long. He enjoyed building a snowman and throwing snowballs after school at home. Now he wants to be mailed to Colorado so that he can go snowboarding! He better hurry, spring skiing is the best in my opinion. What a fun day!... read more

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