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North America » United States » South Dakota » Sturgis May 14th 2017

Sturgis only because I don't know. Lots of miles today. Between last week going through Kansas and Iowa and now through Minnesota and in the South Dakota I have seen or we have seen more plowed fields than you would think could exist in the United States. They will all be corn and soy. We will get into the sightseeing stuff tomorrow. Driving a cross US 90 is a concentrated effort the wind is constant (HARD) and when the tractor trailers pass you it really kicks this RV around. It is not a hard thing to drive just a little longer than we're used to.... read more

North America » United States » South Dakota » Oacoma May 13th 2017

Chapter 2. I left off last night as I was falling asleep. Well, we had a restless night as temperature dropped to 58deg. and I had forgotten to turn on the heater, so awoke around 4 am to remedy. Mattress too hard etc., you don't want to hear complaints from anyone who's on adventure of a lifetime! Anyway, up at 6 a.m. to get ready for first trip in RV. We attended seminar put on by the able group from Great Alaskan Holiday to make sure we knew ins/outs and do's/don'ts of RV operation and 3FromNaples were on our way by 10:30am. Before we left we posed for group picture in front of one of our RVs that we're traveling in. On first highway out of Winnebago factory we got stuck behind some farm equipment which ... read more

Wednesday 3rdMay Livingston – Belle Fourche 397 miles Today was always going to be a driving day which was a shame because the sky was blue and it had actually started to warm up again! By lunchtime we had reached Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument so it seemed an ideal place to stop. Learnt a lot! It was basically where Custer made his Last Stand and was killed on June 25th 1876. , Before this there were a lot of feuding tribal Indians and the Crow and Lakota tribes joined Custer against the Cheyenne, Arikara and the Arapaho tribes as this was the only way they could see to ensure the safety of their lands. There was a sub group of 350 soldiers who survived but everyone else was killed and the bodies left where they ... read more
The Indian War Memorial
Spot the climbers!
Chris and the Presidents

North America » United States » South Dakota » Rapid City December 1st 2016

Joce and Matt discover the wonder and surprise of South Dakota in September! Check out their first ever edition of their travel vlog "Weird Wanderings" below: ... read more

North America » United States » South Dakota » Badlands October 12th 2016

After John's great birthday dinner we left Buffalo around 9.00a.m. and headed for Hill City in South Dakota. I think Wyoming has been our favourite so far especially around Buffalo, the old school Americans, talking hunting all the time, how many elk they shot the day before etc etc like old times. Four guys walked through the foyer in the hotel with 4 big guns, imagine that happening in Aus, no one batted an eyelid. It had stopped snowing by the time we were going but our car was iced up all over, took some time to get it all clear. Very scenic drive from Buffalo before we hit the border of South Dakota and then went through the Black Hills area, lots to see. We stopped off at Sundance for a coffee and then pulled ... read more

North America » United States » South Dakota August 22nd 2016

Who doesn't love a road trip? Well...little Emmett, as it turned out................... Fortunately, our son and daughter-in-law anticipated his angst and loaned us their second car. Apparently Em indulged in a " whine-on-a-loop" for several hundred miles, with an occasional nap thrown in, to preserve his parent's sanity :) My hubby and I had a peaceful time and enjoyed the openess and virtual emptiness of the North Dakota plains. Miles and miles of wheat fields and grassland for grazing cattle were actually a beautiful sight. I love anything remotely ' quaint' and we came upon a delightfully 'old-world' general store, literally in the middle of nowhere ! We had a rest break, sitting on the front stairs, sipping cold drinks on a fiercely hot afternoon. The landscape gradually changed to hills, as we neared South Dakota ... read more

Ok I know, two posts in one day is unusual but it is pouring here and we are forced to take a day off. Couldn’t have a better day off then Michelle’s birthday and couldn’t have a worse day with this wind and rain. So this is catch-up time for me before I get too far behind in my posts. Ellsworth AFB is a great pivot spot centrally located near the Black Hills, the Badlands and Sturgis. We have taken full advantage of the first two days, one on the bike in warm calm weather and one in the truck in 20+ mph winds with afternoon thunderstorms. Our first stop was someplace that most everyone would say, yeah I would love to see that but it’s so far away, I won’t ever get the chance. That ... read more
A humbleing experience
So impressive, so massive
In the Badlands

North America » United States » South Dakota » Sturgis August 19th 2016

Fun fact: public nudity in South Dakota is not illegal. Unfortunately I had not packed any body paint so was unable to take full advantage of this legislative opportunity. Others had more foresight than I, and so there were interesting 'outfits' to be observed on the streets of Sturgis. But I'm getting ahead of myself. There are 600kms to ride from Cody to Sturgis, 300 of them in the rain, over mountains. And a flat tire. We start with the flat tire. We had new tires fitted in Cody and when we went to leave on Thursday morning I wondered why I couldn't turn my front wheel. I thought I'd left my steering lock on. Turns out our friendly tire fitters had pinched the tube as they fitted the tire and it had gone flat as ... read more
Cloud Peak Skyway
Welcome to Sturgis!
Custom Bike

North America » United States » South Dakota August 17th 2016

BJ from Golden Circle Tours picked us up at 8 a.m. and for the next 10.5 hours we were escorted to several wonders of Custer State Park and the Blackhills National Forest. On the way to our first stop & photo op, BJ pointed out Harney Peak, elevation 7,242 feet, the highest point between the Rocky Mountains & the Swiss Alps. Sylvan Lake was our stop before we got on Needles Highway to experience the narrow tunnels and hairpin turns. Needles Eye Tunnel is narrowest at 8'4" wide. BJ told stories of campers getting stuck in the tunnel & of others having to back out of the tunnel. The Doane Robinson Tunnel is widest at 14' & two vehicles can pass if they "suck it in!" Needles Eye and Cathedral Spires were two unique rock formations ... read more
Sylvan Lake
Needles Eye
Needles Eye Tunnel

North America » United States » South Dakota August 16th 2016

Sorry the blogs have not appeared daily. We have very limited cell service and have had no WiFi for 2 days. We are in Riveton, WY this evening, so I am attempting to catch up. On Tuesday, we left the Badlands on an adventure that we had not planned originally. Any of you who know Tim, know that he likes to get off the interstates & take the "Scenic Routes." We wandered our way to the Southwest, including over 50 miles of gravel roads, to see what we could see. We met our goal--saw buffalo roaming all around, herds of 50-100 head. We also saw prairie dogs, prong horned antelope, cows & calves, and of course the vegetation became greener. Oh yes, we also saw 3 cars, one of which was over the edge, without tires ... read more
Home on the range
Frost & Popcorn

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