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July 14th 2019
Published: August 8th 2019
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July 12-14
It’s been frustrating to blog last week without WiFi and very little cell signal. And it doesn’t seem to be getting better but worse. I’m making notes and will post when I can upload pictures and text.

This morning we got up and headed northwest again. We were hoping for better roads but it was only marginally better. We hit a bridge seam that was bad and noticed a shimmy had developed in the truck. It is very difficult to tell if it’s the road or the truck. If we could find a smooth road we might know but that’s asking the impossible.

We arrived at Oahe Dam Downstream campground near Pierre SD by mid afternoon. It was hot but not as bad as Iowa. We had to get water as we try not to travel carrying water. It’s really heavy so when we are in most state parks we don’t have water and sewer just electricity We try to take on enough water close by. So poor David was out in the terrible heat putting water in while I walked the dog’s nearby.

We finally got settled in the campground but not easy this time. The space was not very level and lots of trees so David wanted the trailer backed in a certain way. Well I’m ok backing that big thing but it really takes two of us because when you back in, the trailer blinds me to much of what is going on, so David is my eyes. The walkie-talkies help for sure. Anyway, I was tired and backed the trailer in but David wanted it over about a foot, that’s not that easy when you can’t pull straight forward, which I couldn’t without running over children and neighbors. I got frustrated, David got frustrated and then I was pissed when the young man from the neighboring trailer offered to help. I assumed he was thinking “yeah that woman needs help”. David talked to him thank goodness. I don’t really know if that’s what he thought or not and in all probability he was just being nice. I was just embarrassed that I was having trouble. I rarely have difficulty but some days it’s just how it goes. Well I had a lot to apologize for to David. I find the older I get the more I’m bothered by frustration. I’m sure no one else has that problem?

Afterward I fixed dinner and we were relaxing when my cousin Judy and her husband Cecil arrived to visit. What a surprise they would stop by tonight! We had a great visit, hugs all around. We made arrangement for them to come to dinner at the trailer tomorrow.

During our goodbyes as we ventured out to see them off we discovered voracious mosquitos! After we got back in David spent another 10 minutes swatting at those that had come in with us. Don’t you just hate it when on a warm night, you lay in bed uncovered, dark and the peaceful when you hear this buzzing? You know they are coming to bite you! Desperately you cover up, thinking I’d rather be hot that bitten. Then you realize your way too hot with your head covered up and you can still hear the buzzing and now you can’t sleep! Bursting out of desperation you leap from the bed, turn on the lights and are determined to kill that son-of-a-bitch’in mosquito! Now the whole family is awake, dog’s have decided since your up they need to pee and so you go out get bitten again and bring more mosquitos back in. Then the cycle repeats until morning and the suns out and it’s hot again. God I need a nap!!

Tired we got up and had breakfast and drove to town for steaks for dinner and groceries. We ran back to the trailer, let the dogs out to pee while I put groceries away. They enjoy the sun and David threw the ball for Red as we have a pretty big site, bounded by tall grass where the mosquitoes are waiting, and ticks. You can see kids wizzing bye on their bikes and shrieks of laughter as kids are playing all around. Red and Dottie love watching the kids as we seem to be stewing in our own sweat. I seem to be more heat intolerant as the days go by. I guess I’m just getting old! The humidity seems higher than I remember and we’ve been told that it’s been raining almost daily, none for us so far though.

David and I get the dogs back in the trailer now panting from the heat and playing so we can load up and head to town to visit my other cousin Donna. She has been living in the local nursing home since early fall 2018. We saw her and Judy last October when we went to go get Dottie from the breeder. Donna wasn’t too good, she’d had two rods put in her hips just prior to our last visit. Life was pretty uncertain for her. When we arrived this time she looked so much better than last visit. She still has many health issues, can’t walk much but overall looks better. We had a grand time visiting.

After a couple of hours we headed back to the trailer to start dinner on the grill for Judy and Cecil. We had a good time visiting and David cooked the steaks perfectly. It was a little crowded around the trailer table but it was better than outside being eaten by mosquitos. The grill smoke was all that saved David. He had the dogs for diversion too! Amazing it doesn’t take them long to want back in too. Dottie enjoyed trying everyone’s lap out after dinner. I had gotten a creme pie for desert, frozen and had let it sit in the refrigerator all day. Funny how creme pie doesn’t have much taste when it’s still frozen! LOL Judy and Cecil were gracious guests and didn’t complain about the cramped quarters or frozen pie.

The night routine continued as we said goodbye to Judy and Cecil, more misquotes, more swatting, more buzzing etc.

I can say Sunday morning was slow going, I’m sleep deprived I’m sure. I told David we are changing our tactics and I’m going to hunt the mosquitoes all down before I go to bed! I need some rest!!!

We had breakfast and then shortly after noon we headed to town with the dogs. Donna loves dogs and she’d had a Boston Terrier once too, Wiffy. As we got to the nursing home a bunch of patients were sitting outside around the back door, smoking I think. We got the dogs out of the truck and shortly after heard calls to the Boston. Dottie was happy to make the rounds saying hi to them. I think she’d make a good service dog visiting hospitals and nursing homes. She likes greeting people. Inside Dottie was happy to jump on Donna’s lap and give her a big kiss hello. We closed her door to keep other patients from distracting our visit. Red and Dottie were really good. They occasionally were fascinated by the strange calls of the patients down the hall but were overall pretty good. At one point Red saw the fire sprinkler up high on the wall and was sure it was something evil and tried to warn us all. I made an Alexa Video call from my phone to my mom so she could see and hear Donna and Donna could see her. It was really good for both of them to chat. They both look good and I think seeing each other made both of them feel better knowing the other was doing well. Dottie gave Donna a big kiss, as did Red, as we said our goodbyes and left. We are not sure when we will be back this way but we promised we’d call more often. Busy life gets in the way sometimes but we need to touch base more.

We headed back to the trailer and we played ball with the dogs after they’d been so good. It was pretty hot so it didn’t take too long. The campground was now nearly empty on late Sunday afternoon. The campers that had been just across the road knew Donna’s ex-husband’s dad. Small world!

Around 5:30 pm we left and drove to town to meet Judy and Cecil for dinner at the local Mexican restaurant, Guadalajara. The food was pretty good, shrimp wrapped in bacon, covered in cheese on bed of green peppers and onions. Kind of like fajitas. Large portion, David and I should have shared like Judy and Cecil. We had another nice visit and told them to come down to Payson to visit. Since Judy is still working at the prison it will be hard she thought. Cecil is still selling cars too. I realize if they can still work in their late 70’s I’m must be just lazy! No way could I do it anymore. I’m sure part of that is maintaining a level of activity but mentally I don’t think I could either. Let’s just face it, I love retirement!! Too bad you have to get old though! LOL.

We headed back to the trailer, I put a sweatshirt and hat on, as did David before taking the dog’s out in the 80 degree darkness. I was determined not to get bitten again. We have mosquito-spray but then you smell bad in bed! So wrapped up we got the dog’s out and back in. David and I hunted all the bugs down at least that we could find before going to bed. I was determined to get some sleep!


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