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North America » United States » South Dakota July 23rd 2017

What a difference a good bed and plumbing can make! Our camper bed is pretty comfortable, but it's not quite the same. This morning we got up, had breakfast, thanked the Casagrande's for their gracious hospitality and got back on the road, headed east! Our goal was to hit the Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, and if we were lucky, the Badlands. On our drive through Montana, we saw a sign for Little Bighorn Battlefield National Park and decided since we were passing by it, we might as well stop. It ended up being a good stop. It was a historically somber experience when you think about all that happened there. The overall message of the park was the power of peace through unity- a strong message that is just as relevant in the world today. We ... read more
Custer's Last Stand
Little Bighorn
Native America memorial at Little Bighorn

North America » United States » South Dakota June 25th 2017

Well I made it to Pierce Nebraska which is on the 6th Meridian N/S. Just above Norfolk. Slept in a church parking lot. Got going early and had breakfast over looking the state Border and the Missouri River. At a town call Yanken. Which is a site the Lewis and Clark met up with some Indians to make a treaty. next was off towards Rapid City 290 miles (4 1/2 - 5 hrs drive). Stopped at a rest area overlooking the Missouri River, yes I crossed it twice. A tribute to Lewis and Clark and also the Indians of the area. A few more miles down the track and a turn off for a Minute Missile site. One of 5 across the USA. It was a missile that was supposed to be ready to launch within ... read more

Today we visited Custer State Park (known as South Dakota’s crown jewel). It is one of the nation’s largest parks with over 71,000 acres of spectacular terrain and abundance of wildlife. This is rated as one of the top 5 scenic byways in all the USA. We drove the 18 mile Wildlife Loop Road known as a wildlife wonderland. It consisted of rolling prairies, pine covered mountains, lakes, streams and granite spires. Lots of switch backs but we avoided the roads with tunnels because Joy was too nervous. We saw herds of bison, bands of burrows, white tail deer, prairie dogs, and wild turkey. Elusive to us were the elk, antelope, mountain lions, big horn sheep, mountain goats and coyotes. Maybe we will go back another day. Our main reason for going was to see the ... read more
Burrow Stand-Off

We were up early as we are still trying to adjust to crossing another time zone. We spent the morning exploring the Black Hills north of our campground. The Black Hills are a granite that are dark in colour but can reflect the light to look more like silver . They are called hills but in Nova Scotia they would be mountains. The drive has lots of twists turns, ups and downs. The cliffs have dense outcroppings of tall straight ponderosa pine. Along this route there are lots of mountain streams and some waterfalls. Francois would love the fishing spots in this area. We visited the historic mining town of Deadwood. The buildings on the cobblestone streets date back to the mid 1800’s. It had a rowdy reputation in its early days and still has lots ... read more
Spearfish Canyon Scenic Biway
Spearfish Canyon Scenic Biway.

We drove across the State of South Dakota to Mt Rushmore. The flat plains have given way to pine covered hills. The area is referred to the Black Hills due to the dark colour of the granite. Arrived at the KOA Campsite and after setting up the trailer headed to the town of Hill City about 10 minutes away,. This is a historic one street town. We found a saloon and had a local craft beer. We did not have to check our pistols at the door. Our campground is located 10 mins from Mt Rushmore in the middle of the Black Hills area. The campground is very large – over 600 campsites, over 50 cabins and a lodge. They hold a Rodeo in the park every few weeks but unfortunately we missed it. Our campsite ... read more
Mount Rushmore KOA
Mount Rushmore KOA

June 11 arrived at Sioux Falls South Dakota. It was 32c and very humid. The 8 hour drive along Interstate 90 took us across the State of Wisconsin. It was was flat with very large farms that stretched to the horizon. The road was straight and a bit monotonous. Luckily there were a lot of easy access rest stops along the Interstate to stretch out legs. The farms looked prosperous and were quite lush. Sioux Falls is the largest city in South Dakota and is just across the boarder from Wisconsin. This is just a stopover until we reach our next major destination at Mount Rushmore. The stopover gave us an opportunity to visit the local Costco and stock up on meats (and cheap wine). Fortunately we stopped at filling one cart. On Monday we visited ... read more
Sioux Falls KOA
Falls Park
Falls Park

Got on the road by 9am! Considering Carl got home from work at 8:30AM, I think we did pretty good. Took the kids (ie. Carl) to a local candy making store in Sioux City and a not so fast stop at a "fast food" restaurant in Sioux Falls. Since we already had a reservation in Rapid City, we knew we had lots of time to stop at those places we always drive by and think "we'll see that next time". On that list was the Mitchell Corn Palace. A small entertainment complex decorated with many scenes made from corn. They change it every year and it's really pretty impressive. I haven't been there in 20+ years and Carl and the kids had never seen it, they actually were pretty impressed. Our next stop was Wall Drug. ... read more

As we prepared to leave emotions ran high as I have hormonal daughters. My 14 year Isabella began to cry while packing. I asked what was wrong she replied, “I am going to miss Patchy.” She was very upset about leaving the cat home, so much reassurance was given that Uncle Matt would make sure her cats were tended to. I was quite moody myself because of nerves as this is only our second-long trip with our kids. I was also nervous about leaving my pets. My pets are 30 + rabbits and 20 + dairy goats, but am reassured that my awesome brother Matt will make sure all the animals are alive when I get home. The day started out very early 3:45 am to be exact. It was hard to drag our beautiful children ... read more
The mighty Missippi
Miles of river
Yikes driving the interstate

Traveled I90 across South Dakota today. Stopped at Wall drug and drove thru Badlands national park. WOW. Wasn't even ony itinerary . So glad we did it Like entering a different world. Mt Rushmore was impressive. Had to wait for the fog to clear to get pics. Snow on the gound and 35 when we were there. Checked​ out. Black Hills Miner Brewery in Hill City. Bought a growler. Spent the night I New Castle Wy. ... read more

Up early today to get jump on a long day. Al having to deal with hot water problem which "guru" Ray's magic could not solve. We left Oasis Campground on the banks of the Missouri and were on the road by 8:30am. The farmlands of the prior day swiftly changed to rolling hills with grazing cattle abundant. Instead of leaving the 15mph winds behind, they continued at 20mph for most of the day as we literally sailed along Interstate 90 toward the Badlands and Mount Rushmore. The weather was a little cooler with highs only in the 60s but still sunny. Somewhere along the way we passed into the Mountain time zone and gained another hour. However, this is 2 additional hours in less than a week and we still haven't caught up. We stopped for ... read more
prairie dogs near gas station
Sue,Tom,Peggy&Dorrie in Badlands

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