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North America » United States » South Dakota » Oacoma May 16th 2015

Well we are here! Left Boston yesterday at 11:33 AM, and arrived in St Paul, Minnesota at 1:30 local time. Unfortunately, the bus that was bringing us to the Winnebago factory was not scheduled to leave until 5:00 so there was a long wait. After retrieving our bags, we realized that there was nowhere to eat except for a small food stand, and with all of our luggage in tow, taking a cab or even a bus to a restaurant was impossible. The drive to Forest City took about 2 hours, 15 mins, and when we arrived we were greeted by a very friendly and efficient team, and we were in our RV's in a matter of minutes. Needless to say our main focus was getting something to eat. We then proceeded to unpack, and fell ... read more
Stocking up on the goodies
Chillin' with friends

North America » United States » South Dakota » Rapid City April 15th 2015

We are well on our way to Yellowstone. We left in the early morning of Monday April 13. Originally planning to leave the afternoon of the 12th, we were still busy with last minute tasks and visiting with dear friends and family until early evening, so we just got some sleep and headed out early. Had a great day Sunday with the kids and friends. Had a great service at church, the preacher was pretty good if I do say so myself (haha, it was Jack for those who didn’t know). Great spirit, powerful prayer, wonderful blessing! On Monday we traveled nearly 700 miles. Ran into a little rain, but overall it was a great day, pretty light traffic. Stopped for breakfast, then for a nap, then supper, and finally for the night Walmart camping in ... read more
working on the blog
entrance to badlands
travel advisory for wind

North America » United States » South Dakota » Rapid City March 25th 2015

We awoke this morning to the comforts of our own bed, always a genuine spirit lift after one has been away....there's nothing like it---the sounds, the smell, the feeling. Our mornings at the abbey were very, very comparable with the exception of the child and dog parade we receive daily here, sometimes arriving under secret silent protest. I feel pretty well today and allowed myself minimal sleep during our crazy adventure homeward...three hour drive to the airport, 2.5 hour flight from Scotland to Germany, five hour layover, Germany to Denver in 10 hours, three hour layover and then a quick 50 minute flight back into the arms of our clinging daughters. Clayton, on the other hand, had his immune system fail the last day in Scotland and came down with a cold. He slept most of ... read more
German espresso!!!
My newest love with Loch Ness
Is this love....why yes it is!!!

North America » United States » South Dakota February 20th 2015

Every day is one step closer to our grand adventure! I take a Gaelic lesson every day, sometimes with epic fail, repeat and somehow it sticks😊 This past week, I've chatted with our flat contact from Scotland-a very friendly fellow with the last name Channing who had difficulty understanding MY accent. I've also had conversations with a German man for our board in Frankfurt, Germany, and also a French woman who helped me with our banking conversion. This is sooooooo exciting!!! Every spare minute, I am planning and dreaming and wondering what we are going to encounter....I love the vast knowledge of the Internet! This afternoon, my dad, the Google Earth expert, was looking all around Scotland and finding our flat at the Highland Club in Loch Ness. Last night, I was knee deep in information ... read more
Fun with garlic!!
The U-Bahn system map

North America » United States » South Dakota February 17th 2015

After saving and dreaming of the various lands we'd like to visit through airfare apps, our dream honeymoon is happening next month!!! We had only pipe dreamed we would be able to do our trip to Scotland. We opted out of a honeymoon right after we tied the knot last year in March. We had some very significant expenditures like our wedding vow ceremony and the adoption process that completed our family and made our dreams come true! We have three growing girls with the usual surprise expenses and occupations that fluctuate in monetary value. With the busy times of a busy family, this trip seemed out of reach. We enjoyed many nights planning and hoping things would fall into place and somehow it did. The purpose of this travel blog is to keep our circle ... read more
The courtyard
The chapel pool
The monestary hallways

Nous passons 3 jours dans le Parc National des Badlands. Coup de Foudre !! C'est beau, il fait chaud (35°C), il fait soleil et le camping sans eau/électricité est gratuit pour 14 nuits ! Les paysages sont à couper le souffle; des immenses rochers en dents de scie, des collines avec des grandes herbes couleur blé qui se balancent dans le vent, des hauts plateaux suivis de falaises impressionnantes, des pics rochers, etc... On y voit des mouflons (seulement des femelles aux petites cornes) et plusieurs bisons (tous avec des cornes pointus!). Ces derniers sont TOUS étendus sur la route ou grignote l'herbe en bordure de la route ! On monte sur le haut d'une montagne regarder le coucher de soleil et on s'endort sous un ciel plus qu'étoilé. Chant des coyotes à multiples reprises au ... read more

North America » United States » South Dakota » Spearfish September 7th 2014

2014 09 07 Day 6 Because we didn't get back to the motel until midnight, we slept in. Last night we decided that instead of driving four hours round trip to see Jewel Cave National Park, we would spend the day seeing Deadwood and relaxing. We left the motel around 10, got gas and got the car washed to remove the seven layers of bugs from the front of the car. We drove to Deadwood (about 15 miles) and had a very nice breakfast at Lee St. Station. We then walked through Deadwood which has absolutely nothing to see, unless you like to look at touristy shops with overpriced junk they call souvenirs, or casinos. The welcome center had a small exhibit detailing the history of Deadwood. Deadwood originally was Sioux land. While Custer and his ... read more

North America » United States » South Dakota September 7th 2014

Yesterday we saw Mt. Rushmore. I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be. As it turns out one of the reasons for carving the faces in the mountain was to increase tourism. We also saw Crazy Horse last night. Two days a year, they blast the mountain with dynamite at night and last night was one of them. That was fun. Actually the history of the Crazy Horse memorial is really interesting. Today was a visit to Deadwood. I won $19.50 on the slots. Otherwise, the town is full of stores selling t-shirts. Tomorrow we head to Yellowstone. I'm looking forward to that. I have 11,449 waze points.... read more

North America » United States » South Dakota » Spearfish September 6th 2014

2014 09 06 Day 5 We decided to say in Spearfish for 3 nights so we wouldn't have to rush to see everything we wanted to see. Yesterday made us very weary. We slept late and went to breakfast in the motel at 9:41. The food was OK, but the service was abysmal. The waitress brought a carafe of coffee to the table and didn't provide any cream. The next time we saw her was at least ten – fifteen minutes later when she brought out our food. By that time the coffee was cold. She put the check on our table while we were eating, and we never saw her again. When we were done eating, we waited at least five minutes before we decided to chase down someone to pay our bill. Chris walked ... read more

North America » United States » South Dakota September 6th 2014

We have been busy seeing lots of stuff. Stopped by Sioux Falls to actually see the falls - quite a sight. Visited the Heritage Center in Pierre, South Dakota. Drove through the Badlands, took some photos and saw Mt. Rushmore lit up at night. Today we will see Mt Rushmore in the daylight, Custer State Park, Crazy Horse and Spearfish Canyon.... read more

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