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North America » United States » South Dakota » Badlands October 12th 2016

After John's great birthday dinner we left Buffalo around 9.00a.m. and headed for Hill City in South Dakota. I think Wyoming has been our favourite so far especially around Buffalo, the old school Americans, talking hunting all the time, how many elk they shot the day before etc etc like old times. Four guys walked through the foyer in the hotel with 4 big guns, imagine that happening in Aus, no one batted an eyelid. It had stopped snowing by the time we were going but our car was iced up all over, took some time to get it all clear. Very scenic drive from Buffalo before we hit the border of South Dakota and then went through the Black Hills area, lots to see. We stopped off at Sundance for a coffee and then pulled ... read more

North America » United States » South Dakota » Badlands September 8th 2015

On our way to Rapid City, stopped by the Corn Palace (a palace made of corn), it was a necessary drive-by. Not much in SD as I can see but corn! Bob is having fun driving the 80 MPH speed limit, with some "peddle to the metal" moments. We had a beautiful day to drive through the Badlands, and to see Mt. Rushmore. There were acres and acres of sunflowers. Their heads were drooping from the weight, but I managed to get a pix from the car. In addition to the corn and sunflower fields the billboards for Wall Drugs were everywhere, so of course, we had to stop to see the scene. It's a drug store that's grown to a "buy everything" store, cowboy boots (pretty good ones) and lots of tourist stuff and an ... read more
Wall Drug

It is our longest leg of the journey. Although we only covered two states we logged over 600 miles and our mileage as we pulled into Custer State Park is 2117 miles. We crossed the Missouri River. We did hit a wrinkle that made us a little nervous as we were trying to get on 90W after driving 100 miles from our last stop. Google insisted on telling to use an on ramp that no longer existed. After spending ten minutes figuring out the poorly marked detour we were able to hop on 90 west for the last 500 miles of this leg. Rest of the rest stops were uneventful, including the much touted Wall Drug, in Wall, SD. Good thing we needed gas and restrooms. However, most people seemed to love it there. We arrived ... read more

We have now spent three days in this beautiful state .It is interesting that its nickname highlights the monument to the four presidents, when, in fact, for me, the other attractions are more memorable. The Black Hills of South Dakota are filled with sights to see and things to do. We were able to see the major tourist spots but, again, to see everything worthwhile, it takes more than a couple of days. Bill and I decided to stay in Deadwood, which is just a few miles from most of the attractions such as Spearfish Canyon, the Presidents Monument and Crazy Horse. Unfortunately, the weather the first day was not great and our trip to see Mount Rushmore was hampered by the fog. We were unable to see the mountain clearly. However, we made the most ... read more
Model of Crazy Horse

North America » United States » South Dakota » Badlands October 22nd 2010

Well it's been over a year since I traveled but I managed to break away for a week to the Badlands, Deadwood and Custer State Park all in western South Dakota. Got to see the local wildlife while remembering what it's like to wake up to 30 degrees... Couldn't let Echo run free for just about every edge was a straight shot down...way down. The buffalo don't care much for dogs either so not to many Echo pic's this trip. Next time.... read more

North America » United States » South Dakota » Badlands August 17th 2010

Miles traveled today: 523 We rushed out of the hotel as fast as we could because of the big day we had ahead of us- Badlands National Park and Mount Rushmore. We arrived at the park a little before noon and I bought an eighty dollar annual pass to the National Parks while my mom, the lucky duck, bought a senior lifetime pass for ten dollars! We pulled off at the first parking area where there were several walking trails. I walked out in my flip-flops and quickly ran back to the car to put on hiking shoes to explore. There are no words that can give justice the beauty and grandeur of the place. We took hundreds (literally) of photos because as my mom said, “it’s hard not to when the place is so photogenic.” ... read more
Amazing Scenery
Mule Deer
On Castle Trail

North America » United States » South Dakota » Badlands June 29th 2010

Yesterday we began the day with a 5 mile walk on the Mickleson trail before breakfast. This trail is on an old abandoned railway (minus the rails & ties). Again, beautiful scenery & designed with a gentle slop for the old iron horse which works out well for today’s old horse! We then headed out for the Wall Drug Store established in the 1930’s by the Hustead family. In the beginning, times were slow & cars were zooming past headed for Rapid City. The family came up with the idea of giving away free ice water & advertised same on roadside signs (the signs today are literally all over the world. It was a huge success & the store now covers an entire city block in Wall, SD. You have to see it to believe it! ... read more
taking a break in Wall Drug Store
Badlands National Park

Good Morning! So last night in our adventures we named the car Black Betty while listening to the song. We went to the Wagon Wheel last night a local Interior bar. There we met Cliff, Deb, Lee, Radar, Shannon, his wife, his 17 year old daughter (buffest chick ever), and the whole gang. There we learned that in Interior you can get as drunk as you want and the cops don't do shit. Needless to say we made some great new friends. Today we are traveling through the Badlands and down to Jewel Cave (2nd largest cave in the world). We will be in Rapid City for lunch and then off to Custer National Forest where we are going to set up camp. The end of the night will be spent at Mount Rushmore where we ... read more

Well it is reaching the end of day three of our adventure after leaving Villanova on Monday. Will, Will and I made it to my lake house in Michigan that night where we had a contest out on the boat, a bonfire and called it a night. Birney took a quick trip to Fort Wayne, IN to see some of his family and met up with us early afternoon on Tuesday. Early Tuesday morning we did some skiing and then after Branden showed up we hit up the tubes before heading to Downers Grove. Wednesday we spent the day downtown Chicago seeing some of the sites before packing up the car for the drive the next day. This morning we hit the road at 6:30am and made the drive through Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota. ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

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