Day 7: Wherever You Go-There You Are

Published: July 5th 2015
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It is our longest leg of the journey. Although we only covered two states we logged over 600 miles and our mileage as we pulled into Custer State Park is 2117 miles. We crossed the Missouri River.

We did hit a wrinkle that made us a little nervous as we were trying to get on 90W after driving 100 miles from our last stop. Google insisted on telling to use an on ramp that no longer existed. After spending ten minutes figuring out the poorly marked detour we were able to hop on 90 west for the last 500 miles of this leg.

Rest of the rest stops were uneventful, including the much touted Wall Drug, in Wall, SD. Good thing we needed gas and restrooms. However, most people seemed to love it there.

We arrived at the Blue Bell Lodge in Custer State Park an hour before staff went home for the night. Good thing, because we were able to get a meal. Alec and I dined on some buffalo.

As we finally entered our cabin to get some much needed sleep after a long journey, we were greeted with a visitor in our cabin in the form of a mouse. It took me about twenty minutes to get it out. The folks at the lodge were kind enough to deliver some peanut butter and an old used spring trap. We finally turn in to rest up for the Fourth, tomorrow.

Not much in the way of pics for this post but that in and of itself tells the story.

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