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By this day the kids still weren’t sleeping well but at least they woke up happy and the whole family went down to the hotel breakfast buffet. We planned on trying to visit Roger Williams Park and the kids had fun climbing a statue and walking across “Lover’s bridge.” It started raining so we drove towards Providence to try to goto the mall, but it was getting late so we went back to the room since we were going to Jenn and Matt’s house in Cranston in the afternoon. It’s hard to have to keep coming back to the hotel for naps with 2 little kids who need naps. While Rosie and Vivian napped, Tory and Steve took a short drive to East Greenwich for clamcakes (which didn’t taste like much) and delicious New England clam ... read more

The first day in Rhode Island we needed to spend time in the morning before Tory and Vivian landed from Washington D.C. around 1:00. Steve, Nathan, Rosie, Nana and Grandpa went to Ann and Dave’s in the morning at the house that Grandpa grew up in. Ann used to be a pre-school teacher and watches her Grandkids a few days a week, so her house was perfectly setup for the kids to play with some puzzles and duplos while everyone caught up. Steve's cousin David's wife Gina came by too, but none of the other kids were there to play with Nathan and Rosie because they were in pre-school. We went back to the hotel so Rosie and Vivian could take naps in the room, so Steve and Grandpa could go to the airport to pick-up ... read more

North America » United States » Rhode Island » Cranston September 23rd 2007

Ok, so here's the thing..... In true Laurie and Axel fashion, we decided to take the Point Judith Ferry to Block Island and got lost on the way. The ferry ride was cool and lovely. Upon arrival on Block Island, we rented bicycles to tour around on. Axel promised that there were hardly any hills and this would in no way be strenuous. He lied. There were lots of hills. At one point an octogenarian actually passed me on one of the steeper hills. Complaining aside, it was fantastic. We had a great seaside lunch at the Oar House. The picture below explains where it gets its name! Block Island is full of history and is a nice quiet retreat a few miles off the coast. Because it is fall, it was not very crowded - ... read more
After a day of biking

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For those of you who don't know this, Newport, Rhode Island is the sailing capital of the United States...and for good reason! On any given day, but especially between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Narragansett Bay is filled with sailboats of all sizes. It is the birthplace of the legendary American J-class boats and one of the few places in the world that these mighty America's Cup sloops from the 1930s can still be sighted. With their enormous sail area, they are easy to spot gliding majestically across the bay. Labor Day weekend, we went sailing in the Bay with our friends Leo and Sparky (Frank). The marina at the naval base here in Newport, rents Rhodes 19s and Shields 30s. The graceful Shields are always my prefered choice, although it must be pointed out that ... read more
Sailing and Drinking
Frank attempting to fish....
Laurie's men

North America » United States » Rhode Island » Cranston November 17th 2005

Well... We've been on the East Coast for almost a week now riding along the backside of a quite dizzying tornado... We got to spend some time with Benji's Family, and saw my Grandmother up in Canaan Connecticut. Today we spent some time checking out Jonah's sail boat... what a beauty!! We can't wait to take her out to sea!! For those of you who we didn't get a chance to spend time with on the East Coast, please know that you are most definately in our hearts... we just didn't anticipate our first weeks of homelessness to wiz by so quickly!!! Tomorrow we're getting back on the big white bird to Irvine where we'll spend a few days with my 'rents. We're getting VERY excited about our trip, but not so excited about the innoculations ... read more

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