Cranston and Coventry to see Family

Published: May 29th 2019
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The first day in Rhode Island we needed to spend time in the morning before Tory and Vivian landed from Washington D.C. around 1:00. Steve, Nathan, Rosie, Nana and Grandpa went to Ann and Dave’s in the morning at the house that Grandpa grew up in. Ann used to be a pre-school teacher and watches her Grandkids a few days a week, so her house was perfectly setup for the kids to play with some puzzles and duplos while everyone caught up. Steve's cousin David's wife Gina came by too, but none of the other kids were there to play with Nathan and Rosie because they were in pre-school. We went back to the hotel so Rosie and Vivian could take naps in the room, so Steve and Grandpa could go to the airport to pick-up Tory and Vivian. It was very helpful that Nana and Grandpa were there to stay with Rosie and Vivian several times during naps while Steve, Tory, and Nathan could go places and do other things.

Grandpa took Nathan and Steve to the airport to greet Tory when she came down to the baggage claim and they were very excited to see here after 4 days without here. Nathan hid and surprised her around one of the corners with a big hug and kiss. From there, we went back to the room and Rosie got to see her Mommy, but she was equally as excited to see her baby sister Vivian.

In the afternoon, everyone went out to Coventry to visit Tara and Ron for a pizza and salad dinner. Zachary was working at his job at McDonald's so wasn't home but Zoey helped play with the kids and she and Tara loved holding baby Vivian. Tara had a good collection of kids toys so the kids were happy, and much to Nathan’s delight, she was willing to give away some young kids toys to us. Nathan and Rosie each picked out 2 toys, a monorail, mail truck, tanker truck, and a yellow monster truck. These were really helpful for the remainder of the trip to play with while in the hotel room and some of the other places where went to.

We went back to the hotel and kids went to sleep pretty easily, although the nights and mornings would be messed up for most of the trip. It was difficult having all the kids in the same room, but more for the fact that Rosie kept waking up and wanting to switch beds back and forth. After the kids went to bed, Nana stayed in the adjoining room and Tory and Steve took a Lyft to see Dave and Gina at the Tavern in the Square in Cranston. There, everyone could talk and catch up together without all the kids distractions. To Dave and Steve's delight, the Sharks game was on so they got to watch the Western Conference Finals and hang out.


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