Rain, Iggy's, Matt and Jenn's house

Published: May 29th 2019
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By this day the kids still weren’t sleeping well but at least they woke up happy and the whole family went down to the hotel breakfast buffet. We planned on trying to visit Roger Williams Park and the kids had fun climbing a statue and walking across “Lover’s bridge.” It started raining so we drove towards Providence to try to goto the mall, but it was getting late so we went back to the room since we were going to Jenn and Matt’s house in Cranston in the afternoon. It’s hard to have to keep coming back to the hotel for naps with 2 little kids who need naps. While Rosie and Vivian napped, Tory and Steve took a short drive to East Greenwich for clamcakes (which didn’t taste like much) and delicious New England clam chowder at a cool location called Iggy’s at Oakland Beach.

That Sunday afternoon was spent at Jenn and Matt’s new house in Cranston that they moved into a few months earlier. All of Grandpa George’s family was there again except Zoey was sick, so the house was full of New England accents and mispronouncing several words that have the letter “R” in them. For dinner there was some unique Rhode Island pizza and tasty calzones, plus some dessert afterward. All of the kids played wildly and took every toy out of the house. Grandpa and Steve tried watching the Sharks game but that ended badly. Nathan and Rosie played hard and started to get tired, which was a good thing to get back to the hotel so they could sleep easily. Tory and Steve hung out in the connected adjoining room of Susie and George, another great thing that the hotel had.


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