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North America » United States » Oregon » Pacific City May 21st 2017

The plan was to take Shirley to attend a Sunday Mass at the small Catholic Church on Rockaway Beach where she’d been a regular parishioner when she’d lived on the coast and also where they had the funeral for Sharon’s Dad; and, then to proceed back into Tillamook and have breakfast at the Pancake House. We’d all eaten there before and enjoyed its homey small town atmosphere. There was the option of going to the first mass at 8:30 and follow that with breakfast; or, to eat first and then attend the second service. We got up early enough to go with the first option. It was a bit of a drive to get out to the church, and already people were arriving at the church; still, we were able to get a primo parking space ... read more
Church by the Sea
View from Church Parking lot
View from Church Parking Lot

North America » United States » Oregon » Pacific City May 20th 2017

The Pacific Shore has a later sunrise than we experience in Vegas being farther east and in the same time zone. Sharon got up more than once during the night to check on her mom downstairs. And every new noise seemed to spawn the automatic “What was that?” How am I supposed to know what that was? After all, I was sound asleep. We went to a local diner for breakfast; but, four of its five tables were already full, and the fifth was a tiny table for two. The waitress estimated a twenty-minute wait, with no place to wait and especially nowhere for Sharon’s Mother to sit. There was another café just around the bend; but, we were up for a coastal drive and drove a few miles south on 101. The GPS said that ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Pacific City May 19th 2017

Our Alaskan Adventure begins with a belated Mother’s Day Weekend on the coast of Oregon. Our neighbor showed up to pick us up, a few minutes early; but, just as we’d brought our bags to the curb. She had warned us that she’d taken the “Multi-Gen” room in her house as her room, both because the master bedroom was much too big to suit her (reading between the lines means it was much too big of a job to clean to suit her) and besides, her room at the front of the house allows her to be the Mrs. Kravitz of the neighborhood. She’d called just after our alarm awoke us and I answered asking if this was our Uber driver confirming our pickup. We got to the airport, quickly dropped off our checked bags breezed ... read more
View of the Rock
Closer View of the Rock from the deck

North America » United States » Oregon » Pacific City October 23rd 2015

I put on my waterproof pants for the first time and packed away my soggy gear, my entire tent was sopping including the inside after this. That day was one of the toughest looking back as I still wasn't in bicycling shape, the previous day I had done about 70 miles so my legs were sore to and as I rode my waterproof gear made me sweat. It rained so heavily for hours that the road had little streams running down and I remember pushing my bike up a huge hill that went on forever and seeing Kane cycling up and disappearing around a corner. My morale was very low as the rain managed to get inside my head despite my body being mostly dry, I was suffering and almost scared being out in such heavy ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Pacific City July 30th 2011

Following a long, winding drive up the coast we arrived in the beautiful town of Pacific City, Oregon. Late afternoon with fog rolling in, strong breeze blowing, we drove up to a vacation rental home we discovered on VRBO. Behind a gated community with beautiful beach homes built into the sand and long ocean grasses, the house we rented for two days was perfect! It had three bedrooms and tons of space…including a great kitchen. Pluses: a refrigerator covered in word magnets, decent cooking utensils and Jim’s amazing clams for dinner. Minus: electric stove that is really hard to regulate. We decided to head to Pelican Brewery upon arrival and test their beers. A great restaurant right on the sand, the brewery had a fantastic Winema Wit for me and McPelican Scottish Ale and Doreyman Dark ... read more
Me and My Sweetheart
Where he was about to jump
Get Ready.....

North America » United States » Oregon » Pacific City July 26th 2011

Thursday we move toward the coast. Drizzling, cool rain amplifies the traffic concerns through Portland so we cross the Columbia River before the city and proceed up I-5 on the Washington side, crossing back over at Longview. We rejoin US 30 through Astoria where we pick up US 101 and start down the coast. Our stop tonight is Seaside's Encore Park which turns out to be several short blocks from the center of this Hampton Beach (NH) style summer beach community. A broad beach allows easy access with free parking (if you can find some in the heat of the day), usual beach fare including food and souvenirs and small hi-rise motels/hotels. We set off the next day in search of National Wildlife Refuges and National Parks by going inland and, instead, viewed clear cut (logged) ... read more

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