The Remnants of Mt. Mazama's Cataclysmic Eruption: Crater Lake National Park

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July 20th 2007
Published: October 19th 2007
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After Stewart Springs, I ventured through the remaining miles of California. This is where a simple idea such as a "road trip" turns into something very different, where whole governments and people change while the landscape remains the same. It was almost like going uphill, the dry and expansive Pacific Coast I know in California became intimate and lush. The terrain was defined by forested hills and large but distant volcanos. My destination? The mythical National Park of Crater Lake.

Crater Lake is easy to understand. Imagine a massive volcano much like Mt. Ranier- 4000 meters high and covered with glaciers- violently exploding. The hollow foundation of the giant then fills with the abundant snow of the North American Pacific Coast. Sheer 600 meter cliffs ring the surface of the lake, which is 1800 meters high. There is no inlet or outlet to the lake, and the combination of 13.5 meters of annual snow and high altitude make the lake virtually free of organic material. This makes the water very clear, and very blue. No swimming, kayaking or boating is allowed on the lake- except the boat tour of Wizard Island to which the ranger make an exception.


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I love this delicious, spore producing archaic wonderplant extraordinaire. It's almost as good as super fantastic ultra wish time in Japan!
Rogue River Gorge, OregonRogue River Gorge, Oregon
Rogue River Gorge, Oregon

The colors really were this bright!! The original before Photoshop: [url=][/url]
Rogue River GorgeRogue River Gorge
Rogue River Gorge

Rogue River Gorge

19th October 2007

you have a dirty mind
happy day smiley life shine! love the one of the phantom ship.
19th October 2007

gutter games and winter rains
super fantastic ultra wish time!! :)
20th October 2007

Crater Lake
I live in Southern Oregon, Grants Pass, I'm 62 years old, the 1st time I was at Crater was with my Grandfather, that's about 56 years ago, it was in June, 1951. Your discription of the lake and the photos, oh my goodness the photos. Just to let you know, you've inspired my wife and I to spend a weekend cross-country sking the 33 miles of the rim this coming winter, thanks again for opening up my home to me.
23rd October 2007

Thats the best compliment I've ever received! Thanks so much, its a good feeling knowing you've inspired someone to get outdoors. I hope to see your pictures of that adventure! It sounds challenging and tons of fun...
20th February 2008

Rouge River
Hi! Finally got the internet working and checked out your work, very nice! I used to live in Shady Cove on hwy 62 and rented rafts on the Rogue River, what a co-inky-dink! I took a drive up 62 one day to see what I could see, and didn't know Crater Lake was so close until I was crossing a bridge over the side of it. What a pleasant surprise that was! Well keep up the excellent work, and hopefully I'll see you at my next pet scan ; )
14th May 2008

you have an amazing eye. crater lake is a very spirtial place. i have enjoyed seeing it fresh from your perspective
1st May 2009

i find that the infomation here is well organized and i like it
7th August 2009

Amazing photos! You've inspired me to take a trip to Crater Lake. I never knew it was that beautiful! thanks:)
7th August 2009

Crater Lake...
Great! Thanks for all the compliments guys. one note, Crater Lake is frequently covered in snow until late summer, August/Sep is probably the best month to go!
3rd November 2009

3rd November 2009

good job
good work bj
6th October 2010

crater lake national park
Crater Lake National Park is the nation's 6th oldest National Park and is one of the most visited and coveted tourist attractions in Oregon. It is 180,000 acres of true wonder and splendor. Visitors to the park tell stories of how you cannot possibly be prepared for the beauty of the park in person. Pictures can only offer a limited point of view but seeing it in person can inspire.

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