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North America » United States » Oklahoma » Afton May 20th 2019

Hello Everyone We left Marble Falls Texas driving 8hrs to Afton Oklahoma,Afton is a town in Southwest Ottawa County,Oklahoma. It was just short stop over on the way to Branson,Missouri. The country side is so beautiful here. We visited the local Dam and walked on the rocks. Afton is located on the historic US Route 66. We have just arrived in Branson,Missouri ,chilling out,before going to a Chinese place for tea. It’s cheaper to go out and than buying a lot of stuff to cook.. Its very green here with lots of grass!! SK... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Oklahoma City April 22nd 2019

After impulsive, unplanned and spur-of-the-moment trips to both Alaska and Hawaii in 2018, I spent a relatively quiet, event- and attraction-free winter in Apache Junction AZ. I am always working on my “one-of-these-days” long-range mental calendar – the precursor to my “written in pencil” calendar, my “written in ink” calendar and, finally, my etched in stone calendar. Both Alaska and Hawaii had been bouncing around in the mental calendar since the beginning of The Great Adventure in 2010, but neither had made its way to a sheet of paper by New Year’s Day of 2018. Cousin Marilyn’s son and daughter had taken her to Hawaii in Fall 2017 for her 80th birthday. That got me to thinking about a momentous landmark to celebrate my 70th birthday. I decided spending my 70th in Alaska would be a ... read more
The Wall at the End of the Reflecting Pool Is Marked with 9:03 While the Opposite Wall (Behind Me) Is Marked with 9:01 – The Two Minutes That Changed Oklahoma City Forever
The Scale of the Non-Military Destruction Was Almost Beyond Belief
Sometimes There Is Just No Explanation

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Atoka October 13th 2018

Every trip on I-40 that includes driving thru Memphis, must include a stop for ribs. Back, probably 2004 I was working a windstorm there, living in the RV park across from Graceland. I was in a drugstore and started talking with someone. I’d mentioned that I wanted to eat at the Rendezvous, written up in Bon Appetit, I believe. Anyway, this little old lady comes up and said no, you must eat at this other restaurant. I did and believe that they have the best ribs ever. I’ve stopped at this little restaurant every trip thru Memphis, and usually, take a rack of ribs home in the RV freezer. One friend left unnamed, wanted to lick the plate! This trip was no different; GPS said that we could get to Memphis in about 12.5 hours. 14 ... read more
Stopped for the missing license plate

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa June 11th 2018

What a trip! Spent Sunday putting things away and doing laundry. Then a mini-trip: off to OKC with Andrew for the John Fogerty/ZZ Top concert at the Zoo Amphitheater, tickets for which the kids got for my birthday. Great show - almost 4 hours of wonderful music. And ZZ Top may be the coolest band ever! So, according to Google Maps, we flew a total of 10,294 miles, rode intercity trains 484 miles, and walked 60 miles. We saw so many wonderful places and did a lot of really fun things. I am really awed and humbled by how small we are in the scheme of the world and history. At the same time, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend this time and do so much with Alex, who I love ... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa June 10th 2018

Tonight, Alex and I are home. The 9.5 hour flight from Heathrow to Dallas was very long but surprisingly smooth. The plane was huge, and every seat was filled. Movies, music, and continuous service from the flight attendants occupied our time and attention enough to keep the trip from being a total grind. We did a great job of staying awake to try to get on US time, with each of us catnapping only a little. A young English woman from Oxford sat next to me. She was incredibly anxious the whole trip (first time flying alone), but she was very sweet. Having her on one side and Alex on the other helped make the trip pleasant. We got a kick out of her when she actually exclaimed "Blimey!" at one point. Such a stereotypical English ... read more
Our full flight
Glad to be at DFW
Ready to leave for Tulsa

North America » United States » Oklahoma May 31st 2018

Day 11 – Wednesday, 5/30/18 Santa Fe, NM – Oklahoma City, OK Mileage: 562 miles Okay, with all the brown from the day before, maybe our minds browned out, but as we left out of Santa Fe, Claire started doing dive by shootings!! Now, before you think we’ve become part of a hardened gang, she was doing her shootings with her camera. Since there wasn’t anywhere for Pam to pull over in the heavy traffic, Claire said she was going to do “drive by shootings” of Santa Fe on the way out! One of things she missed, but we’re not sure how since it was so big, was a tennis court park with around 40 tennis courts. Susan said, “I’ll bet it is really fun to play tennis in 114o temperatures!” Santa Fe and the suburbs ... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa May 29th 2018

I am leaving Thursday to join Alex in London. Super excited to return to Europe...and most excited to see Alex! She's been in the UK since May 14 for the University of Oklahoma's College of Journalism & Mass Communication's study abroad program. Her class has visited BBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera, and a number of other media sites in London, Oxford, Cardiff, Bristol, and Bath. So I leave Thursday 05/31 at 0700 - Tulsa to Dallas to Raleigh-Durham airport. During the layover I get to see my good friend and former workmate Sabrina! Very excited about that! From Raleigh-Durham, it's off to London - leaving 1755, arriving 06/01 0630 local time. Alex will join me on 06/02 after her class ends. We will hang out in London for a couple of days, then Amsterdam 06/04-07 and Brussels 06/07-06/09. ... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa May 26th 2018

Getting ready to leave to join Alex in London. Check back for updates.... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Sand Springs October 20th 2017

We named our Road Atlas dad, since my dad is all about a 🗺and we must say, 'thank goodness for dad on this route!' Dad was a huge help...he is better than Google Maps or Waze on Route 66 🤗 Spencer, MO - gas 12.5 cents a gallon. Unfortunately they weren't open... We drove over the 🌈 bridge - Brush Creek Bridge, the only remaining example of a fixed Marsh Rainbow Arch bridge left on Kansas Route 66. We want to come back and paint it rainbow colors 😄 🎨 Passed through all kinds of small towns along Route 66, many of which are closed and barren. Quite sad 😭 Karen misbehaved in Galena KS so she got thrown in jail. She apologized - she was very sincere so I let her out. There was music ... read more
Karen - thrown in jail 😱
Karen gets out 😃

North America » United States » Oklahoma August 4th 2017

We left our hotel this morning at 7:30 and 68 degrees with a long drive ahead of us…all the way to Oklahoma City. There was not much time for touristy things today. We had to save it for the memorial. And that is what we did. We were not on the road for five minutes when we crossed the Missouri River. The water was quite low and I wondered, how could the water be low on the Missouri River and high on the Mississippi. I haven’t a clue, but that was my observation. We crossed more corn fields today…huge farms. And we saw soy beans again, too. The plants were young and low to the ground and the leaves were flowing with the breeze, creating a wonderful shimmering effect over the field, of varying shades of ... read more
Scenic outlook/cattle pens
Aren't they cute???
Black cows

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