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The longest day of our lives. It all started very well. We had breakfast, fueled up the truck, and headed out at a decent hour. Our plan was to be in Oklahoma City by dinnertime. Service Required Just after leaving Albuquerque, the check engine light came on. As most of our day was going to be spent in the middle of nowhere, we called Uhaul and found a service station in the dusty town of Santa Rosa. The mechanic discovered we did not have any oil in our engine. Zero. We were now an hour behind schedule, and no less frustrated, and so continued on through Texas toward Oklahoma. Service Really Required Just beyond the Texas boarder, one of the rear tires blew out. It felt like an isolated earthquake that only our truck was experiencing, ... read more
Mark and Callie command center
"You are here"
Service Required

Bonjour à tous, Ma plus grosse journée en kilométrage depuis le départ, mais pas la plus difficile, et cet après midi, j'ai passé le cap des 15000km. Ma soirée au "BIG TEXAN" ça mérite les majuscules. En partant un orage comme je n'avais pas vu depuis presque 3 semaines. C'est quand même dans ces états que ce forment les tornades majeures. Au resto lorsque je suis rentré, j'aurais pu me croire un 24 décembre à Carrefour, un monde dingue. La fille ou plutôt la "cowgirl" à la réception m'annonce minimum 45 minutes d'attente, elle m'inscrit et me remet un boitier, genre téléphone portable qui vibre et s'allume lorsque c'est son tour. J'ai le temps de me promener dans toute l'enceinte du restaurant, car il y a, boutique souvenirs, plusieurs bars, un spécialisé avec de la musique ... read more
plus de 2Kg de viande
Oklahoma city
on peut fumer ???

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Henryetta July 2nd 2015

...was without wifi so my blog entry is happening a day later. The day started with a hearty breakfast at McDonald's. Our jaunt across the panhandle of Texas was some of the straightest, flattest roads we've been on thus far. Mike says it gets his vote for the flattest, most boring stretch of road. Even more boring than Reno to Las Vegas. We saw a few sleeping armadillos along the side of the road. There wasn't much to take pictures of at 60 mph except a crop of windmills and lots of cows. They grow a lot of both in north Texas. It wasn't long before we crossed the border into OOOOOOOOOklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains. Everybody sing! A few miles into the state we stopped at a rest area/info center. Nice ... read more
The Road is SO Straight
Route 66
Original Guard Rail and Road

Got into the rhythm of navigating through the old roads today with the help of combining google maps with a map of the old route on a separate app today. We could have probably avoided the interstate all day but we left the hotel to late again and had our first experience in Wallmart! Its like all the shops in the uk combined into one at discount prices. You could be lost in there for months and no one would find you! Tomorrow we are going to try and set off early to spend the whole day taking our time on the old route and see some different things. Its much less stressful than the interstate because THERE ARE NO RULES OF DRIVING IN AMERICA! Honestly, people just cut you up, don't indicate and weave between ... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa June 19th 2015

It is good to be home! Unfortunately, our last night in London ended on a negative note. The fabulous fish and chips gave me food poisoning, and I spent most of Wednesday night/Thursday morning sick. (Thankfully, Andrew was fine.) Because I did not want to risk eating, I was pretty weak, and getting to and through Heathrow was challenging; checked into my flight 8 minutes before check-in closed and arrived at the gate mid-boarding. My plan was to stay awake to get back on Tulsa time, but I ended up sleeping off and on. Customs and immigration in Dallas took forever, and I barely made my connection to Tulsa -- but I did make it and got home at 2000. It was so great to see Whitney, Alex, and John! Almost as nice was taking a ... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa June 2nd 2015

Well, tomorrow is the big day! Leaving Wednesday 06/03. First, fly to Chicago at 1235, then depart for Rome at 1645. The plane is scheduled to arrive at 0920 (Rome Time) Thursday 06/04. As excited as I am to see Rome, I'm most excited to see Andrew. He's been gone for almost a month, and Whitney and I sure miss him. You should be able to see a map of our itinerary as part of this post. Blogging is new, and I hope it works...rather, that I can work it/ If I can, then my next post should be from Rome!... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa June 1st 2015

I am getting ready to leave for Europe! Check back for updates.... read more

May 27, 2015 (Oklahoma City) The 2015 China team is off to Chengdu early this morning. We met at DMEI parking lot, each emerging from the fog to converge on the airport shuttle, which left promptly at 5:30 am for the airport. Uneventful checking and TSA security checks and we were at gate 11. The residents and I were relegated to Group 4, and when I got to the check in person, they stopped loading. After 5 minutes she said “The next two adults can board.” While my behavior at times might be childish, I qualified, but Drs. Wolgama and Jackson were behind me. I asked the flight personnel what was going on, and they said something about weight restrictions on this plane. After some debate and calculations, everyone finally got on board and we were ... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa May 23rd 2015

Cool place Tulsa, Oklahoma. Found the best Wholefood supermarket EVA on the continent. Spent a million dollars there. This is where we connected to our Route 66 west heading to Vegas. Check the pics...such history & glamour in travelling this route. Specially if you did it on a Harley! They do love their Harley's in this country! We did the original Route 66 from Tulsa to Oklahoma City, lots of awesome memorabilia places along the way, then it tends to break up & get caught up in the interstate, which is a horrific experience of driving in its worst extreme. Some great historic places along the way but lots of forgettable places too.... read more

Traveled to Ruidoso, N.M. and enjoyed the cool pine trees. Spent 1 day crossing the Texas Panhandle and stopped in McLean, Texas where Dale spent several summers in his teenage years. He stayed with his uncle on a ranch on the Red River and learned how to ride some bulls and was used as a jockey every Saturday so his uncle could win some bets with his neighbors. Dale also made some money breaking horses for the neighboring ranchers. Fond memories of enjoying the ranch life as a young adult. Spent another day crossing the Oklahoma Panhandle and found a beautiful state park at Lake Eufaula. Lots of dense forests with pine and oak trees and rolling hills. There has been so much rain, exceeding all of their normal ranges, there are ponds everywhere and green ... read more

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