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Yesterday I spent the whole day in Albuquerque with my Grandparents, and a friend! I said good bye to them and left again this morning. Today I drove from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It took me only 8 hours! I drove through three states today too: New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. I saw lots more desert in New Mexico. In Texas and Oklahoma I saw lots of open fields with lots of grass. The dirt in Oklahoma is red! I got to see some cows, and some horses. One cow farm I drove by was very stinky!!! I also saw a water park that was inside a building instead of being outside. After I got into Oklahoma it started to rain. Now it's time for bed. Tomorrow I'm driving to St. Louis Missouri. ... read more
red dirt

North America » United States » Oklahoma June 4th 2013

After awakening at 3:30 to a weather alert (thankfully just a flash flood warning), we actually awoke later than the previous mornings. It looked like it was going to be a terrible day, horribly windy and 70% chance of rain with strong storms. There've been two big tornados here over the last couple weeks, and I've been more than a little worried about another one. Thankfully, it turned out to be a beautiful day--not too hot, no rain. Our first stop was the Museum of Osteology in Moore. It opened in 2010, with one person's collection started when he was seven years old. The entryway sets the tone, with a lion attacking an antelope, jawbones of two different types of whales. There is also a small exhibit showing beetles cleaning a variety of skulls. I apparently ... read more
Damage in Yukon
Beetles at Work
Blue Whale

North America » United States » Oklahoma June 3rd 2013

Today was truly all about the road. We had a lovely breakfast at Parkway Hotel in St Louis, after which Liam had a lively conversation with an older gentleman while waiting for us to load up. We then hopped on Route 66, and occasionally off it, if there weren't any interesting sites. Along the way, we found an abandoned cemetery in the woods, Devil's Elbow, Gaboney Cave, Rainbow Bridge and Totem Pole Park, as well as a variety of other minor little stops. This may be the longest completely driving day, and that's a good thing. Tomorrow we will visit a museum (assuming it's still open after the tornado) and a memorial, and drive no more than a few hours. ADDENDUM: I wrote the above paragraph as we were heading to our hotel in Oklahoma City. ... read more
Galena Cars
Disappearing Military Cemetery
Wagon Wheel Motel

Départ à 8h15, 27 845 miles au compteur. Nous quittons Joplin sous le soleil avec quelques nuages dans le ciel. Un petit tour par le Kansas qui est traversé par la route 66 pendant une vingtaine de km, pour voir le pont de Riverton, le seul encore en état sur les trois construits sur ce modèle. Nous prenons ensuite une parallèle à l’inter-state pour rejoindre Catoosa où on ne peut pas rater la baleine bleue, qui en fait ne présente aucun intérêt. Nous nous arrêtons après quelques kilomètres pour faire le plein d'essence : 9,950 gallons pour 35,81$ et 28 013 km au compteur. Nous visitons ensuite le musée Gilcrease à Tulsa et prenons la route 33 pour rejoindre Oklahoma City que nous atteignons à 14h15. Il est temps d'aller prendre notre repas de midi au ... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Guthrie May 30th 2013

Got up early on Thursday and were greeted to a windy and sunny day, at least it was sunny until we hooked up the car to the Camp Boss, of course it rained hard for the two minutes it took to hook up the tow bar and cables. Then it stopped. For the first time since we left Virginia we had a tail wind, and it stayed w/ us all the way to OKC ;-) The road was good for the most part, but the short exceptions were rough!!! Gave the old Camp Boss a thorough rattle test and it passed. It's been many years since our last trip up I-35, we used to make the trip often when we were stationed at Bergstrom AFB from 1987-1990 (Austin Tx). The first big change we noticed was ... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Weatherford May 30th 2013

DEDICATION The Hysterical Journey to Historic Places is dedicated to the fond remembrance of Alan Dail Markum. I only knew him for a short while many years ago in the army. We were in the same platoon in D-4-4 during Advanced Individual Training at Fort Lenard Wood, MO between November of 1967 and January of 1968. Alan had just graduated with honors from law school and had joined the Oklahoma Army Reserve in order to avoid the draft and a tour of duty in Vietnam. That sort of thing normally enraged those of us in the regular army, but Alan had such a wonderful personality that he was forgiven and actually became a sort of beloved mascot among us. He had a peculiar gait, and it was painfully difficult sometimes for him ... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Shawnee May 26th 2013

COMING HOME Day 29: May 27, 2013 I finished my cold pizza breakfast and then paid a visit up Hwy 62 to the little town of Boley, OK. Boley was incorporated in 1905 on land belonging to the Creek Nation as an all-black community capable of self-government. Oklahoma boasted of about two dozen such communities. It is still an all-black community but it seems to have fallen on hard times. All of the nice old brick buildings that used to house thriving hubs of industry are closed down and boarded up. The only places open are a liquor store and the post office. A few of its good citizens were found lounging on a street corner and all of them were already drunk by 9am. In more prosperous days Boley had a ... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Okemah May 26th 2013

COMING HOME Day 28: May 26, 2013 Much to my chagrin I had to pass through Memphis again, but this time I did not get hopelessly lost for an hour. I began looking for a motel in Checotah, OK but did not find one. The American Idol from 2005, Carrie Underwood, is a Checotah girl. When I was in the army I had a pal named Marvin Nichols who was also from Checotah. I made a few visits with him to that little town back in 1969 and 1970 and tried to find the home where his family lived back then. That little town has changed somewhat since then so I didn’t find it. Marvin can’t sing very well at all. There was a grocery outlet there called Nichol’s Dollar Saver; a ... read more

The four of us from DMEI met at the institute and were picked up by Airport Express a few minutes after five...actually closer to 5:20...long enough to get just a bit worried the van wouldn't show! We met up with the OU CCEW team to fly to Los Angeles. We are all at Will Rogers World Airport ...lining up at Gate to see the world! Next up date from LA!... read more

May 14, 2013 (Oklahoma City, OK) Final preparations for Dean McGee's Global Eye Care Program's visit to Chengdu, China are underway. Final clinical responsibilities, packing, and getting the best seating we can on the flights over are all done. One more day of work to tidy things up before we leave for ten days. The team this year includes two DMEI faculty, one fellow, one resident, two ophthalmologists from Kaiser Permanente Northern California and eight members from the University of Oklahoma's CCEW program. The primary goal of this trip is to finalize and sign an agreement with Sichuan Provincial People's Hospitalto pilot and implement a plan to open the Sichuan Eye Institute (SPEI) in Chengdu. This "sister" eye institut... read more

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