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North America » United States » North Carolina September 15th 2023

We are now back on the TAT (Trans American Trail) after leaving the TAT extension which was more road riding. The TAT is real adventure riding, gravel, tracks, challenging & sometimes more navigationally confusing. Day 11: Great gravel forestry roads in the morning and these wound on & off the Blue Ridge Parkway which follows the ridge through the Smokey Mountains. This is also part of the Eastern continental divide. We stopped at a viewing point at around 1600m altitude for a break and some great photos of the view. As we re-started Keith found his bike had a rear puncture. Brenton removed the wheel and changed the tube in quick time while everyone else supervised and added helpful comments. Back on the route we diverted to the town of Ashville, phoned a BMW dealer who ... read more
Mike Rides Past
Brenton Showboats

North America » United States » North Carolina September 12th 2023

Day 9. Starting out with some navigational confusion, we headed for a few kms in the wrong direction on the freeway. Soon finding the real route we were immediately onto gravel forestry roads. Heavy mist & light rain were present to start our day but then gradually fined up, We rode past a lake at one point which had a large yacht on it so it must have been an extensive area of water to have justified such a big boat being there. Plenty of smaller boats and nearby there was a huge trailer park with dozens large Caravans and 5th wheelers all set up permanently many with decks, fences, flowers and fenced lawns. Obviously a popular recreational venue. Today's route, although great scenery was pretty ordinary riding, mainly on seal. Towards the end of the ... read more
Brenton in the Forest

We spent a few days at wonderful friends camped on their driveway. It was great to catch up. They took us out on Lake Norman in their boat with friends we both know from Columbus. Mike was also introduced to pickleball. He was feeling it the next day. Lois was able to have dinner with a dear friend that lives in Charlotte while we were there as well. As always a fun time in the Charlotte, NC area. Such a beautiful place!... read more
Lake Norman Scenery
Pontoon ride
Captain, My Captain

North America » United States » North Carolina April 27th 2023

Figured it was about time that we shared a few words. We have been on the convoy trail for 12 days now and I have something to say. I know, Frenchy probably wouldn’t sanction this conversation, but the backstory needs to start with a bit of history. My name is Scout, and I am the lucky dog who was chosen to serve as the Emotional Support Animal (ESA) for my travel buddy. We are in this together, through thick and thin, through sunshine and rain and mostly just hanging every day doing normal things. How did we ever end up driving across the country? The simple answer is that a single idea grew with ultra-planning, imagination, and a mission to talk about TAPS. Months ago, we started to plan the nationwide route. In each state we ... read more
Learning to Drive
Goggles Anyone?

North America » United States » North Carolina » Charlotte February 9th 2023

Columbia SC – Charlotte NC Carowinds Camp Wilderness Day 46-47 After leaving Columbia SC, we heading to Charlotte NC to visit friends. Our first goal was to find a bike shop to get the tire repaired. Because we got to Charlotte much earlier than we could check into the campground, I decided to go right to the bike shop with the RV. Sometimes it is hard to pick a shop or store based on Google Maps, it will show you how close or far a place is, but it does not tell you the real story. The shop I picked appeared to be the closest bike shop. We did end up passing a small local shop on the way to it, I do not know if we could have gotten there with the RV. Conte’s Bike ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Durham December 22nd 2022

With apologies to Bob Dylan… On Monday, we were hopeful Reading and sleeping in our room Then we looked at the storm a-comin’ And wondered how and when we’d get home There was no call from the car guys So we ordered Smashburgers online The delivery got all messed up And the food itself was not very fine Oh, mama, could this really be the end To be stuck inside of Durham with those Whitehall blues again? Then on Tuesday we found good coffee And extended our stay another night I was cold, I’d given up my winter coat When I thought that we would take a flight We were watching the storm very closely The mechanic called he didn’t know what’s wrong He’d keep working on the problem And I began to work on this ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Durham December 19th 2022

We’re in a hotel room in Durham, NC, an old conference center with few guests right now. The night receptionist, Monica, was sweet and warm and welcoming and inquisitive about who we are and what we were up to, The Best Christmas Receptionist Ever! The room is clean and the two queen beds are not too soft. There’s plenty of really hot water. It’s very quiet. It’s The Best Christmas Hotel Room Ever!, or close enough for government work. The one minus we’ve encountered here is the coffee. Years ago we realized that calling hotel coffee “coffee” was an insult to actual coffee, and so have since called it Hot Brown Liquid, or HBL for short. The coffee here is, without question, The Worst Christmas HBL Ever! But otherwise, this is a good place to hang ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Chapel Hill December 18th 2022

Sunday. Does that mean tomorrow we’ll have been gone two weeks? I’m feeling a bit unstuck in both time and space these days, so not sure. Maybe. I‘d check with the other half of my brain, but she’s busy writing an email and I don’t want to disturb. While “surrender” we have, and joy we have tripped over, life appears to be set up such that the game continues, or new games begin every time an old game ends, and so we find ourselves still in the business of making moves. The trick, I guess, is to get better at knowing when to surrender and concede, and to do it more gracefully. Friday morning, we awoke for the last time in our own Air BnB and got up and drove to the General Store for coffee. ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Chapel Hill December 15th 2022

Well it’s been a quiet week here in Chapel Hill, our home town. It hasn’t actually been particularly quiet, but the words bring to mind the calming voice of Garrison Keillor, which is always nice to channel. And neither is Chapel Hill our “home town” now, in any heartfelt way, though Sally and I did, both together and separately, spend multiple decades in the Triangle area. So perhaps I should just go back and scrub that opening and take a different angle, but that would be bowing to the God of Perfection, so Ima leave it and move on. Gotta say, though: being back in NC does feel weird, just as a return to any of my former haunts has felt surreal and dislocating. While Thomas Wolfe’s “you can’t go home again“ surely comes to mind, ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Chapel Hill December 12th 2022

We packed up, cleaned up, and sat and drank coffee for as much time as we could with Erin before hitting the road. Erin is a smart, capable, confident, awake soul who is definitely “up to something” and we were glad to have as much time with her as we did. This was the first time we’d spent more than a day in one spot since leaving home. It felt like a real rest. By 11:30 or so on Sunday we were on the road. It was a good day to drive. The sky was socked in with clouds, the roads were clear and smooth, and there wasn’t a single traffic slowdown, save for one short spot where an accident had occurred. We talked and laughed and Sally worked online a bit and found us a ... read more

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