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While I had considered making this weekend a triple header, we ultimately decided that we couldn't do both the Duke game in the afternoon and the Wake Forest game in the evening. We would have to leave early from the first or be late to the second. Since we had both been to games at Duke before (including one together), the one that needed our attention was the evening game at Wake Forest. Despite being completely impromptu, this weekend’s sojourn to North Carolina was pretty easy to navigate. Having a friend who lives in the area certainly helped. Christopher and I have been friends since 2013, I believe. We were at UGA together, and now he’s in his final year at Duke Divinity School. I had visited him right at two years ago, but he has ... read more
Duke Chapel
Interior of Duke Chapel
UNC's Bell Tower

North America » United States » North Carolina » Raleigh October 10th 2019

The third time's the charm, at least for my personal attendance with NC State. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s talk about a week of firsts for me. Some of my faithful readers (or at least the ones who read last week’s post at Mercer) may be saying, “Hang on a minute. Weren’t you supposed to be at Oregon this weekend? Why are you in North Carolina?” That a fair question, and it has a painful answer. I left my wallet at home before I took the airport shuttle to ATL, and so I wasn’t going to be able to check into the hotels I had arranged. The airline was unhelpful, and I was going to have to book an entirely new flight after going back to Athens and then to the airport again, and ... read more
Plaza outside Carter Finley Stadium
Sun's getting real low
They do like their signs around here

North America » United States » North Carolina » Highlands October 5th 2019

I am headed to a place called Highlands, North Carolina for a destination wedding for my nephew. So, why is a couple from beautiful San Francisco, choose a place out here in nowhere? Good question, so maybe I should do a little research. From what I read, Highlands is known as a mountain retreat, one of the highest towns east of the Mississippi River at 4118 feet. It contains a temperate rainforest, one of the few in the U.S. And with a population of 3200, it swells to over 18,000 in the summer. From their website: Highlands boasts exquisite restaurants, fabulous shopping and a great cultural arts scene. The "postcard" downtown offers plenty of art galleries, antique stores and upscale boutiques. Five of the restaurants have been awarded the coveted Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. In ... read more
Wedding venue at Old Edwards
Old Edwards lobby
The Ugly Dog Brewery

North America » United States » North Carolina » Asheville October 4th 2019

I have heard so much about Asheville, I am a smidge curious about it. Don't ask me why. My previous ventures into the hinterlands of the Tar Heel state rendered me covered with smoke from the incessant smokers. I can only hope Asheville will be a bit more civilized. On the bright side, Asheville is often called the "coolest" small city on the east coast. Is it the award-winning restaurants, hipster coffee shops, outdoor activities, or breweries? It is also known as "Beer City, USA." The Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar also sounds like my kind of place. Asheville must have something, since the Obamas visited a few years back. Asheville is a city in the Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains. It is known for its "vibrant art scene and historic architecture." Isn't that what ... read more
Biltmore wines
Biltmore Winery
Blue Ridge Parkway

Perhaps you recall I did some post graduate work at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, back in the 90s. Not only is basketball a religion here, it pervades (or should I say, invades) just about everything in North Carolina, except for its fabulous golf courses, and its ubiquitous tobacco. And yes, I was able to play many fine golf courses at Pinehurst while I was there. But I am returning now to the Tar Heel state for the first time since. Ostensibly, I am here to visit a dear friend from grad school at UC Berkeley. He is now the Chancellor of the Duke University Health System, a rather prestigious job. Before that, he was Dean of the UCLA School of Medicine. You would love this man! Other than driving around the state to ... read more
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
The famous Wright Brothers

North America » United States » North Carolina » Durham October 3rd 2019

I ran into an article about some unknown facts about North Carolina. That confirms the state has more than tobacco and basketball? Maybe, you decide! Carolina is the birthplace of both Pepsi and Krispy Kreme. They also probably have dentists running the state health department. Pepsi was the grand design of a drugstore owner in 1893, originally named "Brad's Drink" but later rebranded into Pepsi Cola. In 1933, Vern Rudolph bought an ultra secret doughnut recipe from a New Orleans chef, and opened his place in 1937. Speaking of sugar, can you believe cotton candy was invented by a dentist? They originally called it candy floss, not to be confused with dental floss, which was invented about the same time! America's biggest mansion is here, the Biltmore Estate, built by George Vanderbilt II in the 1800s. ... read more
Home of Krispy Kreme
Deal with NC heat
The famous Wright Brothers

North America » United States » North Carolina » Wilmington September 4th 2019

Dates: Aug. 17 - 26, 2019 Trip Highlights: Wilmington waterfront riverwalk Airlie Gardens Wrightsville, Kure, and Carolina Beaches Fort Fisher - Southport Ferry Wine Tasting at Wine Samplers Recap of Each Day 1. Managed to set up between periods of rain. Dinner with Lora and Ashley at Cape Fear Seafood Company - no pics but food was delish. 2. Visited Port City Community Church and had lunch with Mark and Bonnie Stebnicki at George's down on the Wilmington waterfront. 3. Lora joined us for breakfast, then Nick left to go back for work. Lora and Joanna spent the afternoon lounging at the pool, then went to see a movie, The Art of Racing in the Rain. 4. Spent the morning at Airlie Gardens, lunch at The Iron Skillet (yummy), more pool in the afternoon. Evening visit ... read more

It’s been a while since our last vacation, but two weeks ago, my family and I had to get away. Between the sweltering sun and the molasses-slow days, it seemed we would melt if we stayed put any longer. Plus, the community swimming hole was becoming over-crowded, too expensive and a precursor to red cheeks and sore shoulders. So, my husband and I decided to pack up the kids and head up to the mountains! An avid camper and an Eagle Scout, he loved the idea of setting up a little camp stove and telling ghost stories under the stars. Me? I just wanted to breathe in the fresh, chilled mountain air and escape for a little bit. I didn’t grow up camping, but my parents did, as did their parents. This love of exploring has ... read more
One of the churches with frescoes
Molly Chomper Cidery
Mount Jefferson State Park

Corolla, North Carolina, 9 juillet Sur les Outer Banks, tout n'est que mer et sable... Ce chapelet d'îles-barrière de plus de 300 kilomètres de long séparant l'océan Atlantique des baies de Pamlico et d'Albemarle est ponctué de sept phares monumentaux: Oak Island, Bald Head Island, Ocracoke Island, Cape Lookout, Cape Hatteras, Bodie Island et enfin Currituck Beach. En contemplant ce dernier aujourd'hui, c'est toute la tumultueuse histoire maritime de la Caroline du Nord qui nous revient en mémoire... Plus de 150 épaves bordent ces côtes sableuses tant redoutées des navigateurs, de l'époque des Grandes Explorations jusqu'à aujourd'hui. C'est dans la seconde moitié du dix-neuvième siècle que l'on construisit ces géants, au prix d'efforts et de sommes colossales. Du lot, les trois plus distinctifs sont assurément Cape Lookout (1859, 50m) avec son motif en damiers noirs e ... read more
En mer
Hatteras, North Carolina
Hatteras, North Carolina

Cedar Island, North Carolina, 7 juillet Après les plages et les stations balnéaires bondées de la zone subtropicale de la Caroline du Nord, la réserve naturelle du Cape Lookout offre tout un contraste avec ses grandes étendues sauvages. Situé à l’extrémité Sud des Outer Banks, ces flèches littorales qui séparent l’océan Atlantique du Pamlico et de l’Albemarle Sound, immenses baies intérieures, le Cape Lookout marque une sorte de frontière entre les parties méridionales et septentrionales du continent (disparaîtront bientôt palmiers et pélicans). Depuis Harkers Island, une rapide traversée nous amène au pied du majestueux phare, unique par ses motifs en damiers noirs et blancs. Redoutées des navigateurs depuis plusieurs siècles, les eaux entourant le Cape Lookout sont parsemées d’épaves et la construction d'un second phare plus haut et plus puissant au m... read more
Harkers island, North Carolina
Harkers island, North Carolina
Cape Lookout, North Carolina

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