Hit and Run

Published: July 27th 2010
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Jeff's GarageJeff's GarageJeff's Garage

Motorcycle hang out!

It was time for an upgrade. I left for my three day adventure a little after 10 in the morning and headed down 378 to meet my buddy Jim in Myrtle Beach, SC to change out my aging problematic Garmin Street Pilot III for a newer 2610 model. It was a nice ride that I made in just less than three hours. I called Jim when I was about thirty minutes out so he could head on over to Jeff’s Garage, the unofficial motorcycle hang out in the area. He met me with a warm BBQ sandwich from Little Pigs BBQ. Jeff was not home but he left the garage open and we had the GPS wired and changed out in less than an hour.

Once the bike was put back together we headed to White Lake, NC to meet up with our wives for a weekend of camping. But of course I had to do some Ton and Burg hunting on the way. We had to go just a few miles or more out of the way but we were able to get Wilmington, NC, Bolton, NC, Elkton, NC and Clarkton, NC on our way to the campground. We were attempting to find Abbottsburg, NC but got an emergency call from our wives. They were at White Lake and did not have a key to get into the cabin. We abandoned the last Burg of the day and meet the girls at the cabin. I was glad that we did, when we got there we were met by two lovely ladies with a bucket of chicken.


Jim and I got up early and left out for a day of Ton and Burg hunting while the girls went shopping in Elizabethtown. We headed out for our first success of the day but when we saw a really neat diner that was surrounded by cars in Pink Hill, NC. We pulled over and had the best Hobo Sandwich at Potters Hill Diner. With a full stomach we left out hoping for a successful day. On the way to Kinston, NC we found Woodington, NC. The sign to enter and exit Woodington was on the same post. Can you say small town!

We continued on through the North Carolina country side and were able to get good photos of Kinston, Grifton, Hookerton, Scuffleton, Renston, Walstonburg, and Stantonburg before having our first failure in Saulston.

Jim and I decided that we needed food to get back onto a string of Ton and Burg successes. So we headed over to Goldsboro, NC to have World Famous BBQ at Wilber’s. I will have to say that Wilber did serve the best BBQ plate that I have ever had. However, Wilbur is very proud of his food and I really noticed once I got to the cash register. Don’t forget to try the Banana Pudding before you leave. I will say that even for the price, Wilber’s is a must stop the next time you are in or near Goldsboro, NC.

We left Wilbur’s and headed for Newton Grove and got our first after lunch success. Then things took a turn for the worse. Our next stop was Hobbton. We found several schools with Hobbton on it and a volunteer fire station but no city limits sign or post office so we headed off towards Salemburg, but never made it. As we were coming out of Roseboro I had a truck pull out of a side road right out in front of my bike. There was no way to avoid hitting the truck so I hit the brakes hard hoping not to t-bone the side of this full sized truck, this caused me to lock up the rear wheel and slide into the rear bumper of the truck before sliding off the roadway. The truck then speed away leaving me in the middle of the road without even checking on my well being. Luckily a nurse stopped and stayed with me until EMS responded.

The bike was towed away by a local wrecker service after the North Carolina Highway Patrol responded. I had to call the girls to come and pick me up. The EMS guys were glad to see that I was wearing all my gear and only ended up with some bruising and a swollen ankle.

The bike did not really look that bad, but I am told that since the pipes and tank are dented along with all the other minor damage that the insurance company will more than likely total it out. I am not sure how I feel about that. On one hand I was hoping to put 100,000 miles on this little Shadow touring the country side but on the other hand I would really love to upgrade to a proper touring bike. I might even enjoy sipping some of that BMW Kool-Aid.

To help me improve my not so sunny disposition Jim suggested that we head back into Newton Grove to Eddie’s Café for yes some more BBQ. Eddies was good and they had my wife’s favorite, seafood on the menu to.


Well I was lucky my wife brought the car up to White Lake, after a nice morning by the lake we packed up and headed back home.

I had plans to get photos of all of us at the lake and other photos of the family for the blog, but after the wreck I got side tracked and forgot all about the camera when we all were out doing things that did not include hunting for my Titanic Rally photos, for that I am sorry. We had a great time and you would have enjoyed seeing all the great fun we had.

Now I just have to sit and wait and find out what Allstate is going to do about my bike and start looking for a new helmet and riding jacket.

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White Lake, NCWhite Lake, NCWhite Lake, NC

View from cabin
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Total miles ridden = 643.1**

**This does not include the miles the bike spent on the tow truck or the miles home as I road with my wife in the Explorer.

Additional photos below
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Potters Hill DinnerPotters Hill Dinner
Potters Hill Dinner

Me - 1310 N. NC 41 Hwy Pinkhill, NC 28572
Hookerton, NCHookerton, NC
Hookerton, NC

The citizens of this town actually changed its name to this .... why?
Wilber's BBQWilber's BBQ
Wilber's BBQ

Very good food!
Eddie's CafeEddie's Cafe
Eddie's Cafe

Newton Grove, NC Good food!

27th July 2010

Oh No
That really sucks, Alec. I hope you get squared away as soon as possible.
27th July 2010

Alec, Glad your OK. I know what its like to go down and destroy your bike. Been there, done that. I read your blog because you have a unique bike. You have fixed it up nicely and really put the miles on. I wanted to see how many miles before you changed bikes. Looks like it could happen sooner rather than later. We'll be waiting to see what happens next. Keep posting. Also, let us know how many miles on the Shadow. Sorry this had to happen but I'm glad you're on the mend.
27th July 2010

Miles ...
I have been asked how many miles the Shadow had on it. I put just over 16,000 miles her. I was hoping to ride her for 100,000 miles but the insurance company just called and said that the frame is bent. Now do I stay with a Cruiser type bike or get a real touring bike. Lets see what the insurance company gives me for her.
27th July 2010

A shadow no? I rode across the states zig zagging all the way about 12 years ago on a CB750, I rocked up about 6000 miles on that trip and I'm jealous as hell of you, I have nothing under my arse at the moment but hope to get something soon, have a ball and aim for the gap between the green bits, happy trails
28th July 2010

Glad you're OK
Sorry to hear about your misfortune, but ATGATT and your previous "bouncing" experience were on your side! Glad you're OK Alec. I'll send a note to your email. Mike
28th July 2010

Sorry for your problems with your bike, hopefully you will be up and spinning soon, good luck with that
2nd August 2010

Sorry to read about your mishap, glad you were OK. Enjoy reading about your travels. Stay safe and enjoy your new bike when you get it.

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