5000 Miles - Coast to Coast to Coast

Published: May 3rd 2010
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Several weeks ago I got an email from David Bjork saying that he and a friend were riding down from the Chicago area and wanted to start a 5000 mile certified Iron Butt ride from the Columbia, SC area. They needed an Iron Butt member or a police officer to certify the start of their ride. Luckily for them I am both, so I agreed to meet them in Columbia at the Lizards Thicket on Elmwood Ave. This morning I left Eastover and I drove into Columbia to meet them at 8 a.m.

The food was good but the fellowship was better. I enjoyed the hour I spent with David and Bob. They advised me that the ride they planned was going to take them to Jacksonville, Fl today and then in the morning they would be leaving for San Diego, CA. Once they got there they have to turn around and head straight back to Jacksonville then home. When the ride is over they hope to complete a 100CCC Iron Butt Certified ride which is a Coast to Coast to Coast in under 100 hours. Along with that ride they also want to complete a Saddle Sore 5000
Goodland BBQGoodland BBQGoodland BBQ

Springfield, SC
which is 5000 miles in 5 days or less. The longest Iron Butt ride I have completed to date is a Bun Burner 1500 which is 1500 miles in 36 hours or less. Good luck guys.

Once they left for their beginning certified fuel receipt I went out to hunt for Tons and Burgs as I compete in the 2010 Titanic Grand Tour. My first stop was in Lexington, SC which was just a short trip up Hwy 378.

I was able to move over to Hwy. 1 to get to Batesburg. I was surprised at how big the Batesburg - Leesville area was. But neither city had a sign. I searched all over but came up empty. Luckily I was able to stop a nice old man who was walking to the store and he gave me directions to the Post Office. The sign was located in the middle of a large grassy area so I pulled my bike into the grass so I could get my photo. Before I was done I had to explain what I was doing to the local police officers. I got my photo and headed to Johnston, SC.

When I saw the Johnston sign I was stunned. It was on top of a dirt hill located in a peach orchard. I was able to ride into the orchard, follow what was no more than a goat path so I could position my bike in my photo with the sign. I really could have really used a BMW GS for that off road riding.

I did not have any problems in Trenton. So I got my photo and headed to Couchton, SC which is located just outside of Aiken. I road all up and down Hwy. 302 but came up empty. I pulled into the local covienant store and asked if there town had a sign. The clerk advised me that many years ago a group of church’s got together and put up one sign. He directed me to it and I was able to locate the sign. However I was never able to find the Baptist Church’s.

I was able to finish the bottom part of my loop by getting good photos of both New Ellenton and Williston.

When I left Williston I decide to go on a BBQ hunt. I programmed my GPS to find the closest BBQ joint and it directed me to Goodland BBQ in Springfield, SC. I easily found the restaurant and was knocked over by the wonderful smells when I walked in. But before I could even get out of my gear I noticed a sign that said no Credit/Debit cards. Since all I had was $3.00 in my wallet I went outside and road off on my bike very disappointed.

I left Springfield, got on Hwy. 321 and got both Livingston and Gaston, SC. I tried again to let the GPS find me some BBQ. This time I was directed to Maurice’s BBQ near Edmond, SC. This BBQ place was closed so I decided to stop at the first food place because it was 2 p.m. and I was starved.

I ended up settling for a Burger King is South Congaree. I got a hamburger and headed for home.

When I got home my 11 year old son, Spencer, had his helmet in hand and wanted dad to take him for a ride. So I decided to run back up to Stateburg and see if the highway department ever put up the sign I requested. The answer was no. However we did find a sign that I had missed on my first visit to this little town. It was a historical sign for the Battle of Stateburg. I had Spencer hold up our rally flag and I took the photo. I really doubt the Rally Master will accept the sign.

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Total miles ridden = 280.4

Towns scored = 8: not including Couchton or Stateburg (waiting to see if they are accepted.

Total Towns Scored = 25

Additional photos below
Photos: 15, Displayed: 15


Stateburg, SCStateburg, SC
Stateburg, SC

11 yr old son, Spencer, holding the flag. I dought the Rally Master will accept this sign.
David BjorkDavid Bjork
David Bjork

and his ST1300 ABS
Bob ClementBob Clement
Bob Clement

and his ST1300
Batesburg, SCBatesburg, SC
Batesburg, SC

There was no town sign so I had to find the post office.
Johnston, SCJohnston, SC
Johnston, SC

Peach Capital of the World
Couchton, SCCouchton, SC
Couchton, SC

Hope this sign works for the Rally Master!

3rd May 2010

grab some cash
I'm really enjoying reading about your ride. Sounds like you are having a great deal of fun. You've got to keep ten bucks in your pocket so you can eat BBQ at these wonderful small places. I'm sure many of them will not take credit. Have a great ride. Looking forward to seeing where you go next. Let us know if you make it to Pittsburgh and we will buy you some BBQ.

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