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April 16th 2010
Published: April 16th 2010
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Let the fun begin!

After six weeks of waiting my rally flag for the 2010 Titanic Grand Tour arrived in my mailbox.

The Tour is a six month long rally were a rider chases down town signs that end in “TON” or “BURG”. I took advantage of the cold winter to spend my evening studying maps of South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. Now that the flag has arrived; the fun can begin!

The Rules:

1) Polaroid photos, digital prints, or standard photos are all acceptable. Photos may also be submitted on CD or on SD card. Photos may not be emailed.

2) To be considered a finisher you must accumulate 25 points. You will then earn a Grand Tour shirt and entry into first level of prizes. It took only one Berg to bring down the Titanic, so your initial 25 must include at least one Berg (Burg, Burgh, Bergh or Berg). Additional Bergs are counted just like Tons, but you must get at least one Berg (Burg, Burgh, Bergh or Berg).

3) Riders with 50 or more points will get the shirt and entry into the first and second place level of prizes. Riders with 75 or more points get the shirt, and entry in the first, second and third level of prizes. Prize levels increase at 25 point increments. This is not to say that the prizes get any better at each level, only that you will be entered I more of the drawings and have better odds of winning multiple prizes.

4) Rider with the most number of points wins the grand prize of a 200 dollar gift certificate to Aerostich Riderwarehouse AND entry in every drawing. Rider with the second highest number gets a spiffy Helmet and entry in as many of the drawings as they qualify for.

5) Town names must end in "Burg, berg, Bergh, Burgh, or Ton"

Example of acceptable entries;
Nashburg Center is ok......Nashburgcenter is NOT .... Smithton Junction....ok Smithtonjunction.....NOT.... "Ton ,Burg or Berg" in the middle of a word is NOT acceptable. Names such as Minnetonka is not, but Minneton is.

6) Only city limits signs and post offices will be accepted. Not community centers, not churches, not police stations, nor fire departments, nor water towers. City limits signs and post offices ONLY.

7) Three things MUST be in the photo. 1. YOUR rally towel. 2. A significant portion of your bike. 3. The town sign or post office. Everything must be CLEARLY readable in the photo.

8) Signs with arrows pointing the direction of the town or miles to the town are not accepted. We want the sign that greets you when you drive into the town.

9) ALL photos submitted must be mailed to Jack & Marlene Backer, 26537 450th Ave, Monroe, South Dakota 57047 Photos sent elsewhere will be ignored. We must receive them or they must be postmarked prior to or on September 15th 2010 at the latest.

10) Your numbered rally towel may only be used by you. No one other than you may possess your towel. If you find someone else’s towel at a location, LEAVE IT THERE. The owner will most likely be back for it.

11) If you are at a town and the sign is down for repairs, or damaged beyond recognition; you may not claim it.

12) If you lose your towel, send in your current photos and $10.00 for another towel. We won't ship out your new towel until these items are received. Any photos sent in with the old towel # after this won't be accepted. If you find your old towel later, DON'T USE IT! Only photos with the new # will be accepted.

13) Entry fee is $25.00

14) The signs that the townsfolk put up to welcome visitors is fine. Does not have to be an official state-made sign. This means that the sign on the edge of town that says "WATERTON home of the Icebergs" in 4 foot high letters cut out of plywood is fine.

15) Town names may only be used ONCE. Even if the same name is used in many states, it may only be used ONCE.

16. Some signs are in places that it is not safe to park your motorcycle. We understand this and will allow up to 5 photos to NOT include your motorcycle. Park your motorcycle in a safe location and walk to the sign instead. Your towel must still be in the photo.

17. Don't cheat. If you ever hear yourself saying "It doesn't say you can't", then it is probably something you should not be doing.

Note: Need not be a GLMC member to participate, a rider number will be assigned to you if you do not already have one.


16th April 2010

Perfect Date
Actually, it's the perfect date for your Titanic Tour flag to arrive! 4/15 is the anniversary date of the Titanic Disaster. Have tons of fun :)
16th April 2010

Have fun!!
This sounds like great fun. If you come Pittsburgh, PA we will buy you dinner. We can point you in the right direction to Phillipsburgh, Ohio and Perrysburgh, Ohio. I'm sure there are a million others.

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